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I'm posting this because I have heard Jillygirls story for the first time through her journey - one which I am just starting. The tumour I have is inoperable - but have now the journey of chemotherapy. Had the first lot on Thursday, and when she says it is pretty bad - it is. The price to pay for smoking - and you guys out there need to keep me going, I feel as rough as a "bear's **rse and having trouble in the vertical postion - horizontal is better for now!! Saw the Oncologist and she says now they have the biopsy results NCLC Squamous Cell - the one associated with smoking - Surprise Surprise!! Have to have 3 more lots plus intravenous and 3 lots of Oral chemo with Radiotherapy together. I just hope I have the strength to do this - as the chances of cure are now 1 in 4. I would like to be the 1 out of the four, but only if I can hack the treatment. Its times like these that living on yer own is not a good idea!! Anyway - am gonna try the Vertical Position now and see if I can manage shower/bath - otherwise I shall keep visitors way!! I don't mean to be cruel - but if you guys want to avoid all this - don't do the fags - you don't know which drag will set off that irreversible Cancer!! Won't moan again - will just let you know where I'm at - without the gory details xxxx Veecatz

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Hi Vee, I am so sorry I posted this story on again. I certainly didn't mean it to apply to you. Like I said there were some of the patients in there who were like you. It wasn't pleasant for them but they did survive. I know if I get cancer again (god forbid) There isn't much chance for me . I really do feel for you and I hope I haven't upset you. love jillygirl. xx


Hello Vee

I wish you the very very best through all this and may you be the 1 in 4. You like Jilly are so brave and posting your story is what we all need to hear, in fact every smoker needs to hear your story because this is what can happen to any of us at any time.

Sorry not to be able to help more as I would be out of my depth to even try but I do so wish you all the strength needed to win against that invader. Best of luck and we are all honoured to read any post you may send.

Best best wishes



Dear Vee,

I don't mind if you moan and I'm pretty sure no one else will. If it helps you get through then I am very okay with that. I don't often pray but I think about you every day and always wish for the best for you. Sending a huge Sally hug..xxx


Good evening everyone,

Veecatz I don't think you are moaning at all, you come on here whenever you like, that's what we are here for , to offer a supportive listening ear. It's tough going through what's happening to you at he moment and I understand your sentiments about being on your own. It's at times like this that the most thoughtful things people can do to help is offering to do the laundry and ironing etc, practical things that help you get by day to day.

It's great that jillygirl can be here, she writes such wise words and understands what has happened to you both in ways the rest of us can't.

Jonathan is right, people need to hear your story, I don't think any one who smokes thinks it will happen to them.

You don't know if you have the strength to do this... Yes you do. Anyone who can take the time to post on here when they feel so rough is made of tough stuff. You hang in there Vee, take it a day at a time.......sleep when you can, eat when you feel able, take any practical help offered. You can do it.

Eye x


Aup Vee, its so lovely to see ya gal :) :) Rite young Lady !!

1, So you have a chance of 1 in 4 :o soooooo go for it gal :)

2, You come on here and flippin moan as much as you want toooooooo gal :)

3, Ok you have another battle on ya hands, but you battled with Nic, and you flippin BEAT him :) :)

4, So now you have another battle with the big C, so flippin what ? you've beat nic, now you can beat C cos I know you have the guts, determination and strength to do this :) you just have to keep yourself focused and collective, and like Jillygirl, you CAN do this :) :)

5, You will never ever be alone Vee, cos we are allllllllllllllllllllllll with you in our thoughts and prayers :) :)

6, I'm feeling a bit down myself at the moment, but I tell ya gal, I'm sending you loads and loads of love and huggs to help you get through this, just hope there big enough to help you :) :)

7, Whether your vertical or horizontal or bent over, you get some kip eh :)



Perhaps you need a massage :o :D :D :D


Hey Vee you flippin stay with us eh !! cos if you dont moan at us gal, I will start moaning at you :P :P :D :D :D hmmmm, I will have to get lessons from Jillygirl, on how to moan !! cos as you know us blokes dont moan eh :o :D :D

Moan sooooooon Vee, Pete :) xxxxx


Hey Vee, Pete says men don't moan, give em all a small dose of what we have had they will soon learn. I think Pete doesn't moan he just chunters to himself. :D


:P :P :D :D :D


Veecatz ... That ain't moaning, it's sharing your thoughts and fears and good on you for having the courage. I'm sure our whole community is right there with you. You have my best wishes and prayers, Go for it, think positive and get well ..


Hi Vee, thanks for coming on and sharing EVERYTHING with us. I'm sure it's good for you to be able to write it down and get it out so that's good therapy for you too. We're all thinking about you and praying for you and I'm sure your posts will help someone else in a similar situation in the future. Positive vibes and great big hugs coming your way from me.


Andi xxx


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