Good morning everyone.

Hope you all had a good nights sleep. its a lovely sunny morning here in Yorkshire, which makes a change. Hope its nice for you.

What plans have you all got today? I am off for a ride out into the dales, have a walk and grab a pub lunch.

Welcome to our community Zoe. Well done for deciding to quit.

We all have our reasons for quitting and this site really helps you stay focused.

If you have any queries just post a question someone usually knows an answer, or gives advice. Emjay is wonderful for helping all of us.

Have a look through the blogs and I am sure you will be joining in with us.

Will catch up later with you all. xx

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  • Good morning everyone. I'm afraid it's not sunny down here in Bournemouth and there's rain forecast by 10 o'clock. That's a shame cos I booked myself on to do SkyRide Bournemouth today. It starts at 10 and I'm a fair weather cyclist so won't be going after all. :(

    Emjay said she was getting up early today but no sign of her yet (now 7.30). Well, it is Sunday after all. :)

  • morning andi, shame about your bike ride, never mind i bet you think of something else on the keep fit line. 7.00am - 7.30am is probably the norm to us early birds, even Lenne gets up early most of the time. So seeing its Sunday lets give them all until 9.00am before we start nagging them. I hope to be out and about by 9.30. sunny at the mo but could change. see you later.xx

  • Have decided to go out for a walk locally in a minute and try and plan a running route from home to save me driving every time. Will have to check which type of running shoes to wear as some of it will be either in the woods or on the golf links. :o

  • Oh no - it's started raining already - just have to get my brolly out then! :P

  • Stretch... Yawn..... Stretch again....

    Good morning to you all :-)

    It's sunnyish here, looks like it could brighten up a bit. I think I'll be taking the dog for a nice walk and then heading off into town to pick up a few things, I'm away on holiday next week (Wednesday) so need to make a start at packing 8)

    Andi, have a look at this link... walkjogrun.net/ you just pop in your postcode and you can plan a route or see different routes that have been added by other runners (joggers and walkers) :-)

    Jillygirl, I'm typing fast so I make it before 9.00am ha ha. Have a lovely day today out in The Dales. When Pete pops on and reads this, I reckon he'll book you in a spot if sunshine :-)

    Speak to you all in bit, shall get myself a cuppa now that I've checked in :-)

  • HI EMJAY, sorry didnt mean to make you type fast this morning, seemed to get everyone on their toes.

    You will have to get us all trained before wednesday. You deserve a hol. Your something special keeping us all motivated. see you soon. wont be on line tmoz morning , out of the house for 7.30. will catch up later. xx :-)

  • Morning everyone it's not sunny here in dundee either, getting rain later, hope you both manage to enjoy your walks, i'll need to get some housework done, haven't done any in days, there's stuff everywhere lol, then planning to sit and do nothing, need the rest lol, sorry i didn't know make it before 9 Jillygirl lol managed to sleep in today for a change, hope you all have a great hassle free day :)

  • Hi sue , hope you enjoyed your sleep in. I darent sleep in now or I will get a bit of banter of you all wont I. Good job we can all joke about it. I was planning to have a lazy day tmoz, but watching my grandaughter . Yet another training day. At least it will keep me busy and my mind of those piggies. see you soon love. xx:)

  • Whhoooopsie its definately not 9 oclock here either .... guess i will have to work on that one :) .... and its definately not sunny either so today i am just gonna chill and catch up with the laundry and housework.... and baking with my little girl :) .... since i am a new quitter I am giving myself a chance and keeping my distance from people that smoke I dont know if that is the right thing to do but for now its working for me :)

    Hope everyone has a great day whatever you choose to do :)

  • Hi Zoe , Hope you had a good day with your daughter. I think you do right trying not to be near other smokers, i think it helps the first few weeks.

    Bet your daughter will notice the smokefree atmosphere. I know my family did. see you later. xx

  • Good day everybody, and hi there Zoe nice to see you here gal.

    Jillygirl, i asure you i was up before 9 :D just about finished cookin dins, just waiting for the roast carrots, and then i will make my lumpy gravey!!

    Dont any of you cook Sunday lunch nowa days????? huh i expect you all go out for it. :|

    Emjay !!!! do you snore gal?? is that why hubby kicked you outa bed early this morn!! :D :D sorryyyyyyyy huh going on holiday eh, alright for some :P

    Andi, sorry its raining there gal, :D :D its wall to wall sunshine here in Brailsford, Derbyshire gal, 8-) 8-) . Bounemouth, as i said before i can remember going there for a holiday, a longggggg time ago, is it alun chine, that we used to walk down, and i can remember walking up to the top of the cliffes to play crazy golf, just luved it-- does that back up your thoughts you had about me!!!!

    Suepagal-- you have a LAZZZZZZZY DAY gal, cus you dont half deserve one all that sortin out and doin, i hope the weather picks up for you gal, and keep on kickin them piggies outa that door. :)

    Pete :)

  • G'day Pete, well it was at the start of the warm spell when I was on a bit of a downer that I went for a walk along the beach at Alum Chine, paddling in the freezing sea. That was the day I got a bee in my bonnet about going in for a dip! :D :D (which of course we all know I achieved :o :) 8-) )

  • Just found the daily chat after it was mentioned by andi and Sue. Today is first time I've been on here. I'm at the end of week 6 without smoking and, as posted earlier, having a horrible time at the moment. Great to read everyone's posts though, cos I realise none of us is alone in our struggle :o)

  • Aup Finley, you found us then, like we said before we all try to help each other on here, and its a great site to be on!! :) we also have a laugh and a joke sometimes, because we need it !!, just have a look at some of the other daily chats and you will know what i mean :D

    I'm not quite sure what smiley you are trying to do?? ;o)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Finley, I am Jillygirl, pleased to meet you. Sorry its a bit late but been out most of the day. Well done on your 6 weeks without those piggies . Think positive and when you get an urge to smoke look on this site I am sure it helps. It certainly helps me. I am on 9weeks and the 10th coming up. Been smoking since i was 17 . now 63. you do the maths I always get it wrong. Sure pete will work it out for me.

    Anyway love take care . xx :)

  • Hi Jillygirl thanks for your support. I was smoking since age 14 now 51, so another long term addict. This is beginning of week 7 for me. I'm going on holiday in what will be week 12 and planning to use some of my smoking savings as spending money. This place is great, I've had much support already and I only came here yesterday. Thanks again :-)

  • I don't know how to do the icons you're all using! lol

  • If you put your mouse pointer on them, it will show you how to make them!! just try one!!

    Pete :)

  • :) Is this it?

  • Ha ha, it is :) :)

  • By jove you've got it gal, !! 8-)

    try that one??

  • 8-) that it?

  • Like i said Finley, we are all in the same boat, and help each other, and if we can have a laugh as well, hey why not!!

    I hope to see more of you gal, cus you sound normal!! :) not like some of these on here :o :| they dont half nagg at me anall :D

    Keep your spirits up gal cus i know your getting there!!

    Pete :)

  • Cheeky!!! :D :D :o :P

  • hey Pete I`m back after a good day out. feet killing me :D but had a good lunch. Who said you were normal anyway! or is it if you cant beat em ,join em. still luv ya. xx

  • Jillygirl, you had some G&Ts this lunch time, :o :|

    I love you gal, you are just magic!!!! and as i told you before, iwould come and masage your feet for you!! :) and as it happens, this week i have got an offer on!! i would give you a full body massage for a 5er + a couple of cans a lager, hows that!! :D :D

    Love you gal, you r a spot on gal.

    Pete :)

  • Pfft Pete I am perfectly *twitch* normal! Nothing *QUACK* wrong with me at all! ;)

    How is everyone today? It's positively pouring here in crummy Worthing but rain is kinda fun!

    I woke up at 4 this morn, then thought meh and went back to bed and woke up properly at 10 which, for me, is very late! I must've needed it though. Feeling positive today, no need to tear at my own throat from craving so that's nice. The chocolate bars probably helped with that (I am very naughty)!

    How was your roast Pete? I love lumpy gravy; it's my favourite kind!!! xxx

  • Hiya Lenne, great you managed a long lie in today - we've been having the same yuk weather further along the coast here. I find it does make me a bit glum and twitchy at times. I started eating my lunch about 11.15 and I'm sure I've eaten my evening's munchie allowance already!! :( Now a roast dinner sounds good - haven't had one of those for ages. Perhaps I'll wangle myself an invite somewhere for next Sunday. :D :D

  • Hi andi we could all meet up and have dinner at petes cos he is a superstar. :) got to boost his ego now and again.

  • Haha can you imagine Pete's face? Hiiiiii here for dins pop the oven on luv! *falls off chair laughing* Epic! xx

  • you got the same sense of humour as me . great isnt it. :)

  • And have you noticed, there's three more women to contend with now - I think he needs some male backup. ;-) Maybe men don't need the same support that we women do! :D :D

  • Andi i can look after my self gal , but!!!!

    i would also luv some back up!!!! if there is any men out there?? , come on chaps, give us a hand, please!!

  • Right you lot!!!! i tell you all, that i would love to meet you all, and that i would cook you all a ROAST dins, that you would die for, so thereeeeee.

    HUH fanciy takin the p___ out of me on a SUNDAY, tut not bothered anyway, i'm not :P :P

    I tell you if you dont mind lumpy gravey, you just come on around!!!! :)

    Jillygirl, is that right then you have got some sense!! :D :D

    i'm out a here, before i get a sock over my ed, soon speak :D

    Pete :)

  • OH ! hi Pete glad your awake i thought you werent gonna respond to us. We really luv ya babe. xx

  • Go to go got company .catch you tmoz. nite nite.xx

  • Jilly, good night gal, and dont half luv you gal, keep strong, we can all do this togeather!!!! :)

    Hey sweet dreams for later, and you enjoy your sleep, ok ,

    Luv ya loads gal, and yeh!!!! catch ya tmoz gal!!

    Pete :)

  • Good night everybody, you are all so so good to me, look!!!! i know that i'm a bit of a bugger, i cant help it, this is ''me''this is what i am, erm-- if ever i tread on somebodys toes, you give me ''hell'' ok :)

    nite nite all and God bless you all

    Pete :)

  • We tease you and fuss over you because we love you Pete, you're like a bright shining sun that we like to gravitate towards, such a friendly fun personality you see :) Basically... it's your own fault you get all this lady attention because you're so lovely. :P

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