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Shortness of breath

Hi all I'm new here so please bare with me I am posting as I am felling a bit low I gave up smoking a little over 3 month ago and since then I have not felt to good I have constant shortness of breath feeling. My chest feels tight I have had a few tests,ecg,blood,and a chest X-ray which was all good but just can't get this feeling that something is wrong does anyone have the same symptoms as me or had them just after stopping smoking for 3 and a half month I thought I would feel better than this

Any help or info would be great

Kindest regards

Terry Thompson

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Hi Terry firstly congratulations, 3 months is an awesome quit 😃

Sorry your going through the wringer with your symptoms. I too now have SOB and they don't know why... mine started at about 5 months but in the last couple of weeks it has definitely reduced..... I have had every test going but maybe it's just my bodies way of healing after smoking for over 35 years. You have done the right thing by going to the docs but maybe it will start to ease like mine e has...😃😃 we are all different and get all different types of symptoms but I know that some of the good ladies and gents have had SOB but didn't last that long with them 😃

If you look at the posts on the right you will find some breathing exercises which you may find useful 😃

If you let us know your quit date I will get the dashing monky to give you a nice shiny quit badge 😃

Stay strong and keep focused, your doing really well and if you need anything let us know and we will do all we can to support you 😃😃


Thanks for the reply

I quit on the 25th March 2015

do you get like a heaviness feeling in your chests and a feeling as if you have been puched in the right kidney I have this also I mean Google is a nasty place it points to all kinds of bad things which just make you worry more about it.

It just makes you wonder I never really felt ill when I smoked.


Yep like some small person is sitting on you..... never had the kidney prob though.... but like I say we are all different 😃😃

The smoking masks a multitude of illnesses.... 😃

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Hiya Terry and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

Congratulations on over 3 months quit, terrific achievement so well done👍🏼

Unfortunately this side effect is quite common and as you've been checked by your Doc and all your tests were fine, it's likely to improve given a bit of time. I think we automatically thing we're going to feel better straight away when we quit and sometimes it takes longer for our bodies to recover from smoking. Hang in there as you're doing a great job and hope you feel better soon😊x


Hi Terry and welcome to quit support :) :)

Congratulati ons on your 3 months quit :) :)

Sorry i cant help you with the SOB as it wasn't something that I never experienced but i am so glad you have seen your GP. At least this will give you some peace of mind :) :)

I did get a very tight chest to the point where i had to brace myself if i was going to sneeze, i thought my rib cage was going to snap in two :D D Phew!!!!... rib cage never snapped and the really tight feeling did pass :) :)

We all experience different symptoms as our bodies adjust to not having all the toxins found in cigarettes. Think back to when you first quit and i think you will find you are actually feeling better than what you were back then..stay strong ..you will continue to feel better as time goes by...

you really are doing brilliantly :) :)


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Aup Terry, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support family :) and way over 3 months quit tooo :) :) thats just fantastic pal :)

I see you've had some great help and advice from the girls :) to which I cant better really :o but the tightness of the chest and SOB is common when we quit the smokes :(

As for the kidney thing, I think it maybe due to a bit of anxiety :o cos quite a few of our members have said they can feel a sort of lump in their stomach :o probably due to worrying about the SOB :o

just wandering Terry, have you coughed up any phlegm since you quit :o I know its not a very nice thing to ask, but it does help us to clear our lungs :)

Stay with it and good luck Terry :)

Pete :)

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Hi Pete thanks for the reply and I have not had a single caugh or any phlegm issues since I stopped


Hi again Terry :)

Ermmm, most of us when we first quit, we cough up a load of erm, stuff, that has been on our lungs, due to smoking, but for some reason, there are quite a few of you who dont do this :o

I see you've been for an xray, thought maybe that would show it up :o erm, Jan-60 wrote a post today, saying that she had had some antibiotics from her doc and it seemed to have done the trick :)

Maybe reply to her, or send her a private message :)


Hi guys,

I'm getting really worried now as I still have a really bad chest tightness pain like someone is sitting on it and shortness of breath I have a feeling like something is blocking my lung on the right side


Just giving people an update as I have no change and I am getting really worried now as the pain in my chest is getting worse and my breathing it has got to where it has brought me to tears and the docs don't do anything or give me anything

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Hi Tommo sorry your still struggling..... you may be having a panic attack....SOB can be really frightening when it's happening. If your really worried then go to A&E and put your mind at rest.... let us know how you get on hun


Hiya Tommo, I agree with Droopy that it could be a panic attack and if you try some nice slow breathing and try to relax, it might help. There's a breathing technique on the right to slow down a busy mind and help you rest. If not then Emergency dept might be a good idea or give the emergency on call Doc a ring and explain your situation. Thinking of you😊x

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Hi I'm flying back to Germany tommorow and going straight to doc when I land if he can't help I'm gonna have to go to a&e as it just seems to get worse the doc I seen said he thinks I have something called thoracic spine syndrome but I can't understand why as all the issues I have is with the toughness in my chest and the breathing problem which all started a few weeks after I stopped smoking


Unfortunately quitting can throw up different side effects and although I don't know anything about that particular syndrome, I know that breathing problems can arise after quitting due to the fact that something added to cigs opens up the lungs to enable smoke to reach them. Therefore when we quit, our chests can be very tight and it takes time to heal. In your situation it's best to get it checked asap Good luck and please let us know how you get on😊x


Hey Tommo,

Any update on this? I'm reading through your post and having the Shortness of breath as well. I'm four months quit so just trying to find a timeline for when others started to feel better.


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