Been a little while but hanging in there - smoke free

Hi guys - some new names and faces since I last was on here - lovely to see everyone going for gold with the no smoking. Keep at it everyone - it is so worth it!! Hard at the beginning - like a grieving process - I smoked for 41 years. However 6 + months on and still clean of the baccy! YO!! life is actually less stressful now I'm not searching for smoking areas or gasping for a nicotine top up. I still vape - but consider it my dummy and really don't care!! For those who don't know and no gory details - I was the one who got the lung cancer - so am fighting the battle without fags which is great. You can read my earlier posts for the history etc - but suffice to say " I would love you all to stop before you get the big C" and everyone here is so supportive. Carry on the good work and don't give up giving up!!!! :) ;)

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  • So lovely to hear from you Vee. keep strong gal. I know you are. :) :)

  • Aup Veeeeeee :) its lovely to see ya gal, it really is :)

    A massive, great, big YIPPEEEEEEEEE to you Vera :) 6 + Months quit, thats just ace gal it is :) :) Like our lovely Jillygirl says, you keep flippin strong gal, cos your getting to the end of the tunnel now, where the light is :) :)

  • There but for the grace of God as they say.A massive hug for winning your battle with the cigs Vee,6 + months is very impressive.I really hope that your health stays steady & thanks for the words of encouragement.x

  • Hello brave and strong lady. Congratulations on a massive six months, and thanks for your encouragement it really really helps when veterans of this damned process come on and give support, It just makes me feel anything is possible. :).

  • Hi Vee, lovely to see you here again. Hope you're feeling OK

  • Hey Vee, was thinking about you only yesterday. Really lovely hear from you and to know that you're winning :D

    Your whole outlook within your journey is the biggest thing that counts so keep smiling xx

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