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Daily Chat: Saturday 23rd February 2013

Daily Chat: Saturday 23rd February 2013

Good morning everybody.

I can't believe that the community has grown so much this year - over 100 new members already in less than 2 months. I know most of you only lurk and that's okay. If seeing our daft antics is helping you with your quit, or making you think about quitting then that's all to the good as far as I'm concerned. If you have any concerns or moans then come and get them off your chest on here as well. We all know what a tough time you're having and if not personally, then someone will be able to help you. :)

Linda (magpie), just want to say a big congratulations on getting 4 weeks under your belt. I see you might be interested in starting running, if so, there's another community on HU called Couch to 5K all about getting the nation off the couch and out there running. It's well worth a look and very inspirational.

Whatever you're doing today, just remember that it's only you that has chosen not to smoke today - no-one can do it for you. :)

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Tags much Andi I am really chuffed to have got this far. Thanks for the info 're running if I can beat the smelly cigs I think I can manage some exercise. Hopefully I will be on wheezing and panting soon but coz of exercise and not cigs. Have a fab weekend everybody and stay strong.:)

Linda xxx


Good morning andi,

I see your still opening up the daily chat. Like you say its great that there are lots of new members. I suppose I am classed as one of the lurkers at the moment :D

Just started to have a snow flurry here. Not over worried as I have a viewing on my house this afternoon, so it might just cover the bits of garden I havent managed to tidy up over the last few months. Think I will have to borrow Pete. :D to help.

Hubby not right good at telling which is a weed or a flower. He did once grow a really big clump of grass. :O


Well going to have a cuppa now. will bob back later. Have a lovely day. :) xxxxxxx


Good afternoon all :) :)

Andi, love the pic :D and your daily chat opening gal :) :) I know you have company today, so perhaps speak later eh :) :)

Linda, a massive well done to you for getting to 1 month quit gal :) :) and yes you be chuffed with yourself, get out there and treat yourself toooooo, cos you deserve it :) :)

Jillygirllllllllllllllllll, ohhhh its so lovely to see you on here again gal :) :) and if you want to lurk, then you flippin lurk eh :D :D I hope your feeling a bit better today :) xxxxxx :) and i hope the house viewing goes well :)

Hmmmmm who's this flippin bob then eh :o

I hope you all have a nice day and take care :)


here you pete honey.



Cheers Jillygirl xxxx :) :) :)


What do you mean by "daft antics"?

Thanks andi, your words are those of wisdom and it's these blogs that give me hope.

Fags :)


Hi all. :)

Lovely to see you Jilly, so you're still hoping to move then? I suppose it gives you a good opportunity to have a real good clearout whilst being stuck indoors - mind you, you're probably not a hoarder anyway. :|

Pete, they were talking on the radio about planting those spuds you've been chitting today (if the snow's not too thick, of course. (You can always discuss it with bob. :o ) :D

Fags, I was just reading your post on you blog yesterday and now think your handle should be more along the line of "Crackers". ;-) :)


Good afternoon one and all!!

Bit hit and miss but made it through my first Friday night smoke free..... well done me!! Early morning power walk up Leckhampton Hill with Bella and the boys.. what better way to clear the cob webs of the wine binge from the night before!

Just eaten veggie sausage sandwich... still hungry... contemplating opening work laptop but abit distracted.

Just thinking, quite ironic really... started smoking at the age of 15, round the same time as I gave up eating meat. 24 years later and seem to have swapped the ciggies for my first ever ham sandwich!

Somethings playing with my mind....

Fags, you do make me smile.... maybe I should give this naked moonlight walking a go.... bit chilly tho!!

Write report on Solar panels, or flick chick????

Or cuppa tea...


Well done Bella on surviving your wine binge, wasn't it great that you didn't have to wrap up warm to go outside last night? :)

That's weird about the veggie thing - maybe it's cos of the running and your body telling you that you need more protein than you might have been giving yourself. I went out for a run this morning - I'm following the C25K plan and am on week 7 now and really struggling with it (running 25 mins with no breaks).

Not too sure about you going to join Fags on his moonlight walking - he lives in Brighton and you know what happened last time you went there! :D :D


Aup Andi :) am glad your ok gal :) :)

Have you bin running to day :O :|


Think you need to go to specsavers! :o :D :D


Yep !!!!!


Or maybe I cant read :o :| :D :D


Hi Andi, strange you say that, been struggling all week with the food thing. Find myself starving - all the time. Paranoid about putting weight, maybe I'm being too strict....

Struggling to get the right balance between not eating too much any having sufficient energy to run...

Managed 3.2 miles Monday and Thursday, but felt like dying after 1.5m on Weds.... Not sure I ate enough carbs. No pounds put on yet, but will this constant urge to eat ever go?

I've not heard of the C25k plan, how many 25 mins runs with no breaks do you do? Takes me 30mins to run (well jog!) 3.2 miles without stopping, admittedly the last half is on a slight incline uphill! I'd like to sign up for a 10k run to help me focus... I must do some research on local events...

Hey Fags, maybe I should try a 10k naked moonlight run next time I visit Brighton... Sure I wouldn't be the first to entertain the idea.. ;-)


To be honest, I think this is part of giving up smoking. Your metabolism goes down by 10% so unless you reduce what you eat you're bound to gain a bit of weight. :o If you're doing the exercise though you should be ok. I found I could generally get through the days ok but in the evening, once I'd finished my dinner I was still famished and had to keep grazing for an hour or two :o until I was stuffed! :o A good tip is to drink more water. :)


Aup Bella, a big well done to you for getting through your erm wineoooo night gal :) :) magic gal just magic :) :)

Hmmmm maybe now we have quit smoking, we should quit wearing clothes toooo :D :D well when we visit Brighton eh :o :| :D :D


Hello JohnUK, I apologise for my total ignorance, should I be reading more... Vida and Amor.... Are they anything like bantams? I have a Barginger, Audrey, Marg, Mable and Matilda - who lays more eggs than the rest put together!!!


Sooooooo you like eggs then Bella :o :D :D


John that is lovely :) it bought tears to my eye's to watch Farther and son go fishing together, my Dad and I didnt do anything together really :( :( as I had to learn and find out for myself :o

have you had any cake today John ??


Sounds like a few of us had bloody useless Fathers :(


You should have got 1 BIG cake John, cos there much more yummier :P :P :) :)


Ahhhhh, love birds? Bella Bella likes eggs, Bella (nutty 12 mth boarder collie) loves bantams spends her life protecting them from the foxes! Vidor and Amor are beautiful, I'd love to load a few pics of my gang... just not sure how!! Maybe tomorrow distraction... how to use a computer!!


Rite Guy's n Gal's, ave got to climb the wooden hill now cos am kna----- erm worn out, cos am gettin on a bit now :o :(

Nite nite everybody, sleep well and a luvs ya all xxxxxxx :) :)


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