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Flu jab

Hi everyone, I have just been for my annual flu jab. I have had it every year since 2000 when I was diagnosed with asthma. The one year that I didn't I was floored by a chest infection so I ain't getting caught again.

Posted this on here just as a bit of a reminder for all of us deemed to be in a 'vulnerable' group, such as anyone with chest disease which I guess a few people on here have.

Personally, I don't find it especially uncomfortable, it has never made me fell under the weather although on one occasion I did have a sore arm at the injection site but not today, so far so good!

A wheezy chest, dose of steroids and antibiotics are all to be avoided if I can and to date this flu jab has served me well


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Hi there Eye, already had my flu jab and my pneumonia one aswell. I must admit none of them have ever bothered me. Well worth having. :) I used to have yearly flu jabs with my job (carer) one year i missed and i got horrid flu. So they must do some good.


I agree, nothing wrong with a bit of 'insurance'


Just waiting till I'm well enough to have it! I've been thinking of asking for the pneumonia one as well, this chest infection has scared me a bit. :(


Hi Friez, I understand that, chest infections can be scary when they are associated with breathlessness, I think you are wise to consider both.

Take care x


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