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Vaginal bleeding following bowel movement.

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I have had a pessary ring in place, successfully for about 10 years. I am using vaginal oestrogen crem. Recently had a slightly difficult bowel movement bowel movement, after which I experienced slight vaginal bleeding. I will make an appointment with my GP, but wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Its a bit worrying.

2 Replies
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Hi I had a bladder floor repair 8 months ago all has been great apart from like you christmas day of all days severely constipatatied as I was on naproxen never in my life had it so bad...very bad bleeding bottom I presume I had tore my skin inside alot of blood calmed down shortly after but not had it since I try not to get constipated cos of my pelvic floor ..I'm sure u prob have got piles or slight tear inside fissures.. Good luck no fun being a woman is it ha ha x

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just a guess , but would imagine you had to strain to pass stool and it might have caused extra pressure vaginally causing your pessary to rub against vaginal walls causing a slight bleed .

Hopefully this is just a one off . Vaginally walls are so fragile post menopausal .

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