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Advice needed!! Please help!


I have a pelvic floor disorder where my obturator muscle gets tight and clamps down of the obturtor nerve. I did PT for 6 months. Im on another nerve medicine medicine (amitriptyline) and I just started taking lytrica. Scheduled for injections and Botox for the pelvic floor on April 27th, Now today I starting had shooting pains down my legs into my foot. My foot is numb. It feels like electricity going down my leg. Any suggestions? Please help!

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Does the amitriptyline help? What dosage are you on? I currently take 10mg at night but doesn't seem to do much. At least it gets me to sleep I suppose.

My left obturator internus spasms which apparently puts pressure on the pudendal nerve. I had a Botox injection but it only made things worse for me.

Worth a try though.

It's also important to get an MRI to rule out any other possibilities for the cause of your pelvic pain.

lucyp in reply to Pafen

You could try doing some monster walk stretches. These have helped me more than everything else put together. Not for everybody so start slowly, you will know within a couple of weeks if it is going to help.


Can you stretch your psoas muscle as well? My doctor says that obturator and psoas share facia and if one gets tight they can pull on the other so try to stretch them both. I have the electricity pain that shoots down my leg as well. Sometimes it goes to my big toe and sometimes it goes to the top of my foot .

I have other muscles that get affected such as glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and I find if I go to a chiropractor who can treat me with active release technique's or ART it can settle down all of the muscles including obturator even though he does not work on that one directly .

Thank you for your advice. I am taking 50 mg of amitriptyline. I went my pelvic Pt and she said my muscles are so flared up it's using the PN pain. My legs and butt feel like they are on pins and needles and I feel like the sensation is getting worse and spreading. My whole body feels like electric shock is moving through it when I lay down. I am actually considering going to the emergency room although I don't know what they could do for me

Did your physical therapist work on the obturator internus muscle manually from the inside as one of the pelvic floor muscles as well? If she didn't you might which I'm sure she did you might want to go back and let her do that. I have to let you know it's not the most pleasant sensations compared to all of the rest of the pelvic floor muscles if it is in spasm. Not that any of them are fun when being worked on by any means. Praying for you. Deb. 🙏🙋🏻

Amy41106 in reply to Debra13

Yes she has been working on the obturtor muscles internally for over 6 months and if anything it's gotten much worse. I have a prudental nerve block done internally this morning. Hopefully I have some relief. It's so frustrating. Every since I starting assuring doctors I have gotten worse. Thank you for the prayers

Debra13 in reply to Amy41106


I have had several nerve blocks. If done correctly they are wonderful for temporary relief. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and fight. Even when it seems hopeless and frustrating. Been down this road a long time. Never lose the hope and that fight ok. Deb. 👍🤗

France nantes

I wanted to update you all in hopes it may help someone else one day. So as you can tell from my past post, I have been suffering from PFD for almost a year. I went to get blood work done prior to my PF Botox and my white blood cell count was way too high. The next day, my stomach was hurting more than usual and my stomach seems inflamed so I went to the doctor and they sent me for a catscan. Long story short, I had my chronically inflammed appendix removed Friday and I feel like my PFD is gone! I went from living in terrible debilitating pain to being pain free my taking out my appendix. I'm still on pain meds because they sliced my stomach open but I have a good feeling. So if you are in my shoes, force your doctor to run blood tests and catscan and mris. My doctor refused to do an MRI and told me to go to a psychiatrist to "learn to deal with my pain". All the time, it was my inflammed appendix. I hope this message saves someone from living a life of pain when you don't have to, like I did for the past year, since they didn't run blood tests or catch this prior to me electing to get cut open to find out what was wrong. Best of luck to you all.

Have u ever had any spine issues? Radiating leg/foot pain & numbnesscan be disc/spinal related. U mite want to see a neurosurgeon and have it checked out.

Hi, I know you wrote this two years ago, I have the same issues, did you get better ?

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