Undiagnosed pelvic pain

I've suffered with severe lower right abdominal pain or right pelvic pain. I'm on 150mg amitriptyline and 150mg tramadol a day I've also tried gabapentin and pregabalin. Still trying to control the pain as I've not returned to work since it started. I've been referred back and forth between gynaecology and general surgery I've had three ultra sounds- one internal and an MRI where they found an ovarian cyst that was 5cm to start with that then shrunk to 1cm I've been told that could not cause my pain. Any help with a diagnosis or a department I could be referred to would be so much appreciated!

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  • Hi Rebecca 97,

    I suggest that you should try and find someone in your vicinity who has a clue about pelvic pain. Many doctors have not been trained to deal with this. This could even be a physiotherapist who is trained to treat patients with pelvic pain. A specialist in proctology could also be helpful. Are you in the UK? The Problem with MRI and ultra-sound is that they often don't come up with a clear picture of what is wrong.

    I hope you soon find someone who can at least point the way.

  • I'm in Scotland, I haven't heard of proctology but I'll look into it I'll also ask the pain clinic about physiotherapy- thanks so much for your help x

  • hi Rebecca .can I ask over what period of time you had your scans etc?

  • My pain started suddenly on 8/4/14 and I was admitted the next day. I had an ultrasound on the 10/4/14 whilst admitted which found a 5cm ovarian cyst. About a month later I had another ultrasound and a transvaginal scan which showed the ovarian cyst had shrunk to 3cm and on the 25/6/14 I had an MRI which revealed the cyst was only 1cm. Gynaecologists and General Surgeons have both said that the ovarian cyst was probably nothing to do with my pain but I have had nothing but conflicting information from both sides x

  • I think Dr's don't see, "I don't know" as a possible answer. I have terrible pain from scar tissue. I only know I have scar tissue through out my reproductive system, b/c I had an eptopic pregnancy-rupture & ER surgery, Dr told me I had Lots of scar tissue in there 20 yrs ago. Since then I'v had additional abdominal surgery and Rolfing has addressed a lot of my issues. Scar tissue binds up healthy tissue & causes my intestines to spasm & get bound up, very painful. Rolfing has been my biggest relief from pelvic & abdominal pain. rolf.org/about I hope you find some relief.

  • Thanks! Will check it out x

  • I would try and find a pelvic floor dysfunction therapist. I suffered with type of pain since oct 2014 was diagnosed with all different things and tried all different methods, medications different specialist it wasn't till I was referred to PFD therapist that finally discovered what was causing my pain pudendal nerve so I begin therapy next week. Mine pain is chronic now since it took so long to have the right diagnose and treatment is going to be difficult but we are going to try before having any type of surgerys or procedures. I've had to many unsuccessful surgerys in the past and one of them cause this nightmare I'm in.

  • That sounds awful but at least you've found a therapy that works for you. Thank you for you're help!x

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