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Good Morning

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AliBarrett18 Months Winner

Hello everyone I'm Ali and I've been on this site a while but wasn't ready to quit until today, so here goes day 1. I can't believe I actually got up during the night to have my final fix, actually had 2, so now I've set a date have officially become a chain smoker trying to get as many fags in before today......crazy I know! I've quit many times this year but started again when I went to Turkey 2 months ago, the combination of cheap fags (£2.30 for 20) plus margarita in hand (was all inclusive) was too much for the smoker in me and at that price seemed rude not to smoke. I tried to see the smoking cessation nurse but was told theres a 3 week wait and didn't want to still be smoking for another day let alone 3 weeks plus have found nicotine patches only work when I stick them over my eyes so I can't find my fags! Have tried e-cigs, patches, sprays, gum etc but having nosed around this site have decided that maybe I just need the support of like minded people. Any advice for day 1 gratefully received.

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Welcome Ali :) :)

Support is one thing you will find lots of around here :) :) A big congratulations on making the decision to quit.

This is your time to shine :) stay in touch - yell - scream - do what ever you have too - But keep away from those cigarette's as they are not your friend..

You will generally find someone about this site. Emjay our quit advisor is super fantastic and what she doesn't know about quitting and staying quit isn't worth knowing.

Keep your eye out for our administrators as they will help you along the way Jillygirl as she has been through it all - A true superstar and there is Monky - he too is a superstar. They have both been around here for a long time so both have a wealth of knowledge about quitting.

We are all in this together :) All the very best on your quit journey....Remember NOPE....Not one puff ever.. we have to be a winner if we follow that principle :) :)

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AliBarrett18 Months Winner in reply to glolin

Hi glolin

Thanks for the reply, this seems like a great site for support, I've been putting this off for a while now, scared of withdrawal but mostly sleepless nights without my ciggies - it always amazes me how much extra time there is in the day when I quit.

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glolinLONG TERM WINNER in reply to AliBarrett

i had that trouble with sleepless nights. I changed my entire way of thinking.. I wasn't giving up smoking at all.. I was choosing not to smoke.. I am doing this cold turkey... Remember the cravings only last a few minutes at a time..drink water, get up and move about..anything to distract you :) :)

Most importantly... just take one day at a time....or if you need too...hour by hour

Hi Ali and welcome!

One bit of advice that many people find helps is to write down why you are quitting - all the reasons: be they health, wealth, smell, sense, whatever. Keep it somewhere accessible: cupboard door, laminate it and put it in your wallet, put it in your bedside table, wherever. It can then help to reinforce your willpower when cravings strike or you are tempted to relapse.

Now, be honest, did you really enjoy those fags you had last night? Or were you just scared you won't have any more? What was it about them you enjoyed?

Have a dig around through old posts on this site - you'll find a wealth of ideas, most good, some wacky, as well as stories of how people succeeded to banish Mr Nicotine or, occasionally, failed and tried again.

Good Luck and let us know how you are getting on. We've all been there but everyone is different.

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AliBarrett18 Months Winner in reply to beardy_chris

Thanks Chris, will definitely do my list, lots of great reasons to quit and I still remember from the last time how good I felt then compared to now. This is my last thing to quit, actually the most important but I put it off till last, I've completely overhauled my diet and started to exercise so lost a bit of weight - I think in my head my ciggies are the final 'naughty' thing I'm doing to my health and for some strange reason its like a loss, does that make sense?

Oh Yes! :)

I always said that my mother hated smoking and, as I grew up, I discovered I enjoyed most of the things my mother didn't like (use your imagination!) so smoking was a natural thing to do. Then it sort of fed the rebel in me. Most of the time I'm fairly "average" (whatever that is) but smoking roll ups was my rebellion. But, you know, you don't need that "naughty" thing - you can be naughty in other ways! :) ;-) :-P

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AliBarrett18 Months Winner in reply to beardy_chris


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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner in reply to AliBarrett

Oh i understand the "loss" part, as ciggies have been our best friends through thick and thin, they have celebrated with us, comforted us, and helped us out in social situations, so it does feel like walking away from a best friend, but remember that best friend was happy to kill you, and could turn on you at any given time, it was laughing as you handed over your hard earned cash to spend a bit more time with you.

Thing is, it isn't a loss, its liberating, as you are choosing not to die a horrendous death while your real friends and loved ones, watch. You are choosing to be have more money for the real fun things in life, like holidays, new clothes, a gym membership etc. Its funny as smokers we feel we are being denied something when we quit, but next time you feel like that, look at the people who have never been a slave to smoking, they are not being denied a thing, and truth is, neither are we. The never smoked folk are having a great time doing what we did and dont need the crutch of being an addict, i admire them.

Cigarettes and the industry which is worth billions invest so much into keeping us hooked, that it feels rebellious choosing not to support their nasty companies :)


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Good morning Ali,

I think the other members have already said it all. Should you need further advice just shout , we are here to help. Try and keep yourself busy, think of things to do , where you would normally have a ciggy break.

Have plenty of healthy nibbles at hand. Its not easy but the benefits are well worth it. Dont end up like me with one lung, I was lucky many aren`t. Remember NOPE





catch up later. xx

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Hi Ali,

I agree with the advice above, i have quit with the Ecig, and found it easy to be smoke free, but reducing my nicotine levels in my liquid a real struggle, so I admire you going cold turkey :)

I think something that may help you is a book called Easyway by allen carr, it changes your mind set about smoking, and is ideal for those going cold turkey.

It is a hard road, but so worth the journey :) think of all the extra holidays you can have now you are saving 300 quid a month :)

Remember the nicotine only takes 3 days to get out of your system, but there are over 4000 other poisons, toxin and nasty stuff you are addicted to, so it is a healing process from so many things.

This site and the great people will help you through the cravings etc, and it is the best thing you will do xx

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AliBarrett18 Months Winner in reply to Pinkiezoom

Hi Pinkiezoom

Really good advice, I have a tin ready to put all my saved cash into then treat myself each week as a goal for quitting, and long term I'll be quids in. You're right, it is liberating in a way - powerful to be able to say no and have control over that part of your health, no more dreading going to the GP when the first question is 'do you smoke'? I went on an Allen Carr seminar about 8 years ago and quit for six months so I know it works then started again because I was off work for a while because of ill health......go figure. Boredom seems to be a big factor with me so keeping busy but cutting the day into stages seems to work well, I've already done 4 hours which would've been unthinkable even yesterday. X

Well Done, Ali. Hey, Pete, can you get a "Four Hour Winner" badge for Ali here? :)

Umm - maybe not - you'd have to be running around that field catching badges even more if we had hourly badges! :)

Just remember though, Ali, every hour you manage is a win for you.


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cornishlady2 YEAR WINNER

Hi Ali Congratulations on your quitting, Everyone has already given you great advice, they are all stars and we are all on the same road. It may be a long hard journey but we will all make it !! Good Luck xx

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Hey Ali, welcome to Quit Support :-)

You have already been given lots of fab advice already - Our members are just fab and always willing to help each other out :D :D

Thinking back to all the other practise runs you have had - try and take all the positives from them and learn from where you may have gone slightly off track before you went back to becoming a full time smoker again - By doing this you will increase your likelyhood in remaining a non-smoker.

As long as you stay positive and promise yourself that you'll stick to the NOPE rulke, you'll get to where you want to be ;-)

Remember that you can do this, keep checking in with us and we'll support you all the way :-)

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Hi Ali, well look at you, almost finished your 1st day as a non smoker :)

Welcome to this lovey site hun, we are all quitters here, our aim in life is to help as many people as we can(whilst helping ourselves) to give up mister nic and be smoke free. And if I say so myself.... I think we all do a pretty good job round here :)

We all have different quit stories and between us I reckon we have had every side effect going...... as you know it aint easy this giving up malarkey, but you know how to do it coz you lasted 6 months before :)

Please let us know how your getting on and if you want to know anything or just join in the sometimes bizarre and somewhat humorous posts then please feel free.... we don't bite :D

Stay strong and keep focused -x-

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Hi ya Ali, welcome to this lovely quit site gal :) :)

I can see that you have had loads of great advice already and I cant better that :) :)

Ha ha ha I love the bit about the nic patches over your eyes :D :D I shall have to remember that one Ali :D

Like you say Ali, we are all in the same boat on here, just in the planning stages, just quit like you, going through our quit or done it and beat that Mr Nic :) :)

If the going gets tough, then go and thump a flippin cushion or something and let it out of you :) Please stay with us Ali, cos we will help you in any way we can :) :)

See's ya soon :) Pete :) x

I'm on holiday in Turkey with the money I've saved.I can breathe and smell things and taste all the lovely Turkish food.Next year this is you,stay focused and stay here,you'll get all the support you need.Good Luck, you can do this.

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alana10119 Months Winner in reply to yellowsnowdrop

Hello Yellowsnowdrop,

I have a Turkish background and have been to turkey a few times...I am only dat 13 but cant wait till the day I am confident to be able to go overseas on holiday and not smoke! I ve never done that before so looking forward to that day : ))))

Well done Ali! And enjoy today, feel very proud :)

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alana10119 Months Winner

Hello Ali,

well done sweetie your on your way I am on day 13 and all I can say is fight for your life....its about time and go for gold. Find out who you are without cigarettes....this is the next phase of your life .....get those boxing gloves up and don't smoke another's all bullshit! it never makes you feel better its the opposite makes you feel like crap, takes your energy and money away and makes you feel insecure and cheap and smell....and insecure's all a lie. Do whatever it takes to stop smoking, your life will change for the me I have been a smoker for 30 years and wish I had stopped twenty years ago....I am only on day 13 but so pissed off I didn't start earlier ....don't stop fighting..........

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to alana101

Let it all out Alana, it will make you fell better :)

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alana10119 Months Winner in reply to droopyJ

Hello Droopyl

I will let I out as I am sooo pissed off how I have smoked for so long. I have just got back from kids netball presentation and a few people went out for smoke break..this was the first time I didn't participate and now at home and soo glad I didn't have one puff....keeps me going to fight another it!

bring it on, I will be 2 weeks tomorrow and sooo proud of my self :)))

and thanks for the support droopyl xo

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droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to alana101

Well done Alana, your almost half way thru your first month.... that has gone by really quick :)

Sooo glad you didn't pop out for a crafty one, just goes to show how far you have come :)

alana101 profile image
alana10119 Months Winner in reply to droopyJ

yes droopyj...

so glad I didn't sneak one would of tasted shit anyway....

Mental preparation really helps...I have flu like symptoms at the moment ....cant wait till nicotine f...ucks off out of my life , One more week then I am control ...bring it on, so glad not paying $$$ out of my arse for the tobacco companies any more...

droopyJ profile image
droopyJLTW MARVELOUSNESS in reply to alana101

I agree with you 100%... they have had enough money outta me :O

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to alana101

Hi Alana, well done for taking charge, you can do it, keep up the good work :) x

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monkyAdministrator in reply to alana101

Hi Alana :) a big massive well done to you for reaching 2 weeks quit :) :)

It sounds like you have got it all sorted out :)

Take care now :) Pete :)

alana101 profile image
alana10119 Months Winner

Thanks Guys,

Yes very excited its been 2 weeks, just trying to deal with the constipation!! but all good ...looking forward to 3 weeks.....So true about being in the right frame of mind, it really helps. I have been trying to give up for 10 years and this has been a breeze so far.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to alana101

Aup Alana :) sooo glad your enjoying being smokefree :)

Hmmm, constipation eh, I think a lot of us suffer with that when we first quit :( drink plenty of water, try to eat some fruit, like grapes that may loosen you a bit, erm, if you see what I mean :) or a good Indian takaway, that never fails :D :D

You stay focused and positive and you wont go wrong :) :)

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alana10119 Months Winner

Hi Monkey,

Thanks for that...I have flu like symptoms as well with fever so not sure what's going on ....drinking heaps of water with panadol so hope it passes soon....

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monkyAdministrator in reply to alana101

Hi Alana, the flu like symptoms are pretty normal too, we call it the quitters flu :o :D

Just hang in there and it will get easier for you :)

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alana10119 Months Winner

Thanks Monkey for your support xo

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