SATURDAY - DAILY CHAT - 18/04/2014

Happy Easter Saturday Everybody!!!!!

Hi Everybody

I hope you are all enjoying a lovely smoke free bank holiday even though the weather seems to have changed a little today – I think I’ll keep my fingers crossed and keep hoping the sun will shine again!

After a fun night on here last night, I can’t help but think about how amazing this support site is for everybody who is on the stop smoking journey – no matter where on that journey they are.

EmJay said in her post last night that it is great to see everyone keeping each other occupied, and that is so true. We are distracting ourselves by having fantasy barbeques with fantasy food and drinks and even fantasy dancing to celebrate someone’s achievement (I was actually dancing!!!) This does two things, it takes our minds off the fact that we would normally be smoking at that time, and it also proves to us that we can have all this fun and not have to smoke whilst we are doing it!

In the midst of it all people were still checking up on each other – “how’s it going”, “how are you doing” “hey, well done you” – all positive messages of support amongst the swans on ponds and dancing penguins – so please please please don’t hesitate to join in and use this site as often as possible – you just cannot buy this kind of support on this difficult but do-able journey.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful day

And I think it’s time to say this again ……………NOPE! Not One Puff Ever

Love Chrissie xxx

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  • Hi Chrissie - yeah, I agree, a great distraction last night - I certainly need it at the moment. Great fun. :D

    Not everywhere you can get chat, free beers and food and ofcourse - dancing penguins. :D :D

    Have a good day everyone... And now I really, really have to go and do something. :D xx

  • Hi Chrissie, I must admit its great to see everyone supporting each other and having fun at the same time. I see we keep getting new members who I think are just observing. Like you say join in it really does help. I know I dont join in as much as I used to but I owe quit support a big thanks for supporting me when I needed it. :)

    Have a lovely Easter. xx

  • Hi Jilly

    Thank you so much. I didn't actually realise that there were so many new members until I checked after reading your post - It's very inspiring just seeing the numbers and knowing that so many people are on this journey - stopping smoking really is the new black! :)

    Jilly your support on this site it unwavering and even astounding - you are like the "Saint" of quit support and we all owe you a massive debt of thanks for the wonderful and continued support and advice and inspiration that you provide - thank you so much for everything you do for all of us :)

    Big hugs xxxxxx ;)

  • Think Pete hasnt stopped from last night.

  • Ha ha ha love it Jillygirl, just flippin loooooooove it gal :) :)

    hey, what you been upto today then ??

  • Shopping again. and ride out. :)

  • Oh now that is amazing! You caught Monky dancing - that is hilarious!!!! :D :D :D

  • OY, flippin Woman you, I've got my flippin eye on you gal, if you keep laughing at me, then I will punish you, ok, ermmmmm, am not sure what punishment would be appropriate :o :D :D but I will think of something seeeeee :D :D

  • Ah Pete, put your pants on for goodness sake - that bare bum is not appropriate. That's why there is a problem in my greenhouse...........x

  • Ha ha ha sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I have now put my pants on, well, my boxers on :)

    Woody, what is the problem you have in the greenhouse then ??

  • Well you tell me? I went to bed and you were the last one in it! Manure

  • Whoooooooops, think I can remember now, soooooooo, time to make a run for it :P :D :D whoooooooooosh

  • But she got your best side Monky! So funny............:D :D:D xxx

  • Soooooooooo, my dearest Chrissie, you are awake then young Lady :P :P :D :D :D You think my bum is the best side of me then :o :D mind you, it does look pretty cooooooooooooooooool eh :) :D :D

  • Ha Ha Ha - it looks brilliant!! :)

    I always felt that you looked so "pink" but that side of you actually looks more "peachy" - it's a very nice colour on you :) :) :) xxx

    ps And yes I am awake - I'm cooking you know !!! :) xx

  • :D :D :D

  • Now thats more respectable Pete.

  • snazzy boxers Monky! Very snazzy :D :D :D xx :)

  • Hey, Chrissie dearest, you should not be looking at my boxes, the way you are :o cos I thought you were a Lady see :P :D :D xx

  • Well I tried not to look but they just "snazzed" out at me! I tried not to look I promise :) :) :) xx

  • Hmmmmmm, typical flippin Woman, making out its my flippin fault :P :P :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha ha am laughing out lowed Jillygirl :D :D :D and am spinning around on my comp chair :D :D :D

  • Even Emjays agnes is enjoying your dancing. :D

  • Erm, Jillygirl, thats not Agnes, that is actually Girtie :P :D :D :D

  • OOPS! lost Agnes. but just found her behind the shed. Rehearing.


  • Ha Ha Ha - that's brilliant Jilly :) :) :) xx )

  • HA ha ha ha ha ha ha Jillygirl, that is Agnes :D :D :D

    I'm laughing soooooo much, I 've got to go and water the pony seeee, soooo see ya in a min :) :)

  • Monky - I've got something to ask you............I've lost track of your progress, how many weeks is it now for you (because I know it's more than 4!)

    It makes me so mad because I keep forgetting that you are on this journey too and I always forget to ask how you are - sorry munchkin! :( :( :(

    So anyway - how's it going buddy? xx :) :) :)

  • Chrissie, my quit date was the 3rd of March, soooooooooooooooo, to my reckoning, I'm very nearly 7 weeks quit now :) On Monday I will be :) :)

    I tell you Chrissie, I looooooooove being quit, I feel sooooo much better in myself, more energetic, easier exercising, more motivated to do what I want to do :) more confident in myself, I just know this time, I have reached the light at the end of that long tunnel :) :) although saying that, on Monday, I will drop to step 2 patch, soooooo, I will see how that goes eh :) BUT, I am confident, that I will do it :) :)

    And I will :) :) Thank you for asking young Lady :) xx

  • Wow I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pleased for you Mr Monky! That really is fantastic. I'm thinking you may feel it a bit when you reduce your patch, but as long as you are prepared for that and keep focussed you will be absolutely fine - keep thinking of where you are going.

    I've got a confession, I popped back into my e-cig shop today (it's very close to the supermarket) and I purchased the next level down in my e-liquid - which is going from 1.8 to 1.2 mg. I was thinking of starting that on Monday (week 5 day 1) so we'll actually be cutting down together! :)

    Hmmm - I wonder if this means we'll end up having our first row - HA HA HA HA HA :D :D :D xx

  • Hi everyone, it's been a lovely day here today, loads of washing done and a mammoth pile of ironing done thanks to hubby sharing the load and take turns to get through it, feel cleansed now lol :). Hope you've all had a good day and where's the party tonight then or is everyone still tender from last night :)

  • Hey Fresher - great to see you and it sounds like you've been busy! :)

    I was going to say "I want your husband" - but then I realised that sounds so wrong......what I meant to say is "I want a husband like yours!"

    Think I'd better shut up now! xx :D :D :D

  • Hey Fresher, I think Chrissie meant to say, you've got a gooden there gal, you flippin hold on to him eh :) :)

    Ermmmmmmm, as for the party, erm, am not sure really :o ermmmmm, what could we party about then :o

  • Thank you Monky - Yes Fresher - that is exactly what I meant to say - think I'm suffering from word dyslexia - I keep getting them the wrong way round :) :) xx

  • Haha Chrissy made me laugh that, yes he is and loads of ironing with 5 kids at home. Ooohhh no party, party about anything me monkey haha ;)

  • Wow that is loads of ironing - there's only one thing for it - you have to train the kids! How old are they? xxx :D :D :D

  • 23 but he's moved out, 20, 17 boys though but yes am starting thinking they could do they're own, then the others are far too young lol. It amazes me how many clothes the 17 yr old gets through x

  • Wow you foster? That is so amazing and I totally admire you for that. It's such a wonderful thing to do and I have thought about it, but I only live in a 2 bedroomed flat and my daughters do still come home so I just don't think it would work at the moment. But well done you xxx :)

  • I know what you mean - my girls have slowed down a bit down because they have to pay to do their laundry at uni - well Emily doesn't anymore but she did for a year so adjusted then - so it's not always wear once and put it in the laundry basket anymore (such joy :) :) :) ) xx

  • Chrissie, what have you done with monkey?.. Lol

  • Oh dear, I don't know! I'm guessing he's either nodded off or got stuck in the bathroom and can't get out! ha ha ha - or he might have lost his tinnies and is turning his house upside down looking for them - failing that, he might have gone down the pub!

    I've got to admit - I thought he was quiet for a change :D :D:D xxx

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