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Day three of only had one fag but am using electronic cigerette to much need to cut that back.

Have not been to doctors yet as originally planned will get there thurdsay will mack an appointment they must be able to help.

I have read on hear about some gropus people go to how did you find out about them??

I have a lot of time on my hands so need to keep busy will help me stay of the fags

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Hi haribojess

I went to a group yesterday, it was really good and i'm sure they would be able to help you

there should be a stop smoking service in your area

i'm sure Emjay will be along in a minute and help you with that, as she did me, there is also stoptober that you might be interested in

I'm on day one of stopping, having tried before, you should also join us on the daily chat, everyone is everyone is kind supportive and we have a laugh on the way, it's a bit quiet just now cause 2 are on holiday but that will soon change

your doctor would be able to give you patches, or whatever you wanted on prescription, you should look at the bloc Pete put up about all of this, it gives the positives and negatives of each thing

are you in England?, where about?, that would help to find your local services

keep strong in the meantime, just 1 cig in 3 days is really good, you'll do this :)


meant to say when on home page look at the second question down "trying to give up, help" there is lots of into in the answers there with phone number to help you find your local services, sorry i would copy and post here for you but i'm on my phone,cause i'm out, and it won't let me do it,

hope this helps you

susan :)


Hey haribojess,

If you private message me your postcode, I'll let you know where your nearest stop smoking service is and what type of support they are able to offer you.

Most local stop smoking services offer lots of great professional support either in groups or one-to-ones and you will be able to talk to other who may be going through the same thing as you. A bit like on here but face to face :-) They will help you to find the best way to stay quit and can also recommend the best form of nicotine replacement therapy to help you. This will be available to you for free or for the price of your prescription.

You've done amazingly well so far and it's really important that you keep on, keeping on :-)

As Sue says, smoking only one cigarette in three days is really good. Think of all the ones you haven't smoked!

Give yourself a very well earned pat on the back :-)


Aup Haribojess,

Thats just fantastic gal, 3 days without a smoke :) :)

I think the girls have said most of it, but i tell you we are all a friendly bunch on here, and we try to help each other when the going gets tough :) and i think thats really nice :) loads and loads of luck gal, on your trek to be a none smoker, and free of the white stick !! :) :)

Pete :)


Hey haribojess, hang on in there you are doing just great,3 days is really good ,with the help of your local service you can do this :)


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