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Clitoral Pain Med help

Hi All, im on gabapentin, vaginal valium & small dose orally to sleep, baclofen and amitriptyline creams and not getting a handle or coping well right now. In pt the pain gets worse before it gets better and need to lower pain in between to try to cope. Im unable to function at all on benzos or pain killers as well as higher valium and just got off clonopin. Anyone find zoloft helps in low doses is there any other low dose anti anxiety drug that anyone has tried that might help with pain and sleep to get me off or on a lower valium? Cymbalta im a zombie and nor/amitriptyline heart leaping from my body. Lexapro big nausea. im on gabapentin so all those alternatives are out. Seeking help for pain/ fear... any help out there off what to bring up at my doctors appointment this week?

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If I may suggest, I believe seeing a good Chiropractor would help you greatly! Sounds like you need pressure taken off your spinal cord nerves. Going for me has given me great relief. I have to keep up with it because I get out of place easily due to stress, I can totally tell when I'm out now! I used to get this strange vibration in the nether regions lol before I started going and found it was pinched nerves. Hope this is helpful...get better soon 😃


What about a pudendal nerve block?


Since my injury is from a bad spinal ive been warned to leave the back alone. I was coping but now not. All communication welcome any drugs you suggest for lowering pain, im in pt.


You can get the block done via the vagina, should help the clit


How long does it last, I have never wanted to burn that nerve out. I had a lidocaine marcaine injection lasted a several hrs but pain surged back 8yrs ago. Are there longer ones?


Everyone's reaction is different. Maybe try to find a dr who does neural prolotheraphy or ozone therapy or just get a block. The block should calm the nerve


Ill google neural prolotheraphy and ozone therapy since I haven't heard of either. Anything pro or con I should be aware of with either?

I have had bad reactions to things because I did not know the questions to ask. Much appreciate the suggestions.


It is a bit more holistic than a regular nerve block because they don't use a steriod. The neural prolotheraphy has Traumeel, sometimes, which is anti-inflammatory. The ozone uses a gas to heal the tissues around the nerve. I would try, I've used prolotheraphy with good results.


Have you had ozone therapy it there a gotcha that you know about?


I'm trying it soon. My dr in Denver does it for people who have lyme disease. It's widely known in Europe. I'm not a dr, and just giving you info that has helped me. I think personally anything more holistic is worth a try. Google ozone therapy and read about how it works for nerves.


Have you heard of PEMF? Just viewing it on Dr. Oz. Not a fan of Dr. Dillard having tried him though.



Can u say i used to get sharp pains down there sometimes and swelling in the left labia.

I agree with the others,something is being pinched,possibly in your pelvis.

Ask them to scan your ovarian veins and surrounding iliac veins with ultrasound and if that doesnt find it get an mri.

Mine was the left ovarian vein was enlarged causing backflow pressure into the labia.

I have had this pain for years and never wld have thought it came from the pelvis.

Im 11 weeks post op the my gyny went in and shut the vein off.

Swelling has gone down,no more clit pain either.

If you had of told me this was coming from the pelvis i wld have thought you were mad before this.

Get the scans done.

Make sure when the do the ultrasound you are standing for some of it.this was the only way they could see the pressure of the flow in there.

See a vascular vein specialist mate.

If its in the pelvis or vein related they will find it.

Kind regards



Can i just add i saw both a gyny and a vascular specialist to deal with it.

Vascular found it,i decided to get gyny to shut it off.

Just my preference at the time.


They injected lidocaine into the nerve during the spinal. All scans negative except veinous congestion in neurography in the ischial spine. All communication welcome just not coping.



They deal with veins and venious or pelvic congestion which looks like your diagnosis.

They will know what to do mate,they will be able to see what is being pinched and shut it off,thereby redirecting the flow.

Most pelvic congestion surgery is a day procedure.


I cant believe the painkillers you have to take you poor thing.

There has to be an answer with a vascular guy,im sure you wld like to be off all of this!!!


Thx. I will def look into a vascular specialist as is a new concept for me. Any specific questions I should ask when I go?


Let him know you have been diagnosed with venious congestion.

Ask him to do pelvic ultrasound to check your ovarian veins and iliac veins.they can produce pain in your clit area.

They will find something mate im sure of it.will be worth it.

You dont want more probs in your legs etc possibly later on if something is being pinched.



I have always worked on the idea that pain is there for a reason.

You cant mask it,you have to keep going to fix it

Whatever that takes.

I went in for lap to fix that vein which was causing major depression and intimacy problems and found endo in there too.

Things happen for a reason we got all that too for now,but had i done nothing this could have been a whole lot worse hey


What is a vacular specialist?


Has anyone tried PEMF? Also, how much and how often do you need to do ozone therapy to work. Anyone tried or know anything about Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy or PEMF? Im in NYC any recommendations for either??



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