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Pain every day no diagnosis!!


Hi all, wondered if anyone is still in the same position as me. I've been in pain every day for the past year. Still have no diagnosis! I've had a laparoscopy where I was diagnosed with endometriosis to find in fact t wasn't that at all! Biopsy were all clear. Still in pain after hormone treatment that I actually didn't need! Feel sooo upset and lost faith in doctors. I'm now waiting on an MRI scan on my lower spine to see if it's connected to my nerves. I'm frustrated they haven't done this sooner! Got an appointment with pain management in September I have no idea what they will do for me. Im already on gabapentin and amitriptyline. Tens machines doesn't help. I'm 24 and feel like I will be stuck like this the rest of my life! :(

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I can relate to how you feel. The not knowing is the worst because you are not taken seriously without one and not given the drugs you need.

Have you tried tramadol or fentanyl patches ( morphine )they do make you tired at first but after a couple of weeks you are coping and less pain.

Can you go into more detail on what you did ? Where the pain is exactly ?

No not tried either of those, everytime I go back to my gp he just says as I'm still working and feeling tired he doesn't want to give me anything else! I can't go off sick anymore from work either :(.. My pains like a dull pressurised pain. It feels like someone is pushing on my insides! It's constant. I also get pain in my back now and again, still waiting for my MRI results I'm hoping in a weird way it shows something xx

Hey im sorry to hear about your pain. I am literally in the exact same position as you! I have been in pain for nearly a year and the doctors havent found anytning apart from some adhesions durimg a laparoscopy, which they removed. They had no idea what the cause of them was since i never had a previous surgery and always tested negative for sti tests.

Ive seen so many doctors and none of them have helped. They just keep prescribing me pain medication. Im only 20 years old and finding it hard to deal with this constant every second of the day pain!!!

Im also scared il be stuck this way too especially since adhesions dont dissapear over time they just get worse.

My advice to you would be to be persistant. Keep pestering the doctors for more tests. Xrays, blood hormone tests, endoscopy or whatever where they put a camera inside your womb. Also maybe ask for mri with dye as it could be Pelvic congestion. Maybe try to get reffered to a physio as it may be muscle related - search up mayofascial pain.

I agree that the hardest part is not knowing whats wrong - i feel the same too like maybe my reproductive organs are just disintegrating over time and i start panicing.

But just know that you are not alone. I will be thinking and praying for the both of us! Best of

Luck xxx

sorry to hear ur in pain all the time too! It's awful to feel like the rest of my life will be like this I just keep crying.. I am really hoping this MRI will show something up. I'm frustrated that they are happy to leave me with no diagnosis and jsut be left with managing a pain with no cause. It's been such a long process to get to where I am and I'm still no further forward! Just need to keep pushing. I don't want to be stuck on medication the rest of my life. I just feel drowsy and depressed because of it.. I hope u get some luck too! Maybe one day they will find something they haven't discovered yet and will be able

To give a diagnosis!! X

Let me know if they find anything with your scan! And also if you know any useful pain relief tips. Also how would you describe your pain and where abouts is it?

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