Home again and still smoke free

Home again and still smoke free

Well back from my Italian trip. I have never seen so many people smoking as in Italy, in restaurants and the street and bars and on railway stations. I must admit I had many "moments" when I could have joined them especially after wonderful food and wines. Still here I am at 5 months so pleased with myself.

A bit of a story, one of my friends so used to seeing people in Italy smoking whilst waiting for a train lit a ciggy on Gard De Lyon station and promptly got fined 68 euros.

We flew to Naples and came back by train via the overnight sleeper train from Milan, never again, the train was awful and uncomfortable it used to be so good but has been taken over and has gone downhill. Had a wonderful time in Sorrento and Capri and Rome. Now having a well deserved rest from all the walking.

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  • What a great photo, welcome back KC and good for you not to give in, well done :D

  • Love the photo KC, and looks like a really lovely place. Well done on not giving in :)

  • Wow, now that is my kind of place! Absolutely gorgeous and it sounds like you have had a fabulous time! Welcome back KC xxx :) :)

  • Hey, KC, that looks just ace gal :) :) and a flippin big massive ginormous well done to you tooooooo for staying smoke free, for 5 flippin months now then :) :) :)

    EMJAYYYYY, new shiny badge needed please :) :)

  • Hi KC, congratulations for staying smoke free and glad you enjoyed your holiday as a non smoker, good for you :) it just goes to show that we can enjoy ourselves as non smokers, well done :) x

  • I am so jealous and it looks amazing. x

  • Always wanted to travel in Italy,it looks fab.My lovely sister in law lives in Rome but that's as far as I've been in Italy.The pic is beautiful Thank You.Glad you're back safe and sound and still smoke free.YAY !! Hugs H x

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