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Vaginal wall repair


Hi everyone. I'm new on this forum. I had a vaginal wall repair and bladder put back in place 12 days ago. Op went really well. I had very little pain after op. I suffered with this prolapse for over 40 years. Was offered the ring but declined it as it has to be removed and cleaned about every 6 months. Also had a rectocele op last August which also went well. Keep safe everyone

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Glad to hear things have improved for you, thanks for sharing! I'm currently considering surgery for the same issue plus uterine prolapse but my surgeon wants to do a complete hysterectomy and place mesh to support my vaginal wall using laparoscopic robotic assistance. I would really like to know if you had a hysterectomy and/or mesh placement too, actually I'd love to hear from anyone else who may have had this type of surgery. I'm 59 yrs old and I went through early menopause at age 39 but my doctors never suggested any hormone replacement therapy so that's likely why I'm suffering with stage 3 bladder and stage 2 uterine prolapse now. Wishing you continued and complete healing!

Hi Pelvicblues. I am 69 yrs old, I had a hysterectomy when I was 37 years old kept ovaries this was not to do with cancer, just very heavy clotting periods every month after having 3 children. My prolapse was done with stitches from the vagina. You say say that they want to do keyhole surgery on you using mesh, is this the NHS or private? only NHS say they dont use mesh any more because it's dangerous, a lot of woman were left in a lot of pain and the mess corrode within time and causes problems. Dont want to worry you but my consultant told me this and if you look up on NHS site for vaginal repair it also tells you this. Vaginal repair is safer. If you want to know anything else please do not hesitate in asking. I had vaginal wall and dropped bladder repair. Please let me know how you get on. x

Thank you Nothingimpossible, I should mention that I live in the United States and I have seen the warnings on the NHS and our own FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warnings about mesh use. However, I heard from my Doctor that the mesh he uses is very different than the one that all of the lawsuits are about. In addition, this site pelvicorganprolapsesupport.... argues that the vast majority of women do not suffer any problems with the mesh, even those who had it done back in 2012. So it's confusing and I'm hoping to hear from women who went that route. Cheers!

Ok. Understand. Please let me know how you get on. Where in United States do you live ?

Will do, I'm in Texas where it has been unbearably hot until a couple of days ago.

Ahh lovely. I love America. Keep safe and hope all goes ok for you.

I’ve had a posterior repair with sacrospinous op last Oct ,unfortunately it failed . The consultant now says the only option is sacrocolpopexy done through the abdomen ,this is done with mesh and it will be on the NHS .

Ohh poor you. Do you still have your uterus? I think the mesh will be used because the other op did not work for you and this is a better option. Do you mind me asking your age. Was everything ok when you first had the op?

Hysterectomy 32 years ago , no problems till a couple of years or so ago . 73 now . I’ve got no choice as I can’t possibly carry on it’s affecting bladder etc. I was fine till February then of course unable to see anyone.

I had hysterectomy when I was 37, but had a prolapse for 44years carrying my 3rd child. So really even though all fine at moment no-one knows what's round the corner in a years time. At moment just doing light house work no lifting.

I’ve been told I was just unlucky, I want to pay to speed things up but they said no surgeons are doing this where I live at the moment. Called the waiting list people and was told they cannot even give me a estimated time. Somewhat low now about things . Start again tomorrow.

Bless you. Please let us all know how you get on. Take care x

Babz7019 in reply to Chrob

Don't have mesh mine had to be removed constant pain n dropped down thru my vagina had this replaced with a bladder sling xx

I'm in Portsmouth uk but had this done at St Richards Chichester xx

Ouch poor you. Heard bad reports about mesh. I never had mesh they cut and stitched back in place. NHS. I was lucky only waited until the hospital started doing ops again and they sent for me straight away.

Hi!! Great to hear good news! I wish good recovery!

Did you private or NHS?

I consider do the surgery too.

Hi there. NHS . I must say I was very apprehensive but now so pleased I have had this done, and into my second week tomorrow since op. Let us all know how you get on and best of luck.

Oh great! Thanks for the answer! Yes, I will! ;)

Thanks for your encouraging post. I have been delaying this op as I have heard so little positive feedback. Would you mind answering a few questions. What age group are you in, where did you have the op done and who was your surgeon? Delighted for you it went well, I am sure it will make life easier and more fun.

Hi, I'm 69yrs young lol, Princess Alexandra hospital, Harlow. Surgeon Miss J Rachna. Naturally still got some swelling but no pain and can walk normal. Let us know how you get on please. Will also update.

Hi, thanks for your reply - so good to hear about positive surgery, there are so many gloomy stories about it has made me very apprehensive. I am pursuing physio atm but this will probably only bring limited improvement. All the best for your recovery and moving on from prolapse.

The NHS are performing mesh implants to support prolapse but the latest advice is for more assessment prior to the op. I had mesh op 6 years ago due to peeing myself on slightest sneeze or strain. The operation went well and remains to be very effective.

That's good news that your op went well 6 years ago but I think you will fine the NHS stopped using mesh in 2018-19 because a lot of women were getting side effects of pain during intercourse also mesh was poking through and lots of other problems they were being sued. My consultant said that mesh would only be used if nothing else worked and this would have to be with complete consent from patient with explanations from consultant.

That’s such good news and wish you all the best. I have anterior vaginal collapse and the prolapse keeps popping out - size of tennis ball. Urgency and incontinence of urine is the order of the day and have to resort to using incontinent panties.

It took me 12 months to get a Gynaecologist appointment - and have to wait for not less than a year to get NHS surgery!

Am considering going private and would appreciate some good names of proven gynaecological surgeons.

Thank you

Where are you in uk saw a fantastic surgeon yday

Georgina Fraser n yes i had to go private n poss op but Nhs waiting list so long xx

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