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THURSDAY - DAILY CHAT - 03/04/2014

A Very Happy Thursday to Everybody!

Hi Everyone

Well it’s just a quickie because its back to work for me today and I have plans for this evening so I’m actually not going to be online at all – wow that’ll feel different.

I’ve just realised that the PIPPS are on Day 11 today, which is lovely because I thought it was actually Day 10 until I counted up on my fingers, and then I ran out of fingers and had to use my toes!!! :D :D :D

So congratulations to us MinderMummy – we are officially into double figures now! (PIPP a Dee Dooo Daaaaaaaah!) – So Happy! :)

Have a fabulous smoke free day every one, I’m missing you already

Love Chrissie xxx

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Hi Chrissie, Hope your ok. Well done to all you PIPPS 11 days fantastic. We seem to be getting new members daily now, not all of you have joined in the daily chat , but you will be certainly made welcome by all.

Chrissie dont be working too hard or youll end up like Pete a workaholic. :D

Kettles on anyone fancy a cuppa. :)


Good morning Chrissie, Jillygirl and all :) :)

Chrissie and the PIPPS, a massive well done to you all, flippin Day 11 already :) :) It should get easier for you now eh :) Stay focused PIPPS. We are all behind you 1000% Chrissie, enjoyyyyyyyy your evening gal :) :)

Jillygirl, am soooooo glad you called me a workaholic and not something else aholic eh :D :D :D I hope hubbies got a surprise party sorted for your ermmmmmm, now how old are you :o :P :P :D :D :D Hey Jillygirl, Mums the word eh :)

Well, am a Month quit now :) Emjay, WHERE'S MY FLIPPIN BADGE THEN GAL :o Am so sorry for shouting folks, but she tends to nodd off a lot :o :D :D :D


Cant keep any secrets from you can I 25 + 40 eh. :D :D


Yes EmJay - where's Pete's flipping badge then Gal? :D :D :D

Personally I'd give him a clip round the ear for his cheek and send him to the naughty corner :)


I'm so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY for you I might even do a little bit of a bum wiggle dance this evening

But ONLY if you promise to keep up the good work?

Do ya?



Well what a stunning little day, damp, dull, cold and miserable as poor hubby continues his second day up to his eyeballs in mud and frogspawn. The pond sprung a leak, the fish got sick, he can't fit the new liner as the clay sodden hole continually fills with spring water running down from the back fields. The back garden now resembles a scene reminiscent of WW1 trenches. Such is life, just glad its not me doing it cos I'd be cussing and smoking like a navvy. :(


Oh Sin - I love you! You just made me laugh out loud - that was so so funny :D :D :D :D



Haha, just don't tell hubby we're laughing. Aww poor lamb he's out there now handballing buckets of water out of the hole and all this for a couple of goldfish! I would help but I really don't do mud. Will have to make him some soothing calamine tea.


I know........ah bless him - but yes........ the calamine tea might help! :D :D :D


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