Daily chat Thursday 19th June 2014

Daily chat Thursday 19th June 2014

Good morning everybody :) :)

Well the suns out here 8-) :D :D and I hope you all get it where ever you are :)

Blimey this weeks going fast, flippin Thursday already huh :o but for you who are at work this week, it will soooooon be the weekend :) :)

A big massive well done to TerryOr for reaching 4 weeks on her quit journey Hoooooooray :D :D

Well, my van passed its MOT yesterday and I did today I think :o :D :D I hope you all have a happy smokefree day :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post them, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away! :) :)

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  • Well the sun has missed us the last couple of days and we are having showers and dull skies. My quit is going well but I now must address the weight gain. I know it's my own fault consoling myself with chocolate instead of carrot sticks!

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful smoke free day x

  • Hello everyone,

    Sun is out here in Kent, i hope it lasts over the weekend and stays out in Cumbria as i am up home tomorrow for my nephews wedding in the lakes, cant wait!

    Work has gone bonkers, the last lot of soldiers being made redundant have been told, and its MENTAL .... but i would rather be busy than quiet :)


  • Hi Ladies & Monky, it looks miserable down south, very dull and overcast......

    KC - I know what you mean, I'm really glad that I lost some weight before I gave up the cigs otherwise I'd be in blooming dire straits by now :( but carrot sticks..... Double YUK :(

    Pinkie - I hope you have a really lovely time at your Nephews wedding and I hope the weather stays really good for you, how lovely a weekend in Cumbria :D

    Monky -Thanks for the pic :) Glad it went well for you today :) lets hope the results are good :D


  • Down South too...but the sun is shinning!!!! horray!!!! cos l need something to cheer me up!!! will be 10 weeks smoke free at the weekend, certainly have been a little tempted last few days, cannot get any joy at drs about other problems, they just don't have time...hubby is being a pain and thats a conservative comment, he's in pain but l don't talk to hIm like he talks to me!!! maybe l should....he'd probably walk out if l did!!!! mmmmm now thats VERY tempting right now.

  • Aup Sue, its great to see you :) sorry your feeling a bit off it :( but flippin Wayyyyy Hayyyyy to you gal for reaching 10 weeks at the weekend :) :)

    If hubbies being a pain, go on strike and let him cook his own dins gal :o :D :D

    Stay focused now Sue :)

  • 10 weeks is brilliant sue! Huge well done to you!

    Hope you get some joy from your Dr soon, and also your hubby starts to appreciate his luck having you. Unfortunate that the one we love gets the brunt of it, a right waste! Like monkey says, can you give yorself a break and hubby a wake-up?? he always has good advice.

    Hope you are having an easier evening.

    I would be so chuffed to get to 10 weeks :) You are a star!

  • Nope still dull and overcast here... :( Well done for 10 weeks, that's a wonderful achievement :D

    Sorry your not feeling 100% at the moment & not having much joy with your GP ...........or your hubby......... ;)

    Keep strong Sue your doing really well and stay positive :)

  • Very quiet around here this evening. Bet you're all watching boring football. :( Last time it was the world cup in 2010 and England were playing I used to go out on my bike cos it was oh so quiet on the roads. But am not scared of the roads any more and it's looking decidedly thunderous outside so won't bother. Besides I've already done 28 miles this week. Could go for a walk I suppose.

  • Aup Sinfree, Wow 28 miles on ya bike gal thats just flippin soooooooper :) :) Hey, hows your knee these days ?

    If you go for a walk, dont forget your broll eh :o

  • Hello, still sat here. I don't think it will rain. My knees are OK thank you, as long as I don't do too many hills.

  • You want one of those bikes with a little motor on it to help you up the hills, or get hubby to make you one eh :o

  • that thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion, but I'd probably cheat and use it all the time. Talking of bikes with motors I actually went out on the back of hubby's motor bike this afternoon but for some odd reason that made my knees hurt :o

  • Noooooooo Sinfree, you wouldnt cheat am sure of it :P :D :D

    Maybe your knees dont like being in the same position for too long now eh, cos they got used to peddling :o

  • Hmm, maybe. How are you. Did your cholesterol test go OK today. Ugh, I hate that getting up in a morning and you can't have a cup of tea. I had that done a few years ago, the fasting one, but I umm cheated and had 1 cup of tea :o and a ciggy. Probs might as well not have bothered with the test really. :D

  • :) :)

  • Talking to my hubby in hols, nice and relaxed, about things we'd like to do. Nice and basic, not too wild. One of mine was to go on the back of a motorbike again. And you have that, on tap! Lucky lady :)

    Well done on 28 miles! Can't imagine it, it's got to feel good :)

    Oh no!!! They scored :(

  • Hmmm, it's OK on a motorbike. Hate all the gear you're supposed to wear though, can't walk around in it cos 1. its not comfy and 2. feel like a prat at my age. Confession time, I cheated again this afternoon, jeans, teeshirt and jumper, bad, bad, bad. Shredded skin waiting to happen. But it was only down the road so I took the chance. :o

  • 28 miles!!!!! and on a bike.....oh those were the days !!!!!! l remember when...... oh well back to the present, gave up on hubby, left him to the tv...he fell asleep! l went and did some gardening, always makes me feel better!!! except when l get caught on the brambles in the back hedge!!! a young Jay landed on the peanut feeder and l did manage to get a couple of pics thro not great ones.hubby will cook dinner and he always washes up for me but thats it, l'd rather he treated me like l was worth something than do the dishes....l guess what l mean is he has no interest in anything l do or say unless it's about him, l sometimes just don't say anything for hours except yes or no if you know what l mean,well whats the point when he walks away from me when l saying something, l have until now tried the 'by example' routine, but it just does'nt work!! so now l am giving him a bit of his own medicine, l am not holding my breath thro!!despite all that l am pleased with myself for getting this far without smoking, he is not going browbeat me on that score!!!

  • Good on ya, stay strong, you've got the grit and determination you need :)

    Hoping you can let the rest wash over you, water and ducks backs and all that. Have a peaceful evening sue.

  • Yeah go for it Sue and hold your head up high gal and be proud of yourself :) :)

  • Aww, he sounds a bit like my hubby. He's not hard of hearing is he? Maybe he doesn't realise what he's doing. It could be that he can't hear you properly? I think in the end trying to make out what people are saying takes so much concentration they just give up. Haha, now Pete will come along and tell me its called selective hearing and men just listen to what they want to listen to and pretend they didn't hear the rest. :D

  • :D :D :D

  • ;)

  • I will bid you all nite nite cos feel cream cracked for some reason I hope I aint coming down with something :( I hope everybody wins at footie :o :D :D and you all have a lovely nights sleep :) am sending loads a sweet dreams and huggs to you all, soooo catch m if you want m :) :) xxx

  • are you taking the proverbial mister monky..... :o nighty nighty mister monky and enjoy a smoke free day tomorrow :D -x-

  • Hey I've got a onesie like that one, doesn't have a monkey on it tho :o Even funnier I only bought it about 3 weeks ago cos I was sick of being cold, now it's warm. Hum, maybe I'll go buy some more if it makes the weather better.

  • You really are the woman with everything sin! Way to go :)

    Could you buy another one tmrw? Just to make sure we have a good weekend away - camping :)

  • Could do. Must say, the weather did improve after I bought it. Aww have fun camping, where you going

  • Silverside? Silverdale?Near Morcombe. Campervanning so not so desperate

  • oh right. We have a campervan too (haha, the woman who has everything) erm hubby made it out of a mobile valeting van. It's very nice now but we not been anywhere in it yet this year. Haha, its Silverdale. Silverside is a lump of beef.

  • Actually my onesie has a hood on it with a face and little ears. You can borrow it if you like for your camping trip. That would be funny nipping to the loo in the middle of the night in your leopard onesie.

  • Ermmm. Might pass this time :D

    Night sin! Sleep tight (in that there onesie ;) l

  • Night Betts, sleep well.

  • :D :D :D

  • Night Pete, sleep well. They lost by the way, wish I'd had a bet I'd have won. Hubby says their emblem should be 3 ducks not 3 lions

  • :D yeah, that's the one.

  • :D :D :D

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