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Hi and a Very Happy Wednesday Everybody!!!!!

I’m sorry I wasn’t about much last night – I actually just enjoyed vegetating in front of the tv. It’s funny, but I haven’t really watched tv at all since I stopped smoking – not that I’ve been doing much else other than chatting away on here, but I haven’t really been focused on it when I’ve tried. So it was nice to forget everything else and enjoy a bit of Holby City for a change.

On top of that I also picked up some special bubble bath in the shop last night so I thought I would have a lovely soak and then hit the pillows a bit earlier as well which was so heavenly! Result: I slept like a baby and woke up feeling so refreshed and ready for the day ahead – so it’s smiles all round.

I hope you are all smiling too as you wake up having achieved another day on your non-smoking journey – whether it’s day 2 or day 62, they are both fantastic achievments so be proud

Just keep remembering to just say NOPE

Not One Puff Ever !!!

Have a great day and hopefully we’ll catch up later

Love Chrissie xxx

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Hi Chrissie glad you had a lovely evening . Must have been like Cleopatra with the rice milk bubble bath. :D


Have a good day. xx


Ha Ha ha Jilly - Yup that was me last night (although I didn't look as good as she does!!!

Nice one xx


hey Jillygirl, it looks like our Chrissie trumps a lot in the bath eh, what with all the bubbles :o :D :D :D Think its time to find a hiding place and flippin smartish toooooo ;)


Morning all, Al reporting for duty :)

Its another sunny fine day here in kent, so going to take a walk down to the river at lunch time and have my lunch down there, a bit of peace will do me good :)

Hope everyone is feeling fine and strong today. x


Hi Al lovely to see you sounds divine wish I was there x


So glad you had a fab night everyone deserves them, you are doing great all round Chrissie well done x

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Hear hear Kaprin, I second that gal :) :)


Good how are you Pete?


Ah thank you Kaprin, it's lovely to hear from you! How are you doing sweetie????????



Doing OK thanks had a fab session with cardiologist today could not have gone better, I am certainly getting there and feel great!


Oh that's fantastic news! I work for a Cardiologist so I happen to think they are Rock Stars!!! :)

But the news is you are recovering and doing well which is brilliant!!! And I've absolutely no doubt that stopping smoking has really helped, so really well done you and keep it up! :) xxx


Oh I intend too chrissie I also work for NHS but for mental health CEO


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