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DAILY CHAT 12/06/2012


Hope you are all ok. another day under our belts as non smokers. Good isnt it.

I am out for lunch today with my hubbys brothers and wives. They are non smokers, at least dont have to be watching the time to see when i can escape for a smoke.

What is everybody up to today? Hope andi you got your training in. Lenne another silly day if your like me. Sue hope you cleared all dads things ok without wanting to have one of them piggies. Pete Hope your night went reasonably quick. I used to work shifts , it can be a bit of a pain.

Keep up the good work cathryn, zoe, Finley, lindy and anyone i might have missed out.

EMJAY its all yours now love : off to whizz round the house, ready for the tea time viewing.

Love ya all will catch up later :)

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Hi Emjay, just in case i dont see you before you go, i hope you have a wonderful holiday, and yes!! i've ordered loads and loads of ''SUN'' for you gal 8-) 8-) and you take care!! you hear me gal, cus we want to see you back here on the 26th- ok- :P

Dont you worry about us lot, if we get into a scrap on the daily chat, i'm sure Claire and Helen, will split us up!! and put us back on the right track :D :D

Jillygirl, nearly beat you to it gal, and yerrrrrr give it some whizzzzzz gal :D

I hope you all have kept those piggies at bay, See you all soon and have a great day :)

Pete :)


Good morning everyone

Thanks Jillygirl for starting us off this morning.

The sun is shining here today 8-) , i hope your all feeling positive and focused for a new day.

I hope you have a lovely lunch today, just think no nipping outside for a smoke you can enjoy your meal around your family.

How are things going this morning Monky?

Have a nice day everyone ;-) , speak soon


Hi Jarvo, or Claire, you tell us which name to call you gal!!!! yep things are good this morning, thankyou for asking, maybe i will get some sleep today :o im glad you've got the sunshine thier, dont think it knows what to do here?!!

My names Pete by the way, you will soon get to know us all, i'm sure :)

See you soon

Pete :)


hi jarvo. nice to see you on site. will catch up later. :)


Aup Jillygirl, just been looking at lastnights posts, HUH-- so chatting to me!!!! is like singing and playing with your grandaughters is it!! :| well i luv you too!!

are you trying to say somethink gal ?? :P :o

I had a hard night last night, i was up and down to the press floor, like a flippin yoyo!!!! theres 46 steps each flippin time gal, the backs of my legs are killin this morning, ha ha perhaps thats why i'm not getting any cravings eh!! :)

I feel like you now, could do with a massage my self gal, how you fixed???? :D

Mind you im just snacking on some mixed nuts and raisins, yum yum although i do like pork pies as well!! :D

Speak soon Pete :)


Hi Pete , borrow mi surgies if you want. :P luv ya.


Surgies???? oooooooh them stockings :D :D are they any good??


Yeah Pete, stockings are awful to put on but are working. Dont think they are doing owt for hubby though. Better off with Nora. :)

You take it steady at work love. Need you relaxed and happy :) luv ya.xx


Andi where are you gal, you are usually on here early, just had a thought?? have you made a punch bag like i said, i hope it hasnt fell off on your head!! :D :D time for me to scarper :P

Pete :)


Hi Pete et al, I'm around a bit today but not in a very talkative mood! :(


Hiya Andi, oh Andi its not like you gal!! did you have a good nights sleep?? maybe if you get an early night tonight, you will wake up in the morning bright and cheerful :D :D

Things are never that bad you know and there is always a way around them!!

If you need help !! you know that i'm always here for you gal dont you :)

Pete :)


Morning Everyone,

I'm not away until tomorrow so may squeeze a few more posts in here and there :D

Have a lovely day today Jillygirl, I think you will just prove to yourself that you can enjoy yourself more than a smoker would as you won't have to nip away for a smoke and miss any of the chit chat or banter that goes on between your family :)

Pete, sounds like you're getting a fair bit of exercise there at your place eh? Glad to hear of your healthy snacks too! Thanks for the order of sunshine 8-)

Speak to you all later :-)


Hi emjay, lunch was lovely really enjoyed it and never thought about those piggies. Also the viewing went well, better vibes than the last one.

You enjoy your holiday. bet you cant wait. miss you . take care and we will try and behave. :)


Hi Emjay, wish I was coming with you - have a fantastic time! 8-)

(And don't bring anything extra back with you!!! :D :D )

Andi x


Hi All. Glad to say I got sorted out at the no smoking clinic yesterday. The counselor was appalled at the behaviour of my pharmacist, put me back on 15mg patches (she said I could go back to 25mg but I'd been OK on the 15s) and also reinstated my inhalators. She also gave me a goody bag with a mug, MP3 sock, trolley coin and other 'smoke free' stuff, which was lovely. I feel great today, relaxed and ready to face the world again. Just gonna take the dog out for a walk and then go to my old pharmacist, take back the nasty patches he gave me, and explain why I won't be returning to him for more so called 'support'. The counselor last night offered to complain on my behalf, but since it's my local pharmacy and I need to go in there for other things, I think it's better for me to deal with it myself. Thanks all for your support and hope you all have a great day! :-)


Hi Finley , glad your sorted out love. glad your feeling relaxed and positive. well done

See youo later. xx


Thanks Jilly I'm really grateful for all the support. I hope I'll be able to return the favour to someone. Still feeling good today. I took the useless itchy patches back to the pharmacist today and explained politely, but VERY firmly, why I wouldn't be returning to him for any further support xx


Aup Finley, nice to see you here again gal :) and i'm so glad that you've got all sorted now and have good feelings too, you keep strong gal.

Speak later.

Pete :)


Eyup pete (that's how we spell it in Yorkshire - although I'm in London, but only since 1988 - confused? Maybe I am!). Thanks so much. I do feel really good today, especially since I went into the pharmacy and handed back the useless patches which I told him from the start I'm allergic to! When I went to the clinic last night the counsellor asked whether I hadn't gone back to tell the pharmacist about it and I told her "Not yet - I didn't want to shout and make a show of meself - but I will", and of course, I did today and told him very firmly the reasons why I'm not going back there. He wasn't happy, and said he was just 'doing it for my good' and I told him it wasn't good for me, so I wouldn't be going back for more. Anyway, getting away from me for a change, I saw someone on here said they hoped you slept - are you doing nights? If you are, I feel for you love! :-)


well done finley, think you gained some confidence last night. stay positive sounds like your doing ok. x :)


Thanks, I will. Now I'm going to eat a HUGE dinner and bread and butter pud and get an early night! Best wishes to all :-)


nite god bless. xx


Hi Finley2012-06-12

I’m really happy you went along to a Stop Smoking Service last night, it’s kept you on track and sounding more positive. Well done you not increasing the patch dosage just make sure you keep using the inhalator as instructed by your Advisor.

Enjoy your walk ;-)

Hi Pete, its fine to call me Claire getting used to all these user names etc is going to confuse me!! Hope you’ve managed to get some sleep.

Speak soon


Hi Claire, yer we can be a bit confusing, we even get cunfused ourselves sometimes :D :D

I managed to get some sleep thankyou, but just cant sleep much during the day, somehow!! :o

Right best get ready for work, speak again soon.

Pete :)


Cheers Claire - the support of other people on here has been fantastic and really made the difference between me caving in and keeping on going :-)


Hey anyone seen Lenne today? 8-) missed her banter. :(

Oh ! I know what it is Petes not on line. lol. :) May be gone off with emjay.

Anyway hope your ok Lenne . xx


Hey Emjay, you have a goodn 8-) dont get tooooooo sun burnt will you, aint half going to miss you gal :( and dont do anything that i wouldnt :D :D

If you like you can bring us all a stick of rock back, to munch on :)

Pete :)


Evening Everyone :-)

Just finishing (starting) a bit of packing I've lots of room spare as I thought I was up to my limit (20kg) and wondered how come I had so much room... I was reading lbs instead of kg! 'shudve gone to Spec Savers!

Andi, I hope everything is okay with you, sometimes we have our :-( days and thats okay, but lets see if we can get you cheered up and have a brighter and easier day tomorrow. Get through today and you'll feel heaps better :-)

Pete, you take care of yourself and don't let these night shifts grind you down, you are doing really, really well and I believe you can do this :-)

Lenne, haven't heard from you today, hope you're okay, I'm sure you are. I bet you're waving those cravings off down yonder somewhere, I hope so :-)

Finley, its great to have you join in the daily chat. You're in the right place for a bit of banter if you're up for it but completely the right site for all the genuine support from others going through, or who have gone through the same :-)

Jillygirl, you are always so positive and im sure this helps everyone here. I should be around early, something to do with going on my jollies so may catch up with you in the morning ;)

I'm sure you'll enjoy getting to know both Claire and Helen. They've heaps of tips and advice to offer and a wealth of knowledge in providing stop smoking support to all those wishing to stop smoking or have help in staying stopped :-)

I'll miss reading through all your banter but will have a catch up when I get back.

I really am looking forward to going away, however on my return I will be chomping at the bit to know how you're all getting on :-)

Big positive vibes being sent to you all. I know you can do it, all in your own time... But why not now? :-)

Together we can do this :-)



Hello Everyone! I am very new to this...stopped smoking those bad little puppies on May13,2012.Happy Mother's Day to me! I log daily on my calendar how many cigarettes I have NOT smoked. Any suggestions or advice would be very helpful :)

Thank you and have a great day!



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