DAILY CHAT / 15/06/2012

Good Morning everyone,

Yet another Friday and another weekend about to start. Time flies by when your having fun :) so they say. I hope you all have something nice planned for the weekend, and the weather is good for you all. Unlike today here in Yorkshire raining again. Hope the weather picks up for garry with his bike ride, we all wish him well.

Pete I hope your in your holiday mode and keeping them there piggies at bay.

Finley dont forget your specs today . lol. 8-) have a good day.

Andi have a good day and dont train too hard.

Sue keep thinking positive your doing great.

Lenne hope you join us again soon and feel happier, we miss ya gal.

Hayley and Zoe good morning to you both, have a super smoke free day.

I am going to get a bit of breakfast now, so will join you all later. :)

OOPS! Sorry :O good morning to helen and claire, dont want to ignore you both.

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  • Good morning everybody, hope you're all raring to go. Hayley and Zoe, we all agreed that that first one of the morning with the cuppa was a bit of a killer! Hope you're surviving that one ok. :o

    Jilly, at the moment Friday is my rest day i.e. no training. Did go for a run on the prom in my PT session yesterday but had to stop short as my calf started hurting. He treated me to a cup of coffee after to discuss the running and said that if I keep it up I should be doing 5K within about 6 weeks provided I have no mishaps. That's good cos that will give me a goal and hopefully keep me more focussed.

    I must stop myself eating so much after my dinner as well - it's starting to get a bit silly now and I don't care what Pete says! :P

    Glad you had a lovely day out yesterday. Rained a lot overnight here and I think we're going to get loads more today - never mind - this is England (sorry Sue - UK?) after all. :)

  • Morning Andi, so you dont care what i say then!! :( i wont say note then. :P :P

    Pete :(

  • Silly Billy (sulk) :(

  • I bet you didnt really want to say Billy!! did you!!!! :)

  • Wot then - Silly Monky? :D :D

  • Yerrrr thats it :P :P

  • Morning andi, have a nice day of rest. Not mentioning pork or pies or piggies today :O gonna be good.

    Your training sounds very good , 5k. not bad eh. :) keep it up love your marvellous.

  • Good morning Jillygirl, gosh you were up early gal !! :o

    Flippin raining here too :( hmmmmm what you having for your breakfast then ?? :P not piggies i hope, as in bacon butties, although if you grill your bacon and sausage, i suppose its allowed :D :D mind you i like an egg with my bacon butty, yum yum have you ever tried grilling an egg-- not recommended, a bit messy gal, :| hmmm its got me feeling a bit hungry now, i will go and see what there is!!!! :) see you soon Jillygirl xx

    Pete :)

  • morning Pete. up early as i couldnt sleep, :( I was either too hot or too cold , so gave up and got up instead.

    Suppose I will feel cream crackered later, never mind nothing energetic planned today.

    Boiled egg and soldiers was my brekky. :) hope you enjoy your brekky.

    Like I said to andi, I`m not going to mention pork, pies, bacon, or piggy today. Going to think healthy. (I think i am anyway) :O

    see you in a bit. xx

  • Yup, it's just chucking it down here too now.

  • I'm sorry Andi, but it gives it getting worse as well!! :(

    I've found some imfo on exercising and snacking that i will blog in a bit, hopefully you might find it useful, :) or there again you might just call me silly ____ something again eh!!! :D

    Pete :)

  • Aup Garry, how you doing pal?? i hope that your keeping smoke free, fit !!!! :) and like Andi & Jillygirl has said good luck for the bike race :) where you cycling too, was it Spain???? :D :D like i said before i would have loved to have ridden by you side, but just cant get my flippin bike to work!! :o

    I expect your taking your stabilisers off your bike cus they might get in the way eh!! ;) speak soon

    Pete :)

  • Morning everyone!

    Happy Friday! Have you got anything nice planned? Does any one have any tips for my first smoke free Friday? I'm getting nervous as me and the hubby are going out for a few drinks tonight and I havnt mixed alcohol with not smoking yet... AARRGGH lol! Yep it's raining here to! Mind you it hasn't really stopped here in Yorkshire lol!

    So how long has everyone quit smoking for? Is it your first time quitting or have you tried more than once? Sorry to ask so many question but I'd love to get to know everyone better :D

    Have a good day everyone, keep up the good smoke free work :)

    Hayley x

  • Hi Hayley , Good morning. I used my inhalator when I first went to the pub. I found I could just have a quick puff on it and it took the craving off. Also felt pretty smug not going out into the cold or rain for my ciggy. :)

    If the weather carries on raining , it will probably help you stay focused tonight. dont have to get wet or shelter. You can do it love , I am 63 and smoked since i was 17. so if i can do it you surely can. I quit for the first time on my birthday 5th april. Had a chest infection, couldnt breathe without gasping , cigs tasted awful , so packed it in.

    Good luck for tonight love. you keep positive. xx

  • Hi Hayley I'm getting towards the end of week 7 :) Gave up once before for four years, then started again for two years before doing it this time. I'm defo not going to smoke again. The first time you go out to the pub or whatever, where's there's booze AND smokers can be a bit of a challenge but it is great that public places are smoke free (didn't think that when I was still smoking - lol). You can feel pretty smug, like jillygirl said, that you can stay in the lovely warm and dry while other people are freezing, shivering and stinking outside. Are you using NRT? I find my inhalator really helps when I've had a drink 'cos that's when you might be vulnerable to the odd crave. Anyway, have a great day, enjoy the evening and let us all know how you get on :D

  • Good morning Hayley, and a happy Friday to you as well gal :D hmmmm have i got anything nice planned?? erm nope!! just an easy day i think!! :) now i've finished my night shifts yipeeeeee :D :D

    Going out for drinks eh !! you will be ok gal, but i tell you that when a friend asks you if you are coming out for a fag, and you say no cus you've quit!! :) that just feels so fantastic, such a good feeling inside, well im sure that you will experience that feeling tonight :)

    This is my third attempt and i quit on the 30th May. :) I'm using the patches and the halator for the hard times, plus fingers crossed :o

    If you go onto the question blogs- you will see Emjays quitting blog--click on that and leave your quit date if you like !! then when Emjay gets back off her hols, she can add you to it!! :)

    Any more questions, just fire away gal !! :D

    Pete :)

  • Morning Hayley, was in the middle of doing a big blog for you and obviously everyone else was on at the same time so before it got posted my computer crashed and I lost it! Grrrrrrrrr!!! :( This does happen when it's busy and it's REALLY annoying! :P

    Anyway, (deep breaths, calm down, no piggies :D :D ) the best thing to do is have a good read through our old chats and you'll soon see where we're all coming from (mentally! :o ). Before Emjay went on her hols she started up a quit list. As you're new I'm not sure that Claire or Helen has got a handle on this yet.

    I see Jilly's given you tips for tonight (I don't get out much :( ) so good luck with that - don't forget, you'll have that FREEDOM that you won't be thinking "When and where do I have to go out in that yukky weather!). It's great and I'm still not used to it yet.

    Stay strong, Andi x

  • Aup Andy, was it your computer or this site that crashed???? cus if it was this site, i know a way of keeping all your work!! :)

    Pete :)

  • It's my computer! :(

  • Well you can always try it - shall i talk you through it?? :) maybe you will be able to keep your work then!! :)

  • Might be a bit complicated for my pea brain - not very computer-literate these days.

  • Hey we will give it a try :)

    1- left click on the top of the text

    2- hold left button down

    3- drag across text-it will go blue

    4- all the way down your text-ok

    5- then let your finger off

    6- onto the text and click right

    7- dropdown menu--left click copy

    8- when computers ok again

    9- go to blog message box

    10- right click on it

    11- dropdown menu -- left click paste-- your text will appear!! :D

  • Thanks, looks a bit complicated, only problem is that it happens in the middle of typing and letters showing on screen really slowly, then as is happening now, this box keeps jumping around and getting lost and cursor goes walkabout somewhere so I give up!!! :P

    Never mind. :)

  • It sounds as if your memory is about full !! :(

    When was the last time you cleaned it ?? :D

  • See below. :P

  • Tee hee Jillygirl, I was still smiling about 'specsavers' when I got up this morning. I feel really good that I resisted the demons yesterday and had a good sleep after a huge dinner and two puds (yes I did have another portion in the end!). Going out to lunch with a (smoking) friend today but after yesterday's carry on, I feel super-confident that I won't be trying to blag one off her and I certainly won't envy her standing outside while I'm in a nice warm restaurant (it's supposed to pee it down here again today) lol. I just read the end of yesterday's daily chat (had an early night last night) and was pleased to see the explanation of 'piggies' - ha ha. I'll think of them as that from now on. Have a great day all - I have to get some work done before I can skip off for my lovely lunch but will check in with you all later. ;)

  • Hi Finley, 8) Enjoy your lunch. Good feeling when you dont smoke in front of others. You can do it gal. see you later. xx

  • HI Finley sorry smiley went wrong.. Go on your turn (should have gone to specsavers) lol. 8-)

  • DRAT - you got it in before I did - I'd better remember my specs when I go out to lunch though, or else I might end up ordering tripe or something :D

  • You sound as daft as me. :) well maybe not.

    Made me laugh though.

  • Mm I probably am - one day we could see if we can out-daft each other hee hee :P

  • Not sure if you could out-daft Pete though! :D :D

  • I heard that!!!! :P :P

  • Well, maybe we'll have to set a date for an out-dafting comp! Think you're right though Andi, I bet I'd struggle to out-daft Pete

    :D - sorry Pete :D :D

  • ''HUH'' i'm not bothered, say what you want about me, not listening anyway :P :P

  • Liar, liar, pants on fire! :D :D

  • ouch :X :X

  • Dont worry Pete , its a close call between me and you.

    I go around telling myself i am stupid. :)

  • Oh Finley! what have we started.

    good innit!

  • Not sure what we've started but looking forward to finding out ;D

  • Me smiley went wrong again and I did have me specs on this time! :P

  • can`t reply too busy laughing.:D

  • OOps lost the plot again. should be :D

  • Ha ha. Setting of for my lovely lunch in a minute so I'll catch up with what you folks are up to later on x :D

  • I am going to try copy and paste like Pete instructed.

    never done it before. cos im daft. xx

    enjoy lunch. see you later.x


  • Morning everyone

    How's everyone feeling today?

    Thank you (again) Jillygirl for starting the Daily Chat :-D

    Welcome Hayley and Zoe, congratulations on quitting. Have you found the help and advice you needed about the morning cigarettes and how to manage your cravings on a night out?

    Are you using NRT? Like Jillygirl and Finely said the inhalator can be really useful in helping take the edge off your cravings and it’s something you can manage yourself. The inhalator can be used in conjunction with the patch if need be. Is your hubby quitting too? Try your best to keep positive and focused about your night out. If you start panicking and worrying about your night out you won’t enjoy yourself. I’ll keep popping back to see if you need any further help today, if I don’t hear back, enjoy your night ;-)

    Hi Andi22 How are you today? Enjoy your rest day, I run too and appreciate how hard and tiring it can be. You’re doing amazing though, do you find focusing on something is helping take your mind off things?

    Morning Pete. Hope you’re enjoying your days off after all those nasty night shifts

    If anyone needs any help or any questions asking – ask away and I’ll speak soon.

    Take care 8-)

  • Good morning Claire, at last a Lady has arrived on the site, i was just thinking to myself, that this site has gone right down :( since that lot up there have come on it, you know!! :o

    Yes i am enjoying today so far, now that i have finished the night shifts, plus off all next week tooooooo 8-) :D

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • Cheeky so and so :P :P

  • A bit slow there gal, :D :D

  • Morning Claire, a bit busy on here this morning ;-) I bet you're an ace runner - I'm only a novice. If you go back to our chat on 31st May, I give an account of my first ever run!! :X (Yes, that's only a fortnight ago! :D :D )

  • HI Claire, I thought it was going to be a slow start this morning , but looks like everyones on top form. Only one question for you :O who do you think will win the out dafting each other competition. ?

    Looks like Pete is the favourite at the moment.

    P.s. do you have a site for gambling too. we have gone from no smoking, healthy eating and now gambling. :D what next.

    Hope you dont mind us being silly on this support site, but it keeps our mind of those demons. see you later. xx

  • Smilies--- you have to leave a gap between them and the text!!!! :P :P

  • big head! :P

  • Aup, cant your hubby keep you under control Woman???? :o

    I bet you cand do thecopy and paste can youuuuuu :P :P

  • I think i`m winning the daft competition, tried my copy and paste , guess what it didnt work for me.

    as for my hubby he gave up on me years ago. bless im.

  • I'M BACK PETE!!!!

    Thanks Jillygirl,

    I think Pete will definetly win this week!

    Andi22, i really enjoy running as it helps take your mind off everything going on. Doesn't matter how far you run or how fast so long as it helps ;-) Keep going, you never know you could be doing the marathon soon.

  • Twice in one day Claire, thats just pure magic gal, it is :) :) i like it when you come on here, cus it goes quiet!! i think you add a bit of Class to this site gal ;) ;)

    As for Andi winning a marathon!!!! no flippin chance, cus she would eat it first. :D :D

    Jillygirl has definitely lost the plot!! :D :D not sure about Finley either :| but me i assure you that i am all here! :)

    Pete :)

  • Andi would eat a marathon?! :o

  • Hey Lenne welcome back - I think you've hit the nail right on the head!! :D :D

  • Ahh the old name for snickers! I am so slow today. Yeah, I'd scoff one of those at the mo too ;)

    Cheers Andi, hope everyone is okay! xx

  • I'd forgotten they'd changed their name! :) Haven't you had time for a read-through today? I don't think anyone's got anything better to do except be daft! ;-) :D :D

  • Hi Lenne , how you doing , glad your back need someone to out daft pete or me. May be you can help. :P

    Hope your ok now and thinking positive. luv ya.

  • Yeah - a snicker bar, used to be called marathon :P back in the dark ages!

  • I really don't think so! I have a low boredom threshold so I'll take one step at a time. :o First I've got to run more than a few minutes in one go, then I've got to get to 5K and be able to sustain it. After a bit of consolidation I may start to think about doing more/further but I think I'd prefer to do longer distances on my bike! :X Do you run marathons then?

  • Right Pete, those boxes were getting a bit small and it's a pain having to look through everything each time. ;-) If you're talking about my computer memory, I'm sure it's not full cos I hardly use it for anything until the last few weeks! :o

  • Hi Andi, i started running to relax and get away from things and 2 1/2 years later completed the Manchester 10k! I wanted something to keep me going otherwise i would have stopped running a long time ago! Any form of execrise certainly helps especially when quitting smoking. Its something to help take your mind off things, get more oxygen to the brain and help you relax. Well done again.

    Haha Lenne i had to think a little bit then.... Marathons have been renamed Snickers (well a few years ago now)!

  • Hey all, I know everyone is in a good mood and happy and stuff and I really don't want to be the one to ruin all that but I really just need to let you guys know that partly why I have been so quiet over the last few days is because it looks like there is a very real possibilty my partner and I will be breaking up.

    Last night I got so upset and angry I actually tried going through his stuff to find his fags to go outside and smoke, but I didn't find them thankfully. Things are so hard for me at the moment I don't even know how to function normally. The only thing I can hold on to is knowing that I mustn't give in and smoke. I don't know what my future holds, or how to put one foot in front of the other at the moment.

  • Hi Lenne I'm really sorry to hear what a hard time you're going through just now. I separated from my partner of over 20 years, 5 years ago and thought I'd never get over it, but you will, I promise you! It takes a good while to sort out all the stuff between you - physical, property and emotional, but you will come out the other end. Smoking wouldn't help you now, as it never has helped before. You would just be left with the pain of separation AND the crap that comes with being a smoker too. I'm sure we're all thinking about you love. Stay strong and come here for support whenever you want to. I don't know how to do the smiley for a hug, but if I did, I would send you one. Take care xxx

  • Hi Lenne, so sorry about all the mess you're going through at the moment. I know you've had to deal with a lot of it in your life and I guess this is yet another test for you. :(

    Maybe reading all our rubbish on here today will help in between but you are strong enough to stay off the piggies!

    Love and hugs, Andi xx

  • Hi Lenne, i'm so so sorry gal, i know us blokes are right erm _______s sometimes i will leave that for you to fill in !! :( but you've done so well and come so far now :) you cant give up gal, not like i did eh!!, but then again i know that you are a lot stronger than i am.

    I know it must be a right stressful time for you at the moment Lenne, but having a smoke will not help you, it would just make you feel worse because then you know that you have let yourself down too !!

    I'm sending you all my love that i have got in my heart, and wall to wall huggs to you gal, :) and dont you forget that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You stay strong gal, do you hear me Lenne!! :)

    Loads of love Pete xx

  • Hi Lenne, wondered why you were feeling down. All I can say love is your not on your own. Have a moan on here and hopefully it will make you feel more in control. My daughter split up with her partner about 8 months ago,

    they also have a little girl., which made it hard on her as she has all the responsibility. she felt really down at first, but is feeling more positive now, and taking control of her life.

    She still gets upset, but mainly because he hasnt lost anything, he`s got new house , new girlfriend nothing changed for him.

    Hope you soon get over this episode in your life.

    Anyway love stay strong and positive we are all here for you. xxxxxxxxx :)

  • Hiya guys! That's me getting sorted for tonight now lol! Thanks for all the tips and hints, I'm sure I'll be ok! At work today my collegue asked me to go for a piggie and I said no thanks, I've quit! Instead of freaking out I felt really proud! I'm holding onto an electronic cig at the moment. I havnt used anything (patches etc) since I quit but if the cravings get too bad I'll have a puff in the electric one and your right guys I can sit Inside and laugh at all the people in the rain tee hee!!

    Your all doing really well with your quitting! I already enjoy finishing work and coming to read what you guys have all been up to! It's never too late to quit smoking wether your 23 or 83!!

    I'll have to stop talking about my own quitting story soon as I must seem really selfish lol! I'm always here for a shoulder to lean on if any one needs it! Just give me a shout and I'll be there to listen :D!

    Speak to you all soon!

    Hayley xx

  • Hi Hayley, isnt it a great feeling when you say no- i dont smoke!!!! and yes you should feel proud of yourself gal, :)

    Hayley, if it helps you to stay positive and strong, then you tell us how you are feeling gal, cus there is always somebody listening, and here to help you!! :)

    If you get time just listen to a song by Bruno Mars called ''count-on-me''

    because i think that it just sums this site up, and everybody on it!! :)

    Speak soon and have a great night gal :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Hayley , well done with the quitting. Great feeling when you tell people you dont smoke isnt it. :) As for being selfish your far from it , we all are the same, like to talk about how far we have got, I think it makes you more positive.

    You should be really proud of yourself. keep up the good work. xx

  • Hiya Jillygirl, you still awake gal???? so you've mastered the copy and paste then :D :D if you have ms word or paint on your computer, then you can paste onto them if you like!! :)

    Just got up, stretch stretch, munching on some nuts at the mo, got no chocs :( see you soon gal. :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete, hope you enjoyed your sleep. will try that paste on ms word tmoz.

    Gonna put mi feet up now see if theres owt on the telly. (prob repeats) but at least it will make me tired .

    Will open tmorrows chat if up first. probably will be.

    Cant believe we have all managed to put together 75 comments today :O

    and the night hasnt finished yet.

    May log on later just before bedtime. if not love ya! nite nite. xx :)

  • Hi Jillygirl, and goodnight to ya, cus i will be going up that wooden hill again, in a bit, got some catching up to do, cus i dont sleep very well in the daytime, so if i dont see you before, nite nite and love ya too :)

    Pete :)

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