THURSDAY - DAILY CHAT - 08/05/2014


Oh I am missing you all whilst I take my little break, so I thought I would pop in and open the daily chat today – Hi Everybody, I hope you are all fabulous and happy and everything is going well with your stop!

One of the things I have done during my break is I’ve been to look at a very cheap gym and it wasn’t bad at all I’m thinking that exercise will be very good for me because I believe it gives you energy and I’m going to need that! Plus I’m not good at doing exercise any other way – the nice thing is they do loads of free classes like yoga and pilates and yogalates!!!! And then there is Zumba – woo hooo, that could be fun! I could learn some new bum wiggling moves for our celebration dances! I’m still thinking about it because I need to know I can fit it into my life

Right everyone, just talking about that has motivated me to get moving. I hope you are all well and that Monky is behaving himself and I’ll look forward to catching up will you all again on Saturday.

Have a wonderful smoke free day

Love Chrissie xx :) :)

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  • Morning Chrissie :) :)

    Great that you opened up and so good to see you! That gym sounds right up your street, and I think that's spot on about getting more energy with more exercise. Or at least I'm working on that basis with more walking. Thing is I'm waking up desperate to get out and walk. So rain or shine its time to get up and at it, then whatever happens for the rest of the day, at least I managed that :) And you don't smoke and walk, so its my quit walk.

    Think monky's been behaving!?? ! Definitely been keeping busy!

    Yoga Pilate's and zumba sounds brill! Go for it! Join that gym! Ready for some dancing at the next celebration :)

    Have a great day!

  • Hi Chrissie, good to see you back. better warn Monky he has some new dance steps to learn. :D :D You do right joining the gym sounds good to me.

    Take care and dont work too hard. xx

  • Good morning Chrissie, Betts, Jillygirl and everybody :)

    Chrissie, I hope the little break is doing you good and I can see your going to be a rite bit of fit stuff eh :) :D :D You'll be catching our Andi up soon ;) Hmmmm, I will have to google this Zumba eh :o :D :D Sending you some be happy at work huggs to help your day go by :) xx

    I hope you all have a lovely day :)

  • Zumba looks like my bum wiggle dance to me :o :D :D

  • Good morning Chrissie, Betts, Jillygirl, Monket et al. Hope your week is running smoothly?

    Chrissie: glad to hear your break is going well and you've found a good gym. I've found exercise brilliantly helpful in adapting to a smoke free life (endorphin fix I expect...) and hope you find the same.

    Back to work for me - just thought I'd say hello. Have a good one, all.

  • Oh there you are - not sure a "break" is a good thing when you can't find who you are looking for when you get back!!!

    Anyway James how are you and congratulations on achieving 2 weeks stop smoking - Wey Hey - that is so brilliantly. So how are you feeling now and have you been coping okay?

    Oh, and another thing I've noticed about stopping smoking - I definitely get tiddlier quicker - so be warned!!!

    Hopefully we'll get a catch up from you later James!

    :) :) :) xx

  • Hello Chrissie

    Have been on a bit of a break myself over the last couple of days - distinct lack of planning in my case though. All is going well here thanks - two weeks passed and my third week on the horizon (ten days and I'm up for my first badge!).

    Apart from the occasional moment, most of my recovery has gone well so far. I plucked up the courage to pop to my local for a few with my friends (half of whom smoke - and we were sat out in the beer garden!). This went OK (I see what you mean about getting drunk quicker!) though I did spend quite a bit of time gazing at other peoples tobacco :) Laughable really. Part of my brain hates the smell of cigarette smoke and the other half is trying to talk me into sitting down wind of it - bit like the "aaagh Bisto!" adverts of old. Anyway, challenge met and overcome though I am going to have to be careful with drinking around smokers I think - to me this is the biggest risk area (that and losing my wallet :) )

    Ran the Bristol 10k yesterday - I'm afraid I missed my personal best by about 1 minute but it was wet and windy so not ideal conditions (excuses etc). Had a bit of coughing fit when I finished - worse than usual - which was not expected! I'm wondering if more running will speed up the healing process... speaking of which how is your gym planning going?

    Hope you are well

  • Here we go girls :)

    And a warning for you guys, specially monky!

  • Ha ha ha love it Betts :D :D :D

  • Morning all,

    I havent been around much, been really busy dealing with the aftermath of the joke that is my life :) and my friend passed away on Sunday which was a huge shock.

    Its grey and raining here in Kent, which kind of reflects my mood, so I will keep it short and sweet :)

    I have hit the 3 month mark last week, but really feel the urge to smoke, which is just driving me nuts, but i havent given in, but it has been tough.

    Have a really great day and catch you all tomorrow when i am hopefully a bit more upbeat xx

  • I'm really sorry to hear your sad news pinkie but please please please don't give into those urges. Thinking of you at this sad time x

  • Thank you x

  • I am so sorry about your friend Pinkie, it is a horrible shock, and loss, so much to go through. Life's such a trial sometimes, and you seem to be having more than your share.

    You are doing great keeping off the fags, they don't help, sometimes you just think they will, but they just become another problem to add to the rest.

    Sending warm wishes and a hug to you, hoping it helps. Stay strong, like you are.


  • Thank you Betts and you are right fags dont really help x

  • Aup Al, its lovely to see you again gal :) :) and you are still doing ever sooooo well :)

    I know you've had a lot of personal trouble these last few weeks and I bow down to you and take my hat and everything else off to you for getting through this hard time your having at the moment :) :) ermmm, I think I will just leave it at the hat, cos its not that warm today eh :o and you'd only laugh anyway :D :D :D

    A massive massive well done to you Allice for reaching 3 Months quit :) and am sending you some get warm upbeat huggs ready for tomorrow :) :) xx

  • Awww thanks Pete, and yeah cant believe i have made it this far to be honest! miracles can happen lol x

  • Hey Pinkie, love your new badge, hard to get but well worth it :) :)

  • Aww, Al sorry to hear about your friend. Glad to hear you're still managing to stay stopped smoking. It's understandable given all the upheaval in your life at the moment that you will still be thinking about smoking, plus that 3 month mark is a difficult time in a quit even when life's not too bad. So well done you for sticking with it. :)

  • Good afternoon everybody :)

    Hmmmm, saying that, its flippin raining here :P :P but Weyyyyy Heyyyyy eh there's plenty to do inside :o

    Well, my Nephew has kindly cut my hair, and am really pleased with it :) :) What do you think :o

    Do you think it makes me look morrrrrrrrrrre youngerrrrrrrrrrrrr :D :D

  • def you look a good 20 years younger :) x

  • Why thank you Al you've made an old boy very happy :) :) and may I say how pretty your looking this evening :) :) x

  • :D :D :D FANTASTIC :D :D :D

  • Quack quack :P :D :D :D

  • Yes I'm quackers :O Good Evening All :)

  • haha, love it. We have some tadpoles you could decorate it with

  • Sinfreeeeeeeeee, :P :P :D :D :D

  • Nice one :D :D

  • Thank you young Lady :)

  • Looks wonderful Pete to go with all your new moves

  • Hi KC, I hope your well :) looooooove your new badge gal, you kept that flippin quiet :o we could of had a party :) then you would have seen my new moves eh :o :D :D

    Take care gal :) :)

  • Good evening everyone.

    Al, so sorry about your sad news, let's hope that's the last of it for you now. Excellent that you didn't succumb to the weed though. I see you're sporting a lovely new badge and KC's in the same club as you too. :)

    Yukky weather today, nice to see Chrissie opening up shop again today and bringing her own bit of sunshine to us all. :)

    Pete, love the new haircut, do you want some of that insect repellant though? :o :|

  • Ha ha ha I think I need a bit more than that Andi :D :D :D

    Hows you day been gal :o

  • Will this help then? :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha yeahhhh, it just might knock my 1 brain cell into action eh :D :D :D

  • Oy, which flippin boyfriend you on the phone to now then :o :P :D :D

  • Hey, Andi, you got your flippin bike de-cobwebbed yet gal :o :)

  • huh, need a bike with paddles on it at the moment, never mind pedals. Where on earth did you buy todays weather from :o

  • Morrisons :o I'm trying Asda tomorrow :) :)

    Ahhhh, their you are Sinfree :D :D :D

  • haha, that's a very pretty frock I'm wearing there isn't it, tho perhaps not very appropriate attire for the weather.

  • Yes try Asda, every little helps ;)

  • Ooops that's Tesco. Umm what's Asda...... Saving you sunshine - every day.

  • Its Asda price, not sure about Tesco :o

  • That's Asda price is no more, now it's Asda, saving you money every day. hahah, how sad am I?

  • Well, am as sad as you are Sinfree, cos thats where I go shopping now :) :)

    They have everything I wont, and they save me money :o :D :D

  • I will be due my 4 month badge next week. So hard to believe I have got this far, beginning to really think I can do this. I am off to Ireland next week, all that drinking and singing!

  • Well done. You're past the hard bit now. And a lovely break to look forward to as a reward.

  • Whooooooops, KC, am sorry gal, I thought you had your new badge already :o its my 1 brain cell playing up again eh :o :D :D

    You flippin believe it gal, cos are here :) and a gigantic massive well done to you KC, I hope your feeling really proud of yourself, cos you flippin should :) :)

    OY, I dont want no dancing on tables see, or flippin around poles when your on your jolls next week :o :D :D

  • Sorry, my nephew phoned me up. He's coming to stay later in the month, with his girlfriend. :)

    Yes, pretty naff weather today but the sun's come out now - just in time to go down! :o

    I'd like to get back out on my bike again - must be about 3 weeks now.......

  • Andi, you ok gal, cos you dont sound to happy tonight :o

  • I'm fine thanks - a bit tired maybe - it's me age, don't you know? :o :D :D

  • Push off Woman, age has got nothing to do with it, its how old you feel :) :)

  • :P

  • :D :D :D

  • Its lovely to know your Nephew wants to come and stay with you :)

    Its a really nice feeling isnt it :) :)

  • I won't be asking him to cut my hair though. :o :D :D

  • :D :D :D

  • Well, as me and hubby are not speaking I'd best go make a drink before I die of de-hydration. Bloody garden. It's caused more arguments than WW1 and 2 put together.

  • Oh no Sin, why would you be arguing over the garden?

  • Yeahhhhh, Andi, you tell me :o

    If i could type faster, then I would give you a running commentary of our lovely Sinfree and hubby in the garden :o :D :D

  • Cos men, they just don't listen. They ask you a question, then ignore the answer, so what is the point of asking the question. Anyways. Tsk. Why are you fed up anyway andi. S'probably the miserable weather.

  • What do you mean Sinfree, us men dont listen :o :| I'm not sure what your on about gal !!

    Now then Sinfree, what were you on about gal :o :D :D

  • :D hi Briar

  • :D :D :D Spot on gal :D :D

  • I never said I was fed up - methinks someone may be twisting words somewhere. :o

  • you're quite right. You said you were tired, it was Pete who said you sounded fed up, sorry. Are you looking forward to your nephew coming to stay. Hopefully he might bring some nice weather for you.

  • Yeah, the downside is that I'll have to do a bit of housework. :(

  • haha, you sound like me. I always complain when I have to tidy up and clean and stuff cos someone is coming round

  • And about time toooooo flippin Woman, that lamp shade looks filthy :P :D :D

  • Yeahhhh, thats it flippin blame poooooooor old Pete :( :(

    Not bothered am not seeee :P :D :D

  • Well then Sinfree, get out their and help hubby to finish it, then you can sit down, relax, no more WW1 :o look back at it, and be able to say '' I DID THAT '' :D :D :D

  • Am not going out there, its all muddy again. I planted some Pepper seeds last night, what more can I do :D

  • Ha ha I'm twirling about on my comp chair gal :D :D :D

  • Tell ya what Andi, no wonder poor Sinfree is de-hydrated if it takes her allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll this flippin time to make a cuppa eh :o :D :D

  • haha :D :D, well I couldn't find the kettle, long time since I last used it. hahah.

  • Do you think it might be easier to get some red-milk in your fridge ready :o :D :D :D

  • yes, now that is an idea

  • :D :D :D

    Rite am off to water the pony, see's ya in a min :)

  • Ermmmm, could you say that again please Briarwood !! :P :D :D

  • I told ya before men are neither use nor ornament :D

  • :D :D What have you been doing today Briar, have you been for a swim. Mind you you wouldn't need to go to the baths for that would you what with the state of all the rain we've had today.

  • Yes Sin that's true but I did have my usual swim and very nice it was too thanks :) a bit of giving out to hubby as well :D

  • Nice one gal :) :)

  • Ooooooooo yes we are usefull, cos we keep quiet, ermmmm, now and again see :o :D :D

  • Ha ha that's the way I like them :D

  • Right, eyes are drooping now so I'm off to bed.

    Nite nite Pete, Sin, Briar and everyone, sleep well and see you tomorrow. xxxxxxx :)

  • Night Andi. Sleep well

  • Nite nite Andi, Sin and Pete, sweet dreams of sunshine to you all :) x

  • Yes Andi, am going with you, ermmmmm, not actually going with you, you understand :o your going to yours and am going to mine :| Pete shut up, while you can still walk eh :)

    Nite nite Andi, Sinfree, Briarwood and anybody who is in the back ground :) sweet dreams and luvs ya all :) :) xxxxx

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