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Well I was so proud of myself for not smoking for 10weeks and now I've had 3 fags in the space of an hour why did I do that you might ask and it was all because this morning I couldn't find any jeans in my wardrobe that fitted me how stupid am I because then that's when the thoughts started if I hadn't given up smoking I wouldn't have put on weight if I hadn't given up smoking I wouldn't have got a cold if I hadn't given up smoking I would feel so much happier and before you know it I haven't given up smoking and now I have got to tell everyone I've failed again and now I'm wondering what do I do now help please

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You pick up the pieces and start again tommorow, then you go to the shops and get more jeans, there,s nothink like retail theraphy to help :D I,ve put on over a stone but am delighted, really happy. You can deal with the extra weight by doing more exercise, eating less calories, isn,t it better to be fatter and healthier than making yourself ill with ciggys ?

Dont feel guilty, that will make you stressed out and then we know what happens then !!!!

Dust yourself down, tommorows another day to quit again.

Good luck, you CAN do it.



Hi donesmokin, You haven`t failed just regard it as a practice run. Doesn't matter how many times you try. you will get there eventually. :) xx


I've said it before and I'll say it again - been there, dun that and got the bloody winners tee-shirt for it!!! Donesmokin do NOT give up - you've had a hiccup and a burp or two but that doesn't matter at all - none of us are perfect. We are all humans and therefore have sometimes a weak moment when we give in to something which we know we shouldn't but we still do because we are human beings. We have emotions and feelings and I know exactly what you mean about your jeans not fitting but does it really matter - that little bit of extra weight and that 1/8" on the waist is not the end of the world but smoking could bring about an early end and that may sound harsh and unfeeling but it it's shocked you then in a way I'm glad because maybe it's also made you realise that this is a one off. It may even happen again but I doubt it. Kicking yourself on the bum will not help unless of course it knocks sense into you that this is not the end - it's a stepping stone that you missed and you got 'wet' but you will dry and carry on. When I was 14, I was told by the doctor 'diet or die - your choice' at that point I was over 17st and 5' 6" so I was an extremely large person. It took five years - probably the longest five years ever - and to this day I still have to watch what I eat. I lived on 500 cals a day for nearly 2 years and after 3 years I was allowed 8, yes EIGHT chips that could be no bigger that 4" long by 3/4" wide by 1/4" thick and those chips, god I can still taste how good they were. But you're not at that weight nor will you ever get to that weight as given time, your body's natural balance will come to the fore and you will be how you were or as near as possible to that. You've changed your lifestyle so dramatically by not smoking please, please don't spoil all your hard work. Carry on - slips and trips happen they are part of life and we can learn so much from them. Be true to yourself as you have been truthful on here - nobody knew that you'd slipped, you need not have said anything at all but you did and I admire your honesty. If you had wanted to carry on smoking you would have posted your blog and asked for help, now would you? Pick yourself up look at your jeans and say one day very soon, I will be wearing you and NOT smoking as well. Stop regretting what has happened, look at yourself you know the reason you had this stumble so correct it by buying a size larger and watching what you eat and before you know you will fall again but this time because your jeans have slipped down to your ankles - silly you, you need a smaller size now!!!

Help is always here all you have to do is ask - don't let nic ruin all your hard work please!!!



Well done for posting.

Smoking a few cigarettes is not the end of the world.

You've stopped for ten weeks.How many cigarettes would you have smoked in them weeks?A couple of thousand?

I didn't realise how powerful a drug a cigarette is.I knew they done me no good and they are addictive.But I didn't think it would be so hard to give up.

I've done 14 weeks now.I use my e cig of a evening.

So just take away the few cigarettes away from what you would have smoked and carry on.

Remember the drug wants you to fail.

Let us know how you get on.



Did the same damned thing myself last week, except it was 4 cigs. Why? Oh I had my moment or was having my moments where I just caved in. :(. Thing is, it didn't make me feel better, made me feel worse! I had my bad head on. So, well, it happens ... Remember the first time I saw a carsticker, about 20 years ago in the window of a car in America somewhere - 'S**t happens'. I quite liked that, and it made me laugh, in fact I pointed it iut to the kids, and we talked about it a bit.

Now that seems a nice philosophical approach to me. Look at it, see it for what it is, turn around and try to walk off whistling :)

Really annoying feeling like your back on square 1 but you're not. I think the practices have made me stronger, and taking it slow, a day ata time, sometimes a few minutes at a time :). I am so chuffed at all the fags I haven't had, and feel the benefit of every one! You done good, girl, so get back on the horse whenever you're ready

:) :)

Have a lovely evening, and don't worry, just enjoy it :)



Well said Betts - s**t does happen and remember donesmokin it only happens to the nice people!!

Come on, you can do this, I know you can!!!!!


I don't think s**t happening selects out the nice and the nasty really. It just happens sometimes, and nice or nasty people just have to learn and get on with it and move on :) Hopefully a little older and wiser, and nicer :) :)


Just keep trying and you will get there, and maybe try a vegetarian diet for a while, if you don't already do so. I'm trying that as it can be tasty, filling and so long as one is sensible in one's approach(don't forget protein), help to promote weight loss.

The mind takes a while to adjust as well, as has been well documented on this site. I actually found myself getting fed up with my e-cig today. When I looked in the supermarket at alternatives, I wasn't inspired so I bought some ordinary chewing gum. My thoughts are that if I have anymore feelings like that towards my e-cig, I'll chew gum instead. Who knows but maybe over time that will replace my e-cig.

Good luck.

Sally... :)


Donesmokin, Oh what the hell!!!! whats a few fags between friends, we wont tell if you dont lol. Keep on keeping on (if you know what I mean) Just dont get down about this as we have all done it. Just keep chugging along on the road to being FREE. Good luck x


I smoked 18 cigs over about 3 days a few weeks ago, I'd been stopped since January and this was mid April, not had any since tho and I certainly didn't consider that I'd failed being as I stopped again. Like Nixy says what's a few cigs anyway. I was fed up this morning too, it doesn't take much to get disheartened with stopping smoking especially when there are no benefits to be seen, only pitfalls, but the moment passes. Just gotta pick yourself up and count your saved pennies. :)


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