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HELP!!!!! Why cant I seem to do this?!!!

Ok, my quit date was 6 weeks ago. I managed 9 days before falling off the wagon and since that point ive been on and off fags like something not right. Im utterly sick and cant understand why I am finding this impossible. I do not want to be a smoker. I can have a fab life with nice things if I dont smoke but I dont seem to be able to cope without fags!!! Am I going mad?!

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You CAN do this Jo.

And NO you are NOT going mad,you are stressed because you 'think' you need a fag but really you dont.

Someone said on here if we were ment to smoke we would be born with chimneys but we are not.

We all have little slip ups and we just have to either carry on smoking or learn from that falling off the wagon.

It will be one of the hardest things you will do but it will be worth it.

There are loads of tips and advice on here to helpand come on here for a good moan or just to ask questions and of course let us know how you getting on.

Did you use any nrt?

My big bit of advice is to write down why you want to stop smoking and keep looking back at it in the first couple of months, also how many cigs you would have smoked during that time, the puffs and how much you can save

This has helped me as well as coming on here.


It's the drug not you.

Your reaction is normal.but everyone is different.I feel like lighting up but what will it achieve?don't let the drug beat you.good luck kevin


Thanks a million guys. Ordinarilly Im a sensible girl with willpower and lots of motivation. This thing has got me beat and as such, I really do feel like im going mad! Smoking again at the mo so need to nip this thing in the bud and get it cracked. I can save £200 per month by not smoking.....its a total no brainer!!! xxxx


Nice one jojo

Your WORTH It more than the money


Thanks Kevin :-)


Hi ya Jojolou :) a big welcome to this lovely quit site :) :) and no, you are not mad, although saying that, being a bit mad dose help on the daily chat :D :D

Am just wondering if you are using any NRT ?? You sound very positive on quitting :) and i tell you gal, that is the best start :) so now we just have to keep you quit :)

Do you get stressed out much ? wich may start you smoking again ??

Speak soon, Pete :)


Hi Pete, Im a total stresshead im afraid which is why I dont feel I can cope without my little friend :-( I am using patches and spray!


Emjay, one our lovely quit support advisers blogged this breathing exercise, it just may help you calm down a bit :) keep practising it, so when you get stressed, put it into operation :) and just see if it helps you :)

Breathing Exercise (3)To help slow a busy mind down and help with a good nights rest

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE

5 days ago


Before you try going to sleep, think about your day, and try and clear your mind. Is anything worrying you? If so think about whether or not you can do anything about it. Focus on all the positive things that have gone well for you, how good you feel about them or the things that have happened during your day. Any negative thoughts you may have collect them all together and have them ready to leave your body.

Once you have done this, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Breathe in and out a few times, in your own time

Next, take in a nice, long, slow, deep breath through your nose

Breathe out a nice long sigh through your mouth

Repeat this 3 -4 times

As you feel yourself ready to relax, shrug your shoulders up towards your ears and then let them drop

Focus again on your breathing, now think of the number 10 as you breathe in

As you breathe out, see the number 10 leave your mind.

Feeling any tension leaving your body as you do this.

Next, breathe in nice and slowly as you think of number 9

As number 9 leaves your mind, breathe out slowly.

As you breathe in, see the number 8

Imagine every bit of worry within you being caught up in your breath and being pushed out

as you see the number 8 leaving your body,

taking everything that concerns you away.

Continue to focus on your breathing

Imagining with each breath in, you are gathering up every bit of tension from every part of your body.

Every breath out takes all this tension away.

As you see the number 7 enter your mind,

feel the activity within your head and thoughts starting to slow right down

breathing in and then out, feeling more and more relaxed each time as the numbers leave your mind.

Your breathing should now be nice and slow, your heart and pulse will be more relaxed and your mind will feel so at eased.

As you slowly count your way down the numbers, you should be feeling ever so relaxed and the days worries and stresses should be as far away from your mind as possible.

The more you practice this breathing exercise, the easier it should become everytime ? :) :)

Sorry Jo, have got to go to bed now, cos up early in the morn :( :o speak soon and nite nite, Pete :)


Hey. Have you tried e-cigs? I am on day 17 of not having a "Real Cig" yes its a no brainer. After 40yrs I was fed up of being a slave to smoking! Going outside in the cold,rain & snow. I can honestly say I have not been tempted to smoke any of those chemicals & the smell!! OMG ashtray. I love my e-cigs... just ordered cherry & mint flavoured juice.. I feel great, my skin is clearer & I feel more confident in all that I do especially talking to my work collegues as not worried about "Bad breath" anymore. Just vaping on nicotine is working for me....


Pete, the exercise sounds fab! Thanks for all of your help this evening! Im feeling much more positive that quitting is actually within my reach. Im at work tommorow but on Friday Im going to re read these posts and put a plan in place for quitting for good! Night night :-)


Dont let the slip ups get you down.

If it was that easy to stop smoking, NO ONE would smoke.

Pat yourself on the back for the time you manage to do without, and when you slip up,,, grit your teeth and say "OK you won this time but you wont get me again in a hurry"

One of the best insentives is the cash youll have IN YOUR pocket, and how much more healthier youll be to enjoy that cash.

Stick with it, were all here for you.



Hi, I've just joined this site, I saw your comments and thought... Hum, that's exactly where I am right now. I managed three weeks cold turkey in June last year, then lit up again. Just that one mad foolish impossible craving did it. Two weeks ago, I managed one full week, with the aid of patches, then lit up again. Now, I'm smoking between two and five a day again. I'm upset and miserable and feeling I may be one of these people who cannot, or will not give up.

I sit with a roll up, smoking - and saying " I don't want to do this"' I'm not enjoying it, it doesn't satisfy me. I know beyond doubt, that smoking a cigarette causes this misery. If I didn't do it, the agony would stop, eventually. The only thing I know to do for sure is - not to stop trying everyday. So, one cigarette smoked today, I hope it could be my last cigarette, and that I live to enjoy the freedom, but I just don't know. Lets keep on trying... No matter how many times we crash, just - keep on keeping on, and give Time, Time to work. Very best wishes to you,

Big hug,


Gillyflower your words are exactly how I feel. I feel like a lost cause! Ive decided to set a quit date for this Monday and no going back, no matter how hard it is. Ive totally had enough of living this life and Im petrified that something awful is going to happen to me healthwise :-( Wanna join me?!! Jo x


Morning Jojolou, good to hear from you. I will try to join you - for sure. But, each new day is a quit day for me anyway. I've spent so much time saying, I'll smoke today & stop tomorrow. So, yep, I'll be on your Monday quit day too, Oh, I'm wishing you so well...keep trying!


You ready for Monday Jo? I'm gonna give it another determined shot... Others have done it, we can too. So if your head wants to go "Walkabout without your permission" for ciggie - we'd best get on here fast me thinks! We only need to smoke again if we insist. Good luck Jo. xx


Im all ready Gillyflower! Sooo glad to hear you going to do this too! Exactly, when I read about other peoples experiences I think if they can do it I can do it..... neither of us are any different! Indeed lol no way do I want to give in this time. To be honest, im sick to the back teeth of being a smoker and am desperate to be healthy with way more cash in pocket than I do now! Best of luck for Day 1 as this is a new and FINAL quit day! Speak tommorow :-) xxx


Seems you made a clear day yesterday Jo, so, so pleased that you have. Good luck today, every ciggie causes the angst and craving, if you can just get past that, you'll win,, so you will. Sorry I let you down dear. Keep going strong! xx


You have nothing to be sorry for.....we're all on our own journey and I wish you the best of luck on yours. Never give up trying to give up!!! xx


no your not going mad , i feel the same .been smoking 45 yrs , quit 6 weeks ago ,and finding it really hard xx


Hello everyone, I gave up smoking on the 20th of Feb this year after smoking for 45 years. But many times I had thought about quitting but was too scared of going through with withdrawal symtoms, so that was my excuse for not even trying even though when lighting up and sitting there thinking I do not even like or enjoy the taste of cigs. I realised one day that I would light up without even thinking about or wanting a ciggie...it was just habit!!! so I planned the right time for me to take action which so far has been successful.. put myself on the patches any thoughts I do have about smoking I only think negative, which has helped me too as cigs are not on my mind very much at all, however I am on my last box of patches and I intend to carry on with my way of thinking...only negative thoughts on smoking. I take it one day at a time ..so far so good. I hope this can help others ....one day at a time ...and when a thought of that cigg comes in your mind only have negative thoughts and that cigg is appearing less and less in your mind, basically that cigg will give you up!!! Good Luck


i still feel like this after 11 weeks some days are easier


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