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Busy! But still hanging in there!!

Hi Everyone, just arrived back from a couple of days in a Monastery (no less)!! I went with a friend to try to get my head together after the devastating news about the lung cancer in July. It has been a lovely time of peace and tranquillity. Still no fags in my life - and it still remains great that I can go anywhere I wish without having to work out where my next ciggy will be. Certainly - the Monastery would have been the most difficult to date!

I thought I would update you on my Journey with Lung Cancer. Have to have yet another biopsy as the other 2 were not conclusive enough, so Wed will be when they hopefully, get a proper sample, to determine the type of chemotherapy they are going to use.

I met my Oncologist on Thursday - and it totally mashed my head up, because up until then I had been told that the treatment would be Palliative. The Bombshell on Thursday, was that she was hoping to treat me with CURE in mind!!!

I wonder would she have said the same had I still been smoking? It has been 19 weeks since my last ciggy, I still use NRT, but a little less than before.

I am not looking forward to the treatment - which will start in about 10 days time, and will be intravenous in hospital. I have heard such a lot about it - but I will have to now change my mind set, to get through this part of it.

Ollie - my lovely cat has now been rehomed because of the fact that he would be an infection risk - more so because he had a tendency to bite when frightened - his previous owners frequently hit him. I miss his little furry body walking over my lap, and him meowing loudly to be fed.

However, the moral of this post - is for everyone who is thinking of having a puff - DON'T - you never know which of the odd puffs is the one that starts the Cancer off. If this sounds harsh - it is true - my whole life has been devastated because I always thought that it happens to other people. Well, "happen" it has, and I really really don't want any of you guys to be the next on the list for the Big C. HANG IN THERE ONE HOUR/MINUTE AT A TIME - BUT DON'T EVEN THINK SMOKING IS AN OPTION, unless you want to join me on my journey.

On a lighter note - even though the above is my life at the moment - I have a very clutter free house - minimalistic etc as I had prepared for the worst. So glad I didn't get rid of my Xmas Tree!!

Well - I am now getting ready to do 'Battle', and looking at various activities I can start to do during the time I'll be feeling somewhat rubbish. here's hoping for the CURE!! Any suggestions gratefully received!! xxxx ;)

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Hiya Vee, glad to hear you enjoyed your retreat. Sorry you've got to have yet more blood tests. Sounds like the pits with them playing with your head. I don't know how you manage it but somehow you do - no option in the matter, but they don't always make it easy, do they.

If you want a distraction, maybe you could come and help me de-clutter my place. ;-) Sorry you've had to re-home Ollie. Can you go and visit him? I still miss having an animal around but it wouldn't be fair leaving it at the moment with all my gallivanting around.

Good luck and hope you don't feel too pants once the chemo starts.

Big hugs, Andi :) xxxxx


Hi Vee, lovely to hear from you. My hubby was asking how you were. As for chemotherapy, well ,as you know it didn't suit me. But the people I have met who have been on it and had good results is amazing. I think if you have a positive attitude like you have you will beat that cancer easily. I know my oncologist said I had the right attitude, and I know mine was surgery but its 8 months ago now. Yes I know the cancer may come back in another part of my body at some time. But I am living each day to the full and cancer just isn't invited to join me.

I hope they sort your bi-opsy etc out. Thinking of you and sending BIG positive vibes. xxxxxxxxxxx :)

p.s. Have you gone on to the roy castle lung cancer site yet. they are brilliant people just like this site full of support.



Hi Vee, I'm glad you enjoyed your retreat. I know may all seem a bit scary sometimes but with the right attitude you will beat this, as Jillygirl said, i also know people who have recovered after chemo, an aunt is now in her 6th year.

I hope you don't feel too bad when that starts.

Big hugs, Sue xx


Aup Vee :)

Thats just great you had a lovely relaxing time at the Monastery, cos you needed it gal :) and a massive well done to you for reaching 19 weeks quit, thats just flippin super flippin dooooooooooper Veeeeeeee :) :)

If your Oncologist says that you can be cured, then ''hey'' we'll have some of that then eh :) My Brother in law had a course of chemo, although he lost quite a bit of weight, he's fighting fit now :)

Love and huggs heading your way Vera, you take care now gal :) xxxxx


Hi Vee,

Thinking of you and hope all goes well.

Sally with a hug.xxx


Hey Vera,

that is absolutely brilliant news to hear :D :D

Was it a retreat that you went on at the Monastery? Sounds very therapeutic and much needed :-) Glad it seems to have done the job :-)

Always keep the faith as it makes the journey easier. Will be sending a whole truck load of positive vibes to you for Wednesday.

Ollie will soon settle in his new home, and I'm sure your friend that took him on will be so understanding to his needs. Once you are through your treatment and have come safely through the other side, then you'll be able to get your snuggle fix with him again. Maybe you should get a little video of him if your phone allows you to :-)

Big hugz and plenty of sunshine and smiles :D :D


Hello Vee

Just read above and so wish you well with this & your battle ahead that you must win.

I hope every Smoker hears your warning.

Best best wishes



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