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A Very Happy Wednesday to Everyone :)

Hi Everyone

Today I just want to give everyone a big furry cuddly hug!

This is to say to you I know it’s sometimes tough and I know it can be rough but here, take this, I hope it helps :)

This week I’ve been feeling the strain a bit after 2 nights of very little sleep which have taken their toll, BUT I’ve been doing my best to turn it around. I am determined not to let it get me down just because I don’t feel fantastic, which is only because my body is “detoxing” from the effect of smoking too many cigarettes for too many years. I’m sure that many of you are going through exactly the same thing, in which case you can have 2 big furry cuddly hugs 

I have to see this as a good thing, a positive thing, it may not be the most pleasurable experience, but I haven’t yet found it to be painful and I know it will be over soon and THAT is what spurs me on

A very warm welcome to new member and newly stopped smoker Frazzledteach. It was lovely to meet you last night and good luck on your stop smoking journey :)

Another very quick note. I know from too much experience that sometimes it simply doesn't work out for whatever reason My message to you if that happens and you decide you do want to try again because you do want to give up smoking then DO IT! Never ever hesitate to get back online because we would be absolutely delighted to see you and I for one would do a HAPPY DANCE!!! :D :D :D

Have a truly wonderful day everyone, and stay strong!

Love Chrissie :)


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Sorry EmJay, I forgot to put the kettle on!

Still learning :)



Good morning Chrissie Hope your ok. When you get your morning break you might want one of these


Dont work too hard. :)


OY, what about the flippin cannies then :o :D :D


Awwwww cheers Jillygirl, you know exactly how to reach a mans heart gal :) :P slurp slurp :)


Ah Jilly that's so lovely!

I'm actually not working today, I've been poorly the last couple of days (not related to stopping smoking although the sleepless nights probably didn't help) so got sent home from work yesterday and although I now feel much better albeit still a little shaky, I've got a very very upset tummy today (probably related to stopping smoking) so they've told me to stay off until I feel 100%

The cup cakes look so delicious! Thank you sweetie xxx


Awe poor you, :( sorry your off colour. Take it easy and chill. catch up later. xx :)


Hey Jillygirl, what you up to today then, apart from spending Hubbies money :P :D :D :D


Helping out at lunch club today. Yummy!


I'm just wondering if you are tasting it before you dish it out gal :o :D :D :D


Hi Chrissie, great to hear you being so positive! It's my second day here of quitting smoking, so really being put 'through the mill' here at present - very low in mood, anxious and bloomin' miserable! :-((( ...BUT.... Good to know there are of course many others out there that have been through the exact same thing.

Your 'hugs' are truly welcomed!!!!


Aup JPB, its great to meet you pal, and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit smoking site :)

So its your second day today then, yeah, a big well done to you :) :) I know just what you mean for some reason :o :D :D Try to change your routine a bit, do something different :) The main thing is to keep focused on your quit, keep telling yourself WHY you want to quit :) Maybe try the breathing exercise No 1, cos it helps me :)

May I ask if you are using any NRT to help you quit :)

Pete :)


Hi JPB, as Monky (Pete) says it's so lovely to meet you and welcome yoo to this site! :

You are also very very welcome to the hugs, I've needed a fair few of those myself over the last 8 days so I hope they help to make you feel better!

Massive congratulations for making the decision and giving up smoking - trust me I know it's not easy but it is fantastic decision and I hope you are feeling happy and proud of yourself for making it!

I really really hope that the support from everyone on here will help you to get through the tricky days and enjoy the good ones! Everyone on here completely understands what you are going through in the way that the non-smokers in your life simply can't! They can also give you loads of advice and ideas on how to get through each day at a time.

On a really positive side, they can also tell you how great they feel after stopping smoking and how it has improved their lives in whatever way - I find those comments so inspirational and that really is what keeps me positive and motivated.

So massive congratulations on stopping smoking, be happy about it and please keep in touch so that we know how you are doing.

Oh I've just remembered that another new member stopped smoking yesterday called frazzledteach. Why not make contact (I think frazzledteach is a lady?) as you could actually support each other. The PIPPs are a group of us who all stopped on the same day and the little bit of extra support has really helped us get through the early stages of this. But don't worry if not because there are loads of people on here to help with support anyway!

So MASSES of good luck and stay positive - it really does help! :) :) :) xxxxxxxxxx


Sorry to hear your now having the bad sleeping...last night was a good night for me in a week!! Thou yest I had a terrible headache...all at the back of my head..never have headaches there!! Hope your stomachs feeling better soon. Come to think of it...I had a dodgy tummy other day...but didn't much of it.....god its scarey all these things detoxing is doing!!!!


Hey Mummy PIPP, it's great to see you, I missed you yesterday and I needed some Mummy love! :( ha ha ha

I'm feeling great today as I actually managed to fall asleep last night, such a relief!!! :) I had a bit of tummy trouble the other day as well which wasn't bad at all and I just assumed that that was caused by stopping smoking. But today it has been much worse and has gone on for 6 hours now, so be prepared, it may be back to get you!! :) Then again, it could actually be something else which is completely unrelated to stopping smoking!

You are sounding so great girl, I am so so pleased for you. I read your other comment re giving the patch a rest again and using the e-cig as back up, I think that is soooooooooo good as you are gently stepping away from the NRT and getting used to that, but not leaving yourself vulnerable.

I completely forgot my plan to stop using the e-cig the other night, but yesterday I actually packed it all away so that it wasn't just sitting there waiting for me to use it, and it really helped. I only went to the trouble of getting it out again when I really felt I wanted it so I was pleased about that :D

Actually I might do that again now and use the lozenges if I need them, I haven't actually had a lozenge yet!

Anyway sweetie, have a great day, oh I'm just going to send you a pm, I've had some news from someone we know so I must tell you! :)

Bye for now lovely xxx


Hi Pete, that's really helpful and thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

In terms of NRT - I'm just using the new drug that was prescribed by my GP - Went to their stop smoking cessation clinic.




Chrissie, thank you so much, that means a lot! Indeed, non-smokers truly cannot know what we're going through, so it's great to have that support from people experiencing the same.

Also, very well done yourself over the last 8 days! Brilliant!

All the very best,



Welcome to quit support JPB, lovely to meet you. Keep positive you will get there.


jbb...good luck!! Day 9 for me here...and your right non smokers just don't get it!!! I have some friends who I have chatted to this week..non smokers and been telling them what im going through (cos for me this has been taking over my life 24/7 in the last week!! with the constant thoughts of cigs...changing routines etc...) but they just don't know what im going through!! Did have one ex smoking friend who was great to talk to...and DID understand! And this forum has been great for chatting and listening to others going through the same thing!!

Well the last day I have picked up the Alan carr book and started to read that...so will see how that goes.

The cravings are def not as frequent and the e cig helping the ones that are there....have today given the patch a rest again too. :)

My only annoyance is I just wanna keep eating :( not happy about that!!


Oh Mummy, I missed the bit about the Allan Carr book, I'm so pleased you've got it. He can go on a bit but his message is very strong, especially his counter statements for every excuse that people give for continuing to smoke, you just can't argue with him! Let me know what you think when you've read it.

ps He doesn't condone NRT !



Hi ChrissieG, are you feeling better now? I do hope so and well done for staying on track x


Hi Jo

Thank you for the message and yes I'm much better now thank you and I'm actually looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow. Although I was going to take tomorrow as a leave day but I don't feel that i can do that now! :( ha ha ha

So how are you doing? I hope you're having a lovely week?



Glad to hear you are feeling better, I would take the day off as leave tomorrow, if I were you so that you are sure you feel 100%. I have probably had my best day to date today, day 24 and haven't had the usual messages in my head for at least half the day!!! so that has been really nice. Like everyone on here says there are good days and bad ones. Glad to hear your days are racking up, well done you x x x


Wow that is fantastic - I am so so happy for you, that is like knowing you are getting there now, what an amazing feeling! You must feel so happy and also you should feel so proud - you are doing really really well. I actually feel so excited for you!

Keep staying positive sweetie, I am so pleased for you :) :) xxx


Evening All :D

Just popping my head around the door to see if all is okay?

After reaing through some pasts posts here, i decided to go out today and buy some calamine lotion / camomile tea :o :-/ I'm now all tucked up in bed (instead of falling aleep on the couch!) with my healthy relaxing brew :-) I've had a busy day today but all office based which has been a bit of a change for me lately.

Just to let you know, I have a full day at the armed forces tomorrow so won't be on here until the evening.

Have a lovely evening everyone doing whatever it is your choosing to do :-) I shall be around until I nod off!


Now that was so funny EmJay :D :D :D

I hope it works for you.......Sweet Dreams xx :)


Aaaaah thanks Chrissie, wasn't sure if I should drink it or rub it all over :o

Still having a good nosie around here though, I have been missing out on so much fun with you folks!


Stop it,you're starting me off again! ha ha ha - Sin had me in stitches that night - it was so so funny. Then Pete with his flipping press ups against the wall - we all ended up with tears running down our faces with that one! Yet they all started off with serious chats - ah the people on here are just brilliant! Well I'll be back at work tomorrow myself so won't be around during the daytime again. I've only done a little Daily Chat for tomorrow to post before I go - I wonder if I'll get withdrawal from the website? ha ha ha. Anyway I'm off to bed with my camomile tea now - I hope you have a lovely sleep and wake up feeling fabulous! Night EmJay :) :) :) xxx


They're a crackin' bunch on here aren't they?! We've had many nutty nights getting up to lots of unbelevably funny things! I have been in stitches :D :D Goodnight and GodBlessingtons Chrissie, have a lovely day at work and I hope you feel heaps better. Chat tomodge xoxox


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