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I first experienced anxiety after stoping codeine which I was talking for migraine headache pains for about 3 years. At first I didn't know what I was experiencing but easy to work out it was anxiety . It has been 2,5 months and the anxiety is mild now but still there it hasn't gone away. I learned to deal with it and changed my lifestyle to adjust. I know is not medical because I have paid for all blood test to make sure I don't have any underlying conditions that can couse anxiety and panic attack. Now I am trying to quit smoking and went cold turkey like I did with the painkillers which worked for me. However the anxiety and panic attacks are so bad I think I am going to die or go crazy . I really don't know what to do I don't want to smoke any more but at the same time I cannot deal with the anxiety any more. Did anyone went through similar situation , any advice ?

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  • Hiya Agu and welcome to quit support :)

    Sorry to hear you are struggling with anxiety and panic attacks but unfortunately when stopping smoking, it can happen with some people. I have heard other members have suffered with this and I'm sure they will be able to help you. There are some breathing excercises on the right of this page which might help to slow your breathing down. Are you attending a stop smoking clinic because they will have good advice for you. Are you in the early stages of your quit and have you considered any nicotine replacement to help.

    I can imagine it is very frightening and there is also an anxiety site on here as well, so perhaps they will be able to help also. It might be a good idea to visit your Doctor and tell them how you are feeling. I'm sorry I can't be of more help to you but stay close to this site as I'm sure some other members will give you good advice, take care :) x

  • Thank you so much for your quick replay . I contacted my a doctor and that's exackly what they recommend stop clinic and NTL. I quit before for whole month back then it was quite easy as I didn't have any of the anxiety attacks. I was so stupid to start again but is done and it going to be that much harder to quit again. I am very determined now and I am concierating to maybe see psychologist if needed. I will wait for some helpful advise from others but thank you for your input.

  • Hi there, just thought I would say I also have a codeine addition unfortunately from 15 yrs of being on this drug for a bowel condition, I was told by advisor to not quit both at same time as codeine and smoking are both as addictive as heroine, I think you are extremely brave to go cold turkey with both, please get support and advice from your gp, replacement therapy is your best bet on quit smoking like me as you have 2 additions also like me, you should be really proud you have kicked the painkiller addiction but I feel you are putting to much pressure to do both cold turkey so why not get help for your smoking, I'm on patches and gum and occasional eciggie to help me thru, this site have been amazing too so keep in touch with us, it really really helps, hope I have helped xx

  • Thank you for your help. It wasn't easy to quit codeine I have to say it was the worst experience of my life . I went through hell for two month and still recovering now. I didn't to know that I was addicted till I tried to stop. Once I stopped I couldnot go back when I realised the damaged the painkillers done to my mental health. The psychical withdrawal stops after a week but the psycholigical still here two months later . If the pills help you with your condition then fair enough I suppose you need to take them and they helped my migraine too but since I stopped I had no migraine really which makes think I have done the right thing to stop. I wish you all the best.

  • Hi agu

    I had the same and am getting thro it (fingers crossed, everything crossed!) I used an ecig which has helped, but after months battling did see go and got mild ant anxiety meds, which have helped. I'd already taken up more exercise, yoga, walking, gym. That's helped too, especially for those sort of 'paralysed with anxiety' times when you just can't do anything or even think clearly enough to know what you can do.

    Take it easy on yourself, and take all the good advice in the other posts. The as counsellor, nrt, .... the lot :)

    You are one strong and amazing person, doing brill quitting, so give yourself loads and loads of credit for the great person you are!

    Wishing you luck, calm and you'll get lots of support from the lovely people on here, so stay in touch, eh :)


  • Thank you for the kind word . I am 31 and tired of addiction want to be free and have a normal life. I know I will get there at some points is just the battle with my demons I have to fight every day . Words of support here will help me fight the battle so thank you to you and everyone .

  • Hi. My gf gradually cut down smoking. She would focus on when she craved them most and slowly got herself out the habit, ie waking up normally she would smoke but she would wait up to an hour then smoke, she basically taught her mind to go without. She done this for a few months and is now a non smoker. Also she would only have like 3 pulls and put it out and would not allow herself to have the rest until she was ready. Xxx

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