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Can anyone help?

Hi :) I have been smoking since i was 11 years old, I am now 25. I really want to quit! and I need some help or advice. I have been suffering with anxiety feelings the past few years (Not sure if the fags) But now I am shaking, so much so that I had to give up my job as a waitress. Its taking over my life and I know the shaking is the fags! I would NOT want to take any pharmaceutical medicines, are there any HERBAL medicines ? I would be so grateful if you could help me with any advice or tips :)

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Hello and welcome Hippyhappygirl.

Great to have you join our wonderful community of quitters. This is the first step on a wonderful journey to rid yourself of those awful fags. You've got so much to gain😇

Have you chatted with your GP. I think that would be a good idea to talk things through with him/her.

I have suffered from anxiety and depression recently, which seemed to get worse when I quit smoking. I have personally found that taking St Johns wort to be very helpful, however, beware as it interacts and interferes with many prescription medications including oral contraceptives.

Breathing techniques also work wonders....... Slow ...... deep..... breathing. And relaxation CDs.

I'm also finding great help from learning 'mindfulness' and an interesting read was "Buddhist boot camp", it's only a short book, can be downloaded cheaply and it teaches basic mindfulness enhancing techniques that anyone can use. Full of motivational and inspiring quotes.

I also would highly recommend reading Alen Carr's book "easy way to quit smoking". I used this to quit smoking cold turkey. It's hard but I believe I got through the withdrawal more quickly (albeit maybe more uncomfortably).

Theres lots of different approaches you can use to quit smoking, you'll get lots of great advice from some fantastic lovely people on here.

Do some research, consider your options and PLAN your quit before you start. Preparation is everything.

Then, when you're ready, you'll use our little mantra, Not One Puff Ever......NOPE

By the way I'm loving your name,,, Hippyhappygirl 😀

Good luck



Hi QuitterPaul WOW! Thanks for your reply! Very good topics listed. I am a Buddhist myself, which totally contradicts my Smoking. I have been training in mindfulness for a few years :) I cannot stress meditation any more to people, so I am glad that you are doing the same. Thank you! I will look into that book, that sounds really interested the quit smoking one, that might indeed be the key! Yes I know St Johns wort, its a miracle remedy! haha. I never knew however you could use this to help quit smoking. I will go to a herbal medicine shop, and ask them for advice :) and tell them about this and see what they say. Thank you so much! I am very grateful to you and everyone else that has commented. Did not expect it. This is a great website and I am so happy I have found it. I think this alone will help me . Love the mantra! and thank you again :)

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Hi Quitterpaul

That "buddist boot camp" book sound like a good read. I'm hearing a lot about "mindfulness"




Hi Hippie happy girl and a big warm welcome to Quit support :) :)

Like Paul said, i too would encourage you to visit your GP as quitting smoking can increase anxiety and cause mild depression. If this is really impacting on your day to day life seeing your GP would certainty help you

You are still very young, and good on you from wanting to free yourself from the addiction. You can do this, but again, it is best of you plan for it.

Have a read up on the information under the topics and pinned posts to the right of the screen.


Hi Glolin :) Thanks for your reply! :) Yeah I will good to the GP, but yeah I am not sure if they will be much of help to me. Glad they have helped you both :) Its really good advice, to plan it. I have never thought about to plan it. Normally I just have before decided to quit. With failure lasting 10 days top! :( I will make up a plan, that sounds like a great idea. To start me off with :) thank you so much for your help!


Hiya hippy and welcome to quit support😊

I see you've got some great advice already and there are articles under pinned posts to the right, have a read of them and it explains how the chemicals in the brain change. Lots of friendly people here to help, so good luck😊x


Thanks Briarwood for your reply. I will check out the articles, that is good to know. I was getting a little confused on the site. Being new and all. So good to know where things are. Thanks you :)

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Have you considered "Vaping" and by that I mean not the ecigs you buy at gas station or convenience store, I mean go to a Vape shop and get a starter kit (do it right). I am now 8 weeks without a cig and my nicotine level is down to a .3mg (very ultra light) and zero is next. Have been through them all and this one works for me. I wrote on this thread a while back, don't know how to find it but, this is an alternative worth looking into. There is much research done one this, Much Pro, some Con. The jury is still out but from what research I have done, I considered the risk worth it. Maybe not for you, but works great for me.. Good luck my fellow quitter. GB


Hi Roger, thank you for you reply. I am really glad that it is working for you. I am strongly against vape shop's hahah! Thank you though very thoughtful, and a good suggestion.


Hi There! We all commend you on your desire to quit smoking! As others have said (above) .. it's best to have a Plan. I also recommend visiting your GP .. I was hesitant to -- but glad I did!

This is a great community to keep in touch with so please let us know how you are doing as you move ahead .. and ALL THE BEST to you! - Will


Hi will, thank you! Thanks for your help and advice. I will go to the doctors and see what they say. (However for me, I don't think this will help) Doctors and herbal medicine don't seem to go together , and I am sure they will just recommend Nicotine patches or gum! I have phoned up the no smoking telephone line, and the only thing they said they could help with, without taking pharmaceutical treatments, is a group where everyone meets up and talks! So pretty disappointing :( I will go though I am a very open minded person & I will keep you updated. A massive Congrats! on quitting for so long :) & again thank you for your reply!


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