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Good Morning All

Well I could not get my back off my bed this morning......not that there is anything wrong with my back, I was just so comfortable and cozy and yes, I could have stayed there a little longer I think! :) It's Thursday, and tradition seems to dictate that I am always tired on Wednesday night and Thursday, and then I perk up a bit on Friday (you know me and Funday Friday!!!)

There was lots of banter on here last night and it was great to see the positivity and determination flowing :) Just keep that up and take one day at a time, and wake up every day feeling happy that you have moved on to the next day because those days really do add up.

Have a really wonderful day everyone - Be Happy!! :)

Love Chrissie xx

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  • Morning all, A bit dull here in Kent, and there is no work for me to do for at least 4 weeks :( , so another loooooong boring day ahead!

    I had a personal achievement yesterday, it was the anniversary of my mum passing, and the first one i have managed smoke free :) I was very tempted about 7pm, as was sitting in the house on my own, and then I thought hmmmm i better do something, so took myself off shopping to bluewater, and after a bit of retail therapy, the urge to smoke had passed lol!

    Have a great and strong day xx

  • Hi Pinkie,

    A wonderful achievement! I know only too well what that must mean to you and to be honest made me cry! Your Mum will be so proud and happy about this, How long has she passed? xx

  • Awww thank you Marchy, and you are right, she would be proud of me :) xx

  • I just want to send you a massive hug to say well done sweetie! I understand the pain of an anniversary day too well, it's horrible, and you got through it so well! And I hope you bought something special for yourself in Bluewater - you definitely deserve it!

    Big Hugs xxxx :)

  • Your mum would be so amazingly proud of you :-) big hugs xx

  • Good morning Chrissie,

    What a wonderful sunny morning it is. And why am I so happy?...... because I've had my best practice day yet! Yesterday was a NOPY day for me :) Not sure I'm quite ready to say NOPE, but perhaps that's the way it's gonna work for me, less daunting day by day. Have a good day. xx

  • OOh well done for your practice day, that was my method too, but i never went back to fags :) .. but i am on the ecig, so made things easier for me x

  • Thanks hun. Oh don't worry, I've got an ecig too..... I'm too chicken to do cold turkey!! :) Despite my cheery start, today has been really hard. But it's 9.45pm now and I think I'm over the worst. I don't want to smoke, repeat, I don't want to smoke!!

  • Hi Marchy, Its lovely to meet you gal, I'm Pete, the old boy with 1 brain cell, you just ask anybody, they will tell you :D :D

    Soooooo, its practice day for you then today :) may I bid you a massive well done for staying smoke free for a day :) :) I know by reading your comments how motivated and determined you are to quit the smokes :)

    You keep repeating '' I dont want to smoke '' to yourself, and why you want to quit !! you have to keep motivated and focused on your quit, when you do decide to quit :)

    Marchy, you've done ever so well on your practice run, am sooooo proud of you :) :)

    Good luck gal :) :)

  • Ah thanks so much Pete. Without the support of everyone on here I wouldn't have even managed to get this far. Here's to many more successful practice days and then who knows, I might be a 4 week winner myself one of these days :)

  • You will Marchy, you will gal :) :)

  • Hi Marchy - that is fantastic, I am so happy for you too! :) You will build up your confidence and strength this way and I honestly felt completely ready by the time my stop day came along, and that will happen to you. But wow you are doing well - keep it going sweetie xx:)

    It's so great to see you and Louby hooking up too because you will be great support for each other along the road.

    I actually feel so proud of you both, and that is meant in a heartfelt way, definitely not a patronising way - I feel I want to give you a big cheer!!! :D :D :D

  • Ha ha I heard that cheer here lol :-) thanks chrissie, hey almost 3 weeks wow how does that feel? Xxx

  • I have to admit it feels good Louby - although I did have quite a big trigger tonight for the first time in, well ages actually. But 3 of us went to this nice little coffee place on the hospital site today and I chose a mochacino - which is hot chocolate with espresso coffee in it (I've never had it before and just fancied something different) - it sent me a bit wacky for a while so I think the trigger was one addiction getting mixed up with another! ha ha ha

    I'm getting pretty good at ignoring/talking myself through the triggers now though so it didn't last long :)

    You are going to do this babe, I have so much belief in you and you are sounding so positive and so happy to be doing it, it really is great - just keep believing in yourself! I think about smoking so much less now - it's like my mind has got bored of it and I'm thinking about other things for a change which is lovely and you will get there and believe me 2.5 weeks has flown by!

    :) xx

  • thats great chrissie, its all a learning process. when you think about it, everything we did for years was centered around smoking. Even things like going shopping you always had to think when and where you can smoke. Sad isnt it really. But at least we now know we can change all this :-) mm mochacino


  • Aww you're such a sweetie.... group hug xx

  • Hi marchy, well done for your nopy day yesterday :-) we will do this because it is what we want to do, I was thinking early about it when that thought pops in the head :-/ it's so annoying isn't it, non smokers don't have to put up with this phycological abuse we put on ourselves, one day marchy, we won't have to put up with it either cos it will be just a fleeting thought :-) can't wait for that xx

  • Oh me neither. Louby it's killing me today. I was so happy this morning, but it all went pear shaped about midday and I've been feeling pretty low since and Mr Nic has well and truly taken advantage of that and been on my case... 'Come back... I'll make you feel gooood'. Well to hell with him! It's nearly 10pm and I won't let him win.... not today xx

  • Flippin well done :-) I'm going to sleep happy cos I'm going to be ok tomorrow and so are you :-) xxx

  • We will do this won't we..... sleep well quite partner :) zzzzz

  • Quit :D xx

  • Tooooooooooooooooooooo flippin rite Louby :) :)

  • Morning all, nice and sunny here today. Well done pinkie, a spot of retail therapy always helps. So well done for getting past a difficult day. Keep going - you're doing great x well done Marchy, it's just one day at a time. We can all do this and I think we all just have to keep going and keep each other going. X

  • Hi Briar,

    Thanks hun, and of course we can do this.......we are not slaves to nicotine, we are masters of our own destiny.

    You know i have just had a soldier in who has lost both legs in afgan, and he is upbeat, positive, and dare i say, a little tasty lol...and it made me realise, my god Al, what is the big deal in changing a chosen habit, this guys who life has changed in an instant, and he is an inspiration x

  • Well said x

  • Wow what an amazing young man. I'm so glad you had the pleasure of meeting him because in doing so, you have actually inspired us! That is so fantastic! xxx

  • The soldier you mentioned earlier is truly courageous and he really is an inspiration to us all. X

  • Aup Al, I hope your well :) :)

    Yes Al, what would losing both legs do to us !! All I've lost since I've stopped smoking is my right arm :o cos thats what it feels like sometimes, But I'm getting it back, slowly and surely :) that poor soldier will never get his legs back, will he, no matter what he quits !!

    We can get our bodies, mind and health back if we quit, cant we :) :)

    Thank you for posting this Al, nice one gal :) :) xx

  • Wow that does really put things into perspective doesn't it. We are lucky in that we are able to take control of this terrible habit we've got ourselves into. That poor soldier had no control over how his life has panned out.... and yet he doesn't complain. Massive respect to him x

  • Thanks Briarwood. This is the second practice day that I haven't smoked and that is only because of this site. If I didn't have you guys tune in to I would've without a doubt cracked today. xx

  • Well done Marchy, so pleased your practice days are going well :) x

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