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Good Morning World!!

Lovely to see all the success stories coming thru!! Haven't been on the site for a good few days and - well - lovely to see it being used and all the encouragement we give each other. No gory details - but had a bit of a rough ride with the old chemotherapy (yup! Lung Cancer) - but I am back on track after a leisurely few days in hospital again. I have no desire to smoke again - but it is soooooo hard at times. I think that when I went to the Cancer centre on Thursday - one of the most shocking sights was watching a lady fagging it outside the unit, right next to a no smoking sign - and not in the least bit troubled about it!! I felt quite angry - because even when I did smoke - THAT would not have been the place I would have sneaked one!!

Despite having the dreaded disease - I have to say that both myself and my house don't stink of smoke, and it really does take all the stress out of those 'where can I have my fag if its a no smoking place?' So - all you guys that are doing such a good job on the stopping front - do keep at it. It is so worth it - and just take little tiny steps - even if it is just to get through the next 5 mins til it passes again. ;) :)

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Good Morning Vee, lovely to hear from you :D :D It's so refreshing to hear you still sounding so upbeat. After all you are going through, it amazes me how you do it :-)

It's crazy knowing that people are standing under the stop smoking sign and still smoking, I wonder are their minds elsewhere and as big as the sign is, they don't actually see it - especially once they turn their backs on it to smoke their cigarette?! :-/ :-/ A bit like the warnings and awful pictures that are on cigarette packets, that most smokers tend to cover with their hands whilst holding the packet :-/

With regards to the support between everyone on here, especially the posts from our regulars :D :D the advice sharing and pat on the backs being given from one member to another is just fantastic. It really is what makes the community work. It's great to see how much Quit Support is growing :-)

Vee, you make sure you take care of yourself, stay strong and keep smiling, we're here if you need us :-)



Good morning Vee

& "Good" for you with your post this morning because that is exactly why WE ALL NEED TO STOP SMOKING and shows how crazy this addiction really is.

I understand what you mean about living in a smoke free environment and NOT thinking or going for the next cig because this in itself is calming and you need all the calm & positive energy you can find.

Wishing you WELL (literally)




Bee you are one AMAZING lady.I truly hope that all goes well for you. That lady smoking outside of a cancer unit would've annoyed me too, some folk just have no sense whatsoever.Please just stay strong and look after yourself.x H


Vee sorry to hear you've had such a rough ride and hope that each day you are recovering from the chemo and feeling better. It's great you have stopped smoking and we are all here to support each other so when you're having one of those moments post up here, we'll take your mind off it until the craving passes.

As Marcus Aurelius said “You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

Good luck and stay strong



Hi there Vee, lovely to hear from you. that chemo isnt a pleasant experience but your coping brilliantly. As for folk smoking outside hospitals i know exactly what you mean. Reading your post brings back so many memories. you take care big hugs to you. xxxx



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