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Still hanging in there!!

Hi everyone - haven't gone through the newer members posts yet - but I WILL make it my priority in the next couple of days. Just wanted to say that for those who know my story - I am still around and still not smoking - YO!! :) Keep at it - and you must be serious about it as lots of folk decide its a New Year's Resolution. If you can muster up the courage and determination - no time like the present. And you only have to do it for one day at a time and not forever(we can only live in today!) split it into an hour if you have to - but go for gold it is so worth it. :D ;)

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How long since you stopped? Does it get easier?


Hi Kiz wiz - I have stopped since 2nd of april - and had tried many times before. I think the clincher for me was whatever happened to me - including I had been told of getting lung cancer - I decided the only thing I had to do was not have ONE puff of a real fag. It always set me off again - and this time it has worked for me. I used the mini lozenges and nicotine spray - which the mist does give you that 'hit'. I now only have my dummy vapouriser. it does get easier and I needed to plan for the times i would normally have a ciggy - first thing - meals - drinks. bed time etc. I used the vape for those times and the nrt for the other times. I deffo do not want to start again - my house smells clean - and the stress of finding places to go for a fag isnt there anymore. so keep on at it - and if you succumb - get back up and start again 8)


Hi Vee, lovely to hear from you. So glad your doing ok. Hope those docs and nurses are being kind to you. How you doing with the treatment? Hope its not too harsh for you. Your doing great , keep smiling. :) :)


Hey Vera, you make sure you carry on keeping on 'hangin' on in there too!

It's lovely to hear from you as you are never too far away from my thoughts.

Great that you are still as positive as ever and no matter what, you most definitely haven't let the dreaded weed get the better of you :-)



Aup Vee :) its flippin great to see you gal :) :) and yessssssss, a flippin gigantic YO !! to ya :) :D :) :D

Erm, am sorry for the teapot thing :( but I think you liked it eh :) :D

V, you keep on a rocking gal, cos your doing just flippin fantastic :)

Speak soon, Pete :) xxx


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