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Good morning Emjay, and all the quitters. (sounds like the name of a pop group ) :D

Its the weekend again. The weeks seem to fly past. Anyway hope everyone is fine, and ready to enjoy their weekend.

Anyone doing anything exciting ?

The weather isn`t up to much. looks like it will be like yesterday.

Off to get a shower now, (in the bathroom not outside :D ) then get some special k for a change.

Will bob in later when you are all stirring from your cosy beds. :)

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Morning Jillygirl,

Yer its raining here too gal, gives it for most of the weekend :( :(

Just getting some crunchy nut cornflakes down me, erm am i doing anything exciting today, hmmmmm let me see now, erm erm going shopping before those trolls start getting mad :o :o

Pete :)


Rite i'm off shopping now before it gets mad, speak in a bit :(

Pete :)


Ok Pete let us know if there are any bargains in your supermarket.

see you later. :)


Morning all, Surprised to see you up already Pete! :o My choice for today is Cheerios.

Weather same down here, speak later. :)


Hi Andi well done for last night . Staying off those piggies makes you a winner everytime. See you soon. :)


Good Morning everybody! My, my, we're all up nice and early aren't we?! On a Saturday too! I thought I'd surprise you all and start the day off and you're here already!!

The sun is shining here, let's see how long it lasts 8-)

As we were away for Fathers Day, we're going to celebrate it today instead.... Sooooo Happy Father's Day everyone :-)

It's the 30thof June already, another Saturday and almost another month passing by. Looking back, thinking about how easy, or how hard it's been for everyone, how are you all feeling today. Any worries or concerns? Or are you ready to crack open a brand new smoke free month?

On a scale of 1 - 10, how are your confidence levels in having a smoke free weekend?

I've missed having a good old natter with you all and hopefully I'll catch up properly over the weekend :-)


Morning Emjay, glad you're not alking about Ch.....s today! :o Oh well, only 6 months til N.. Y... E.. !!! :D :D Am planning to be in the country for that. :)


Hi Emjay, If I had known you were up early I would have left you to open up.

Surprised me how many people were

up. All of us eager for a smoke free day.

On a scale of 1 to 10 on a smokefree weekend i shall be brave and say 9 and a half.

Might just let you or pete open the daily chat tmoz. Feel like im taking over.

You know i`m not. just find this site theraputic. (dont know if i spelt that right..)



Hi Jilly, I don't think she'd be up this early on a Sunday! :o

My out of 10 HAS to be 10 (even though my friend smokes a bit.) :)


Aup Jillygirl, you do a great job opening the daily chat gal, :) :) you stick with it, if you need a rest then just say so, and i think Andi is rihgt about Emjay on a Sunday !! :D :D as for theraputicccccc looks fine to me gal :o


If you're REALLY worried - therapeutic (hehe) :o


Its a good job somebody has some brains on here :P


I love New Years Eve Andi, a time for reflecting and planning all at the same time... Glad you're hitting a 10 today, especially when in the company of you smoking friend. You're doing fab :-)

Jillygirl, this site belongs to you all and you just wouldn't believe how happy it makes me feel to see you all chatting amongst yourselves and supporting each other in your journey to leading a smoke free lifestyle. So the way I see it, who ever is first up and best dressed opens the day ;-)


Hi Emjay, might be up first , but as far as being best dressed would probably rule me out. :D


Wow theres been some chattin goin off allready !! :D

Emjay, erm i'm on about a 9 so far cus i was planning to get some gardening done, but the weather has seen to that, :( so will now have to fit the new sink unit instead, but never mind it will keep me occupied, and hopefully off them piggies :) :)


Cor, how do you do your shopping so quick - is it a village shop next door? :D (I hate shopping! :( )


Hi Andi, no its Asda, which is just the other side of Derby, but i do know what i'm going for, and were it is !!, that is until they decide to move everything about again, then it takes longer :(

Just found some '' roasted peanuts in shells '' theyve got a really nutty flavour :D :D but for those people that dont like the red skins on them, these just rub off dead easy, yum yum :P :P



That holiday must have done you the world of good gal, 8-) i'v never seen you so busy, and a lot less noddin i notice :D :D and 2 days of training toooo.

I'm very impressed with you gal, i am :)

Were you training them, or them trainig you !!!! ;)

Rite i'm off :)


Aup Lenne, i see you've got a new pic as well :) :) is it a pic of your cat ??

I hope your ok gal, and kicking them piggies into touch!! :)

Luv ya and will speak soon

Pete :)


Hey Pete, yup this is one of my cats, it's also the picture I am currently cross-stitching :) Been getting seriously twitchy on lower doseage patches- started off just fine and now I am positively chewing my fingers off lol! xx


Hi Lenne, what a gorgeous cat . :) how many have you got?

Hey stick at it with those cravings. try the deep breathing exercises that Emjay recommends, I find they do help also try and keep busy if you can. I think we all go through these bad times. :(

I was like that one day last week , also felt weepy and took everything the wrong way. When I thought about ciggys I reminded myself why I quit. Why should I go all this time for nothing. seemed to work for me even though it was hard at the time.

see ya soon. xx ;)


Thanks Jilly! I have 4, all very cute and silly kitties. I might post photos in a blog if I am allowed?

At the end of the day, when it comes to cravings, no matter how horrible they are and how crappy they make me feel I won't let it win. I had a discussion with Andi in messages about something that I was scared to ask the group as a whole, if there's an unspoken question about cravings and quitting and that is does it ever really 100 percent go away, or will we forever be trapped with this feeling, almost like alcoholics and their alcohol addiction?

To be honest, I think the reason I am struggling so much is because this knowledge has hit me so hard, and would it actually make it easier for quitters to know this information or does it not feel that way for everyone? It's tricky!

Maybe smokers should get chips too, 1 year "sobriety" etc ;)


Hi Lenne, I`m no expert, but my hubby quit years ago, must be over 10 years now. He has helped me no end with support. . He said after about 1 year after quitting he never got a craving. even before that it was very rarely it bothered him. A friend of mine quit 5 yrs ago and said she didnt crave for a ciggy after the first 4 to 6 months. and her hubby still smokes.

So we will have to stick at it. Our bodies must be better for it.

I think you should be ok posting pics of your kittens. ask Emjay just to be sure. They are soooooooo cute :)

xx :)


Aup Lenne, just a beautiful pic gal, they look so sweet and innocent dont they, :) but if its anything like my cat, you talk about being flippin crafty, us humans have got nowt on them :D :D but like you i luv her to bits i do :) :)

As for you getting twitchy, i was last night, and i think Andi was the same too !! :(

I know that you are a strong young Lady, and i also know that you will get through this, whether it be easy times or hard times, cus i know that you have got what it takes, ''determination'' and you have got plenty of that gal :) :) love you loads and see you soon :)

Pete :)


Nothing like having house guests to make you pull your finger out -

(Housework :P ).

Weighed myself this morning and the pounds are starting to creep up! Must stop my after dinner eating! :o Trouble is, my friend and I will play a few games of Scrabble and then the nibblies come out - whoops! ;-)

Bargain of the week in Tescos yesterday - Walkers crisps - pack of 12 £2.99, pack of 22 £3.00! (Just couldn't resist them - mind I haven't had a packet of crisps for over a week.) :D :D


Hi andi, know what you mean about nibblies. At least it takes your mind of the piggies. Havent played scrabble for ages. might just have to dig it out. See if I can spell therapeutic. :D

see you soon. xx


Nooooo put the scales in the bin- you know us quitters have way more important things to worry about than weight gain plus are we not 100 times more attractive now we don't stink of cigs? ;)


Andi i noticed that you didnt tell us what weight you were :D :D hey i think i have said this before, but if you can quit the fags gal, :) :) then you can do anything, as in losing weight !! easyyyyyyyy :)

I hope that you ask your friend to go outside to smoke, and HEY no sniffin the smoke !! do you hear me !! :D :D


Aup Andi, yerrrr about time you had a clean up gal, just googled your place and can see a big cloud a dust coming outa your back door :D :D


Hey Pete, at least it`s dust and not ciggy smoke. :D


Hi Jillygirl, just having 5 mins & a cannie, ripped the old sink out, now just got to fit the new one :o :o

Hows your day going gal ??


Been shopping which was boring. Cleaned windows which was boring. Going to pull a few weeds out of the garden now.

In fact it seems to be a boring day.

Hubby just putting new fence panel in. ( boring). Apart from all that doing ok. should live near you could have been your plumbers mate. :D (not the white tape you put round tap bases) enjoy your day love. Think grandaughter coming up later, love her to bits. xxxxx


Hey Everyone, I've been thinking about Lenne's question and so I've just popped up some information that I hope you find of use.

I have a house full at the moment so will check back in later and re-read through what I've posted and see if it makes sense as I've posted it very quickly!

Lenne, it would be lovely to see photies of your cats, as long as you don't mind sharing them :-)

Speak to you all in a bit :-)


Hi Emjay, i've just read through it and it sounds spot on to me gal, but there again, i'm not an expert, like you are :)


hi Emjay,

Like Pete says the info you put on is spot on.

I too feel that quitting is about why your quitting. More than how or when. I know I have thought about it in the past because I thought it would make everyone else happy. but never decided to quit. But I have done it now for me not anyone else. Which makes everyone benefit. if you understand what I mean.


Hi Jillygirl, now then, your spot on gal, you have just said what i was thinking, but couldnt put into words like you have, magic gal just magic :) :)

Andi - yes me lost for words :P :P

Perhaps i've used my brain toooooo much today, mind you them piggies havnt been around much :) :)

Rite i'm out of here, and off up the wooden hill, so good night to you all, and luv you for your kindness and help that you give me, sweet dreams all. :) :)

Pete :)


Okay everybody, hope your day went well, I thought mine was going to be boring , but had grandaughter with me this aft. cheered up then.

well andi hope your ok love.

Pete hope you fixed the sink.

Lenne give a big cuddle to those kittys.

My legs are swelling up now so going to sign off now and put my feet up.

So night night Emjay and everybody else. xxx :)


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