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Good morning.

How is everybody today? I hope you are all well and still smokefree.

The weekend is here again, another week under our belts.

Dawlol Enjoy the christening :)

and stay positive day 18. you can do it.

Andi hope your ok love, made me laugh about your hair :D mines like that everymorning.

Pete, no I`m not sending a pic of me 1st thing in the morning. Not a pretty site. :D

Lenne stick with us girl. got message but I got a bit confused, :O I hope your alright love,

Finley hope you got all your work done etc. Well done with your quitting, feels good watching others suffer in the rain etc. :D Oooooooo that sounds mean doesnt it.

Pete how you doing ? hope your ok and keeping positive. what have you planned today, anything exciting. :)

Sue like Pete said hope your ok . we miss you drop in so we know your ok love.

Simon, and Garry, hope your both keeping strong. Please join us as Pete feeling lonely :( the only man around here. ( there again may be he`s not , surrounded by all these women. :) :P :O

Good morning Claire , hope your computer has settled down. :O

Going to get my breakfast now. will see you soon. xx

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Good Morning Jilly and everybody else. The sun is shining today and we're supposed to stay dry til tonight. I hear that you've had loads of rain and floods up north and more on the way. :P

Have a good smokefree day all, catch you later.


Morning andie, Yes your right loads of rain , wind and very grey and miserable.

Think we are getting used to it. ( got webbed feet now ) :D Floods are about 8 mile away but not where i live.

I felt sorry for my brother who came up yesterday , as he is going to York today and sunday well known for flooding near there.

Have a good day. xx


Morning all. Oh, sorry, it's afternoon now. Not that I've been ligging in bed all morning, I was up at 7.30 but out with the dog, then gave my daughter a lift to work, had to go to the bank and catch up with a lot of other boring chores I didn't have time for during the week. Sounds as if the rain's causing a lot of trouble for a lot of people - just rang my mum (my family are in all Yorkshire) and she says they're ok, cos they live at the top of a hill. It's not too bad here in London, but doesn't feel like 'flaming June'. Can't wait for my hols next month (Cyprus, so should get some sunshine at least) but have loads of work to get through before I go. Hope you all have a great weekend. Lenne - let us know how you're doing???? :D


Hi Finley , Glad your ok. I thought everybody gone and left me :(

Leave you to your boring chores.

Wow! stopped raining, still windy though.

Enjoy the rest of your day.



Hope your ok , and not got a headache. :O

Have to get andie to wake you! :D


No No - please not Andi :o i'm up and about, been to get some wood to make some shelves, i should have come on before i went, cus i might have known that you would be saying that i was ''laying in again the flippin sleepy ed him''

Well i'm back now and i feel a bit hmmmmmm mischevous today :o :P Speak in a bit.

Pete :)


Now Pete i never said you were in bed, may be asleep but not in bed. :D

Enjoy your shelve fixings. Mischevous eh! :O cant wait. bet your waiting for andi to contact you are`nt you. :D

see ya soon. xx

P.S. have you seen the blog from emjay yesterday on the quit support blog.

sounds like she is having a good hol.


Uh-oh - wonder what's coming now! :o


Sounds like you had better be on your guard. :D


Actually have got to go out now, catch you later. ;-)


Good afternoon everyone, sorry I'm late coming on what a morning!!!

Thank you Jillygirl!!! I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday. Yey emjays been on!!!

I will check in again later ;-)


Hi claire, sounds like youv`e beeen busy. enjoy the rest of your day. :)


Hi y'all, back now - bin dog walking - just round local park. Went with a friend I haven't seen since week 1 and she hadn't heard that I'd given up so was pretty amazed. Also 2 of her kids were there - one of them is my godchild - and they were very surprised too! :)

Just wondering - how long does it take toput up a shelf? :D :D

Had better scarper! :o


brill andi glad you enjoyed the dog walk etc. bet you felt good telling them you were a none smoker. :)

As for that shelf , who knows. or is this part of his master plan. ?

But he is a man so may take all night. :D

Off for my evening walk now so will be back later on. xx


Hope he's not had an accident with one of his power tools! :o :(


Hi andi , Perhaps he`s put the shelves up and forgot about them and bumped his head on them. :O

I will check back in an hour.


Ah thats lovely andi22, was it a good feeling??? ;-)

Everyone sounds like they've lots planned, enjoying their weekends?

Speak soon


Hi Claire, yes, they were even more amazed when I told them about the running as well! :)


Hi all, am back now, Jillygirl- me - have - a - masterplan :D :D super gal, just super, sinse when do us men have masterplans ???? :o

I havnt finished making the shelves yet, never mind fixing them, my Niece came around, oooo she said that she had left home,cus they were getting at her, i didnt say anything, but could not see any suitcase or anythink, but me beeing me said that she could stay here the night untill she found somewhere in the morning. So that was sorted, got chattin to her, and we decided to go for a walk, as we were walking she asked if i wanted a fag, this time she had a handbag !! than God !! and i just looked her straght in the eye's, and she put them away, i did not say a word :) i put my arm around her and carried on walking, although ''Andi'' i did have a few sniffs !!

I knew she was on a downer, the way she spoke, so i took her to the pub, so i had time to think!!

We had a game of pool, she loved it, cus i made a misshap and potted the black, so she won!! :) she knows i'm ace at pool, so - Jillygirl - i let her win the next 2 games, she was jumping with joy, she was back to normal again, we sat down to finish our drinks, so had another chat to her about smoking, just then one of my mates came up to to us and said are we going in the garden for a fag, and i said no cus i had quit !! and i stood proud for saying it, my Niece put her arms around me, looked at me, got the fags out of her hadbag, and gave them to Paul my mate.

Am i teaching her ?? or is she teaching me ??

My Sis has just left, with my Niece, am just wondering !!

Nite nite everybody ?? i just dont know what to think ??

Pete :)


Brilliant, just brilliant Pete. But you're tucked up with a big grin on your face! :) Well done you! :)

Nite nite, sleep well, - you too Jilly,

Andi xx


Hi Pete,

What can I say, your one hell of a guy. You should be so proud of yourself.

I think you and your niece learnt a lot from each other today.

I bet your niece shows you a lot of respect and obviously loves even more now.

You do realise andi and I were gonna send for the ambulance if you hadnt made contact. lol. :D :D

going to sign off now love ya. xx :) nite nite.


Hey Jillygirl, thankyou for that, no need for an ambulance gal, still trying to work out whether i was teaching her--or she was teaching me !! :o cus i know that you Ladies work in mysterious ways sometimes :D

Love you tooooo gal seeesss ya tmoz

Pete :)


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