Oh no ..... I have got man flu :(

Bad times ..... Got sent home from work with flu symptoms and a really raw throat :( ....that's why I have been quiet all day as been tucked up in bed fast asleep.

Hoping it is just man flu and not some bazaar result of stopping smoking. I rarely catch anything due to a white blood cell over production which nips anything like this in the bud!

On a positive note not invested in my ecig at all lol!


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  • Get Well Very soon.Plenty of rest and fluids and Lemsip/nightnurse when you need it.I absolutely bet that you can stay off the ecig for a couple of days at least.Hel x

  • Get well soon Al x

  • Cheers guys, going to go back to sleep I think, if my nostril stops doing an award winning impression of niagara falls :( x

  • Nite nnite Al, sweet get better soon dreams. Positive vibes on their way. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> xxxx :)................

  • get well soon x

  • Aww poor you, man flu is not nice and an e-cig is worse than a real one when you have a sore throat I've found. sounds like the same bug that I've had and people at work had too. Starts off with all sorts of weird aches and pains that move around to all the ageing bits of your body. Me and someone at work were discussing out symptoms last week haha, and the weirdest thing was even though we had it a week apart we both did the same thing - at one point when we were all snotty and sick of blowing our noses we sniffed up - OMG, when I did it I screamed out in pain and the girl at work did the same and described it as though someone had driven an arrow through her eye. So watch out for that bit Al, don't sniff up too hard - it sooooo hurts. My poor little 8 month old grand-daughter has it at the moment, teething with 4 teeth all coming through at once, a cold, a cough and to add insult to injury conjunctivitis too. :(

  • Hey sin I will def not be doing any sniffing as that sounds really sore :( x

  • hello, how are you now? If it's any consolation when I had that cold, after spending all day constantly blowing my nose till the poor thing was all raggey and sore, it just stopped abruptly at 10.00pm and that was the end of that, never heard from it again :)

  • Oh no your poor grand daughter x

  • she looked so poorly with her snotty nose and her sore puffy eyes, she looked like a little boxer who'd done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.

  • Is it man flu or Army flu? :D

  • Lol no doubt it was one of the soldiers that has been in my office that have given me it!!! :( x

  • Typical man. :P

  • good news to come i think. i had really bad cold just after xmas. bfore i gave up would have gone to my chest and lasted for weeks. but gone in 4 days and no cough. hope this happens f you x

  • Big get well hugz flying across to you now Al, hope you feel heaps better soon xoxox

  • Get well soon, time for resting up, soup, and comfy blankets. xxx

  • Get well soon Al. Cozy up tight and be good to yourself

  • Al, BIG BIG get well sooooooooon WARM huggggggs heading your way gal :) :) soooooo leave a little window open eh, so they can get in :) :D

    Hmmmmm, saying that, I expect you'll be wanting breakfast in bed toooooo then gal :o huh, typical flippin Woman, needs pampering when she's feeling low :| :D :D

    Stay warm and cosy Al :)

  • Thanks Pete I am off work today as too dizzy to make the walk :)

  • Hope you're feeling better this morning Al - don't go back to work too soon. :)

  • Hi and I I haven't gone in to work today, too dizzy think the throat infection has moved to my ears :( but just chilling in bed and keeping warm :)

  • You poor thing! Hope you feel better soon xxx

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