Whoppeeee dee a whole year gone

Whoppeeee dee a whole year gone

Flipping heck, that year has flown by. I am amazed but now would like to poke all the doubters in the eye, not that I will, but am so chuffed as yesterday was my one year anniversary of stopping smoking.

I feel like I have reached a point that I need no longer worry about smoking again. I sometimes still dream about having a fag but know that I will never be tempted to put a cigarette in my gob again.

It has been quite an easy journey for me this time, on previous occasions of trying to stop the urge was too much. The cravings were terrible so I always went back to smoking, like I needed to smoke. I am now cured from the addiction and am happy and content to be free.

Why did it take me so long to really want to be free of smoking? I have no idea why I was read?. I have no idea why reading a self help book clicked with me. It doesn't matter how long it takes or what method you use, just never stop quitting as one day you will be happy and confident that you are finally free.

Good luck to all of you and if I could just help one person stop smoking for good I would be as pleased as punch.

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  • Wonder I'm so thrilled for you..well done and congratulations :) my friend who stopped 18 months ago said pretty much like you ,she didnt know why this time was right and all the others werent but is so happy to be free. Reading this is inspiring ,something to jig a yet to be along the way..I will not stop until Im where you are and then I will rejoice in the freedom.

    I wish a long,happy,and wonderful life..I could feel your smile in your words :) best wishes Jan

  • Thank you wonder and a big congratulations to you. This is so helpful and inspirational to me who is now nearly 6 weeks down the line.

    Thanks for posting

    Linda xx

  • A huge WELL DONE - and thank you for inspiring the rest of us out here who are still on the run from the clutches of the nicotine fiends!!! I am approaching my first month on sunday and have good days and bad days but feel more determined this time than I did in the past. Go out and celebrate Wonder, YOU DID IT!!! x

  • so happy for you wonder..i have been smoking for two decades now and really want to kick the butt now. your posting is a great inspiration at the right time..thanks mate...Cheers..

  • Wow Wonder you are an inspiration to us all..I cant wait to get to that stage as even though I feel great today as its my 8th week God only knows what I will be like in a year of quitting.. Good luck in your life and keep on the healthy road. :) :) :)

  • That's brilliant Wonder :) you are such an inspiration, can't wait till I get there :) :) have a great smoke free life :) :)

  • Weel done, a fine example to follow. Only at 3 weeks 4 days but with a will to continue. Thanks for your post, it gives hope to others.


  • thank you all and take each day at a time and keep happy being smoke free

  • Fantabulously awesome! You're an inspiration to us all! Only 6 months to go until my year is up, gosh I make it sound like a prison sentence lol

    A big well done to everyone who has embarked upon a smoke free life, whether it be one day or one week, the first step is the hardest one of all! If at first you don't succeed try, try, try, try try etc again!

  • still a very happy non smoker

  • Aup Wonder, Its lovely to see ya gal :) :) and I see your very very nearly 5 WHOLE YEARS SMOKEFREE tooooo :) WHOOOOP WHOOOOOP :) :) am just flippin loooooving it :) and am soooo happy, that your happy and enjoying your NEW LIFE :) :)

    HEY, you got any gossip ta tell us :o like if ya got another 5 kids since ya quit :o :D :D :D and I hope hubby is loving it too :) :)

    Pete :)

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