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Pudendal Nerve clitoral symptoms

I have been dealing with pudendal nerve pain for just about a year now and have mainly left sided clitoral pain. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if they have had any success with specific treatment. I have tried massaged therapy, a pelvic physio therapist, acupuncture and regular sports physio as well as chiropractor using shockwave and laser treatments. My symptoms are all left sided. Clitoral symptoms are hyper sensitivity to the point of paint. And I do have tingling burning etc as well as urgency to urinate. Please help !

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My Dear, I have no advice but feel your discomfort and frustration you have ..I have problems so can empathize with you ..coping is very hard ..when it comes to nerves problems it is a difficult one, only you know what it is really like pain cannot been seen at all.........God Bless you Margaret Good Luck ..


Following on from socirul's post. The nhs can loan a tens machine for around a month. You'll need a recommendation from your gp. The service is a good one and offers help and advise on usage. I hope you find some comfort. I know first hand how nerve pain can take over your life.


Get a TENS machine. I'm a male who's had a pressure in the lower pelvis/rectum and severe glans penis pain and hypersensitivity for over 5 years, which has improved significantly since starting using a TENS. You'll have to experiment with where to place the electrodes. I've had results from a set-up whereby the current runs between the perineum and lower back. Mine is made by a company called TensCare and only cost me £30.


Hi thanks for the reply. I do have a tens machine but the issue was not knowing exactly where to place it but I will try your suggestion! How often did you use it ?


Join the closed Facebook group called pudendal neuralgia hope

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The tens unit places are middle of inner elbow (black), top hand btw thumb and index finger (red) these were both cut down to a shape 1 inch in length .5 inch in width round at the end. The second set of sensors (black) top, middle forearm and bottom middle forearm (red). The therapist uses the presets for the knee. Supposed to be right arm for left sided pain.

I have slow but steady improvement with physio therapist for exclusively myofascial work. I would try as many practitioners who have advanced certificates and pelvic experience.

Hope it helps


How's that positioning going to help pelvic pain? :S

You have to have the current running through either the affected nerves or between the vertebrae in the spine where the root nerves of the affected area enter the spinal cord.

You normally get two "channels" on the machine, with two electrodes for each channel. The current will run between the positive and negative on each channel, separately. Having two channels just means you can treat two areas at once, but I've found it easier to focus on one side at a time. I place the electrodes where I want (recently I've been placing one on the top of the inside of the leg where it meets the perineum and one in the centre of the buttock area), select a fairly high frequency (which gives a buzzing sensation), crank up the intensity until it's tolerable, then use one hand to gently press on and/or slightly move one of the electrodes until I feel it best hitting the nerves. But you just have to experiment.

Just note that there are some contraindications to using a TENS machine, so check these first; also don't place the electrodes in the head or neck area, or across the heart.

I should also say that there's a treatment called PENS, which is loosely related to TENS, but is carried out in a clinic setting using a bigger machine. You'd have to contact a neurologist about having this done.


Thanks Ill try that!


Have you been seen by a uro-neurologist? If not ask your Doctor to refer you. They have neuro-physiological tests they can perform to see how the nerve is affected. Good-Luck.


Ditto I am the same however mine is on the right side, the desperate feeling of wanting a wee drives me mad, I can't wee as I had my bladder removed in 2008!!


Thanks. I had a spinal gone wrong so im scared to see a chiropractor. Any meds youve tried that could help me? I truly need some help right now as the pain goes through my back and upbto my head. Not.coping.


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