So it's been awhile and today I'm feeling so bad....all I want to do is go to the shop to get a box of fags and smoke one after the other. Last night I also felt this way but said no I'll get last this. 

I need ye're advice. My GP took holidays and never wrote me up for a repeat prescription for champix so I've run out of tablets since Monday. I haven't had the time to sit and wait to see his replacement Dr. (Old school no appointments)  Anyhow I've gone 4+ days without should i stay off them or get them asap. I'm an emotional wreck. Feels like pregnancy hormones (and no I'm not!) It's that bad someone could say boo and I feel like pouring my eyes out. And I'm so angry I would gladly box a punch bag for the day. Cravings are really bad but I think I have enough will power....I am determined to stay off them but is it the effects off the tablets slowly wearing off thats making the cravings worse or a mental thing because I know I don't have the tablets.....what should i do...please any advice would be very much appreciated 

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  • Rosie can you just not ask the receptionist to write you a repeat prescription and explain, thinks it's bad you need to wait for an appointment when your already on the tabs. It makes me angry. Try give them a ring. Please don't give in, I know it's bad believe me  I'm not sure about Champix as not in them , one of our other member maybe able to advise what you should do . Pohang in there , deep breaths hugs from me xxx

  • HI Rosie,

    RELAX - :) :)  Take some deep breaths. Having a smoke won't make it any better and will probably make you feel worse...Sip water..this helps with cravings. Can you try Maddys suggestion and get the receptionist to write the script and a gp to sign it..

    Is there a Fags end (I think that is what it is called) nearby..try giving them a call..It may feel like the end of the world...but it isnt...

    Hang in there - I am sure others from the UK wont be too far away and can advise better that what i can here in Australia.

    Quitting is a roller coaster of emotions...but no matter what is thrown our way..we ride the it does getter alot better :) :) :) 

    Stay strong Rosie - You can so do this :) :) :) 

  • Ah Rosie, I know the feeling... happened to me too, a few days after Christmas. My doctor was away for the holidays and I ran out of Champix. I got so nervous! I called him and he said he would leave a perscription with the receptionist, but only did so after like 4 or 5 days. In the meanwhile, luckily, my husband took the matter into hands and went to the pharmacy and explained that I was on this quit journey and had ran out of Champix "so please can you sell me the pills with no prescription"?? The pharmacist understood and sold him the pills, thank goodness. That way, I just went 2 days without them. 

    I wonder if somehow in the UK your pharmacist could do the same for you?... Explain that you'll bring the prescription in as soon as you get it from your doctor. Take with you the former perscription, the one you used to buy the first pack. 

    I do hope you get your Champix soon. I would email you the remacescent of mine if only it went through as an email attachment!... And in the meanwhile, Glolin gave you great advice - tall glasses of water are a blessing during a bad craving. 

  • Thank u! That's exactly what I've done

  • Yes--what Maddy said--or go buy some gum or lozenges--you have started weaning--and I think you should continue rather than go nutz trying to do cold turkey now-I did e-cig--but dont kno if you have them where you are--You know the champix isn't really a nicotine replacement so you are already on the way with nicotine 9thinking outlous here)--pills just making you more comfortable--so maybe don't do gum or lozenges--Call your Drs office and talk to nurse and tell her--even if she calls enuff in to get you thru till he is back=-calm down now--and get this done so you feel better--smoking will do nothing at this point but make you feel crappier about stuff--Good luck--hang in there--what you feel is awful but I assure you it is so normal and we all go thru it to sum degree no matter how we quit--It just plain hurts   {{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}} MmeT

  • Thank you all....rang the gps again with no joy, the nurse wasn't available and she could not write up a prescription for me without me being assessed by the Dr. So I rang my pharmacy and they sorted me out. I'm in a small town in Ireland so everyone or knows of them etc. Except obviously the GPs receptionist 😅 I didn't give in and I won't go back there but I really do feel crappy. So stressed out about other things I think I'm just focusing on the wrong things. Thanks for all your replies  xxx nope :)

  • I'm so glad to hear you've managed to get sorted with the pills. Well done for not giving in Rosie, you did brilliantly and should be very proud of yourself👍🏼😊 Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and NOPE🚭💐😊

  • Glad your sorted x

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