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FRIDAY - DAILY CHAT - 04/04/2014

Hi Everybody

Well it’s Funday Friday, my favourite day of the week, I just love it and I’m so looking forward to this particular weekend as I’ve actually got 2 very special birthday occasions to attend – the wine will be flowing as they say! I’m not worried because I’ve got this (fighting talk here) and I will do battle with any triggers or cravings which attempt to interfere with my evenings!

I have to announce that beautiful Jillygirl will be back to open up the Daily Chat tomorrow and I beg everyone to pop online as this happens to be a very very very special weekend for Jilly and I know she has something special lined up, although I don’t know what it is, but I don’t want anyone to miss it! :) :) :)

It’s wonderful to meet so many new members on the site and we wish you all the best wishes in the world as you start this journey with us – stopping smoking is the best decision you can make on so many levels and congratulations for making it. Also be happy and proud for making it

Have a really wonderful Funday Friday everyone and stay positive and stay strong in the face of adversity (aka the Ciggie Monster!)

Love Chrissie xxx

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We are on day 12!!!!! Had a wobble yest....really wanted one...I think when it's sunny it's worse for me, as I have the thoughts of having one sitting in the sun ;(

Had a great night sleep last night thou...thank god...first one in ages!! No nightmares but a vivid dream of meeting Robbie Williams!!!!!!! ...lol!!!


Hey girl - Day 12 - no you cannot be serious? Every single day I feel so amazed that we've come so far. So so happy to hear you had a great night's sleep at last and laughed about your dream - how was Robbie? ha ha ha. If that is a side effect of stopping smoking, I want one! Although it would obviously have to be some more my own age like........ermmmmm.......actually I can't think, but I will let you know when I do! :D :D :D (ps please feel free to offer suggestions!!!)

I'm even happier that you resisted the wobble because NOW WE'RE ON DAY 12 - so you must be happy you resisted it too :)

And what is all this talk about sunshine? For the third day running we have a really dull day here - not as misty (polluted) as the last couple of days but still dull :( I think I'm going to have to migrate to the sunshine states of the south :)

Anyway sweetie, you have a fabulous funday friday and I'll catch up with you soon!

Love Chrissie xxx :)


My suggestion is George Clooney - it's those eyes or if you're not happy with that, Mel Gibson is a close runner up!!!!!


Hi Briarwood

I've got to admit old George did cross my mind, the eyes do have it I have to say! Likewise Paul Hollywood (not sure how old he is actually). I'm still in the area of Sean Bean though - now that's a possibility, and don't laugh.........Tom Jones! ha ha ha I have to say I'm struggling here - I can't think of celebrities over 50! - Help!!! :D


Aup Mummy PIPP :) like I said to Chrissie, 12 days now gal, thats just flippin fantabalousooooooo gal :) :) A big well done to you for getting through yesterday gal :)

So now you know 1 of your trigger points eh :) I too love sitting in the sun, erm, when it appears that is :o :D :D Could I tell you a little story please :o

A few Years ago, I a built a pergola at the top of my garden, where the sun shines 8-) and that was where I used to chillaxe after doing some gardening :) BUT, I used to have a cannie and a fag there :o So when I quit last Year, I was scared of erm, going there !! I know it sounds flippin stupid, but I was, cos I new it was 1 of my worst trigger points :( But finally, 1 lovely sunny day, I put my head together and went for it, just after I had sat down, mr nic came calling ! God did he get at me !! as I new he would, but I stud fast and stuck it out :)

I tell you Mum, that was 1 of the most wonderfulest feelings I had ever had, cos I knew that I had flippin beat him :) :) So I did it again and again, now he hardly bothers me when I go sit up there :)

I'm not sure whether that made sense to you or not, but what am trying to say, confront your triggers if you can, but be ready eh :)

Hmmmm, as for your vivid dream of meeting Robbie Williams, that would have given me a nightmare gal :P :D :D :D

Speak soon Mummy PIPP :)

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Good morning Chrissie PIPP, soooooo, your flippin gallivanting about this weekend toooooo then :o huh, typical flippin Woman, leaves us poor old boys to do all the flippin work eh :P :P :D :D :D

I hope you have a gorgeous happy weekend gal :) :) but please try to keep focused and positive on your quit, cos when you've had some drink, mr nic can creep up on you when your not expecting it :o Take care now :)

Hey its day 12 now gal, whooooooopy dooooooooooo :) a massive well done to you Chrissie :) :)


Hey Monky, thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much! :)

I really feel like we've come too far to spoil it now sweetie, Day 12 is just amazing isn't it. It might not sound long to non-smokers, but to me it's unbelievable!!! As I said to Mummy every day I wake up and I just feel so happy that we've achieved another day - tonight is a challenge but I'm so determined that I'm not going to let anything spoil it so I will hopefully face up to and deal with any cravings because I really want to wake up tomorrow knowing I got through it! :)

Tomorrow night will be easier - it's my boss' 50th birthday party at his home so these are people you do not want to acknowledge that you even smoke to!

So at the moment I'm feeling positive and strong but keep everything crossed for me please Monky!!! :) :) :)



WELL DONE! all you PIPPS. 2 weeks approaching wow! :)


I know Jilly - it's actually so amazing isn't it! :) :) :)

Anyway, have you got that kettle on yet???? xxxx


monky...thanks for telling me that...and it totally makes sense...I have a few moments like that...talking to a friend on phone...sitting in the sun...when I finished work...in the car on the way to the gym...have confronted them all...just hard! I am happy we have got to day 12....but I do still feel sad....I know this sounds so wrong..and I shouldn't...and im annoyed with myself for feeling this!! I feel like the fun..good bit of my days has been taken away :( This is the main thing I have to get over I think...


Hi Baby

Don't feel bad for feeling sad and don't be annoyed with yourself either.

We've had those disgusting cigarettes in our lives for so long, the sadness feels like a grief. But not a grief for a lost loved one, but more like the grief of a lost friendship.

I've been thinking about this feeling of sadness and it really does remind me of a friend I had in my life who at one point was so special, but things changed dramatically and I just had to walk away from here. I was so so sad about it because had truly loved our friendship, but what we had had once had as friends no longer existed.

I suppose the same could be said for my feelings about smoking. I loved it once but have finally realised I have to give it up because it just wasn't good for me. But that doesn't mean that I haven't missed it or not felt sad because it's gone. Although I must admit that I am happier to have stopped smoking than I will ever be about a lost friendship!

So accept your sadness as part of the process sweetie and don't be upset with yourself for feeling it, and as you've been through so much already, you know you will get over it and feel genuinely happy about that :) xxxxxx


Sorry had to go out earlier.

Afternoon tea break anyone?



Afternoon All :-)

Congratulations to all you PIPPS! Almost 2 weeks under your belts now and reaching Day 12 is amazing, you are all doing so well :-)

Mindermummy, feeling sad or a sense of mourning is a common part of stopping smoking. Just see it as a sure sign that yo are on the road to recovery :-)

Chrissie, you are soooo upbeat - it's re-freshening to see :-) You keep that fighting spirit, it can only do you the world of good. If there are any times that you feel that you don't have any left in you - not meaning to put a dampener on it :o ) but again, this is a normal part of the recover process - you just make sure you let us know about it and we'll all help lift you right back up :-)

Pete, congratulations on reaching the 4 week mark, you are marching on in the right direction Mister :D

JillyGirl, tomorrow is one heck of an anniversary and birthday to celebrate :D

This is the first chance I've had to pop on here today sorry :-/ We are having (another!) office move around again and I am having an upstairs AND downstairs (not in my lady's chamber!) desk, so everything here is a bit manic - I'm now sat at my quiet (for now) upstairs desk :-)

The kettle is now on, so for anybody around just pop in your cyber tea/coffee orders - or a nice cold drink may be better for me at the moment after all the lugging about I've done this morning so far!

Big Waves to everyone else looking in and I hope you are all set for a lovely weekend :-)


Emjay, it's a lovely offer, but unless you have got anything to compare with Jilly's feast, I'm sticking with that! :D :D :D

And thank you for what you said, so far just coming on here keeps me upbeat - did you see Sin's post on yesterday's Daily Chat - she had me in stitches again - so funny!!! :)

and check out Jilly and Monky's posts too!

Tee hee xxx


Well that looks yummylicious so I shall happily join you!

Have you been out to buy yourself a party dress????

I bet you are so looking forward to tomorrow! I'm excited for you! :)


Been out but came back with 3 tops towards my holiday. Birthday shopping tomorrow. :) :)

Emjay more tea is welcomed. :)


3 Tops! Oh you just know what Monky is going to say about that :D :D

I just say good for you! xx


Yeah I am waiting for him. :D :D


Whoops, posted before I read your post JillyGirl :-)


The more the better. :)


A little story to tell you!

I have been shopping for birthday gifts etc today, and for my lovely friend this evening I was looking for a little gift just so I had something to give her (we've already paid for her meal and lots of other surprises tonight) so anyway I went to this lovely little shop not far from me which sells luxury little gifts and has a nice coffee place at the back.

So I found a gorgeous scented candle, I looked at a few, checked the price on one, changed my mind (it was £11) so carried on looking and selected another one without checking the price - she rang it up, it's was £14.95! I nearly fell over!

So anyway, in the car coming back I thought about it and realised that is a nice little present all beautifully gift wrapped and something I would love and I just know that my friend will too, and she would probably never dream of spending that much on a scented candle, and neither would I, but on reflection, it actually cost less than 2 packs of cigarettes!

So then I thought, when I am ready to buy myself a treat for stopping smoking, I know exactly where I'll be going!!!

:) :) :)

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Now thats what I call good thinking. :) Its amazing how much money we can save when stopping smoking. :) :)


I'm putting the money away in a jar at the moment...and most def spending it on something nice for myself!!!!


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