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OMG been awhile!!!


hey there everybody!!!sorry it's been awhile since I've posted anything on here, I've been fighting the flu for the past 2 weeks and have been feeling like total crap, it's weird cause I've never been sick this long in my life, i talked to the nurse at my doctors office and she said the flu is really aggressive this season, i'm gonna have a talk with my doctor about maybe starting flu shots every year, but aside from that, how is everyone doing? it's been too long, i'm still smoke free and still loving that i feel a lot better for that, the cravings have been hitting me from time to time, most especially when i'm a at work and selling cigarettes to people, but also when i see other people smoking, but i'm staying strong, and Kayla, (my GF) has been helping me with that too, the support shes given me along with all of yours has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me, i don;t think i would have made it, like almost 2 months now, yeah 8 days away from 2 months, with out her help as well as all of yours, i love you all and remember N.O.P.E.

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Hiya Hiro

It is absolute fantastic to hear that you are still doing so well :) :)

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thanks glolin, it's good to be this way, i like it a lot, i'm loving life a lot more


Hi Hiro, So glad your still a non- smoker. :) Its good to hear you have good support at home. Yes I think its wise getting a flu jab.

My daughter and family have flu. My husband and I and my other daughter have had the flu jab. So far we are ok.

Monky will be polishing the 2 month winners badge in waiting for you. :)

Stay strong. xx :)

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lol, yeah this flu is the pits i'm telling ya, plus i think i have a boil on my side i need to get lanced, but that's a disgusting story for another time, lol, it feels good being smoke free, i feel that 2 months badge coming in like a freight train, lol, and i'm ready to let it hit me

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Hey jillygirl,

Hope you are having a good day....You are an inspiration to me and I am sure to our quit support family............thankyou ....

Arizona xxxxxx


Aup Hiro, its great to see ya pal and doing soooo well too :) :) Its lovely to hear that Kayla is helping you soo much too :) :) Give her a big HUGG from me please :o :D :D

Sorry to hear about ya got the flu bug, there's lots going around here too :( just hoping you get rid of it soon :)

Take care now :)

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thanks for the support buddy, it feels good, well except for the flu that is, lol, but i'm just trying to take everything one day at a time


Hi Hiro, lovely to hear from you and 7 weeks quit is fantastic👍🏼

Be very proud of yourself coz You're doing great, well done👏🏼👏🏼😊

dunn15 Month Winner

Good to hear from you!

Hi Hiro, glad you're still 'doin' the do' nearly two months blimey that has gone quick bet you're thrilled big achievement congrats 😀

Hi hiro , you have done fantastic well done proud of you, especially as you have to sell them to others. How strong are you :) . You are defo a Winner:) keep doing what your doing with the fab support from your girl friend . Hope you feel better soon :)


Hey Hiro!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear from you and what an awesome Girlfriend you have to support you through your quit journey...........I`m finally over my psychological addiction yaaaay.........Honestly?? I never thought it would end.......I thought I would cave but now almost 6months, the dependence has run its course.........

keep up the good work you two.....

Arizona xxx

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