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Ongoing pelvic pain

I started experiencing right side pelvic pain at the end of Oct. I put if off but finally it was so bad I ended up in the ER on Nov 14. After ct scan and ultrasound I was told that the right ovary was covered in cysts and to follow up with a ObGyn which I did. She was a new doctor for me as I had just changed insurances. At our meeting she explained that my right fallopian tube was dilated and I did have a cyst. She said I could treat this with Naproxen for 6 months and see if I got relief or I could consider to surgery. I chose surgery as I've already had hysterectomy in 2009 due to severe anemia so I decided to have fallopian tubes and ovary removed since I didn't need them. One week before surgery the pain was so intense it was affecting my sleep and work after contacting obgyn she told me that I shouldn't be in that much pain that it's affecting my days and told me to go back to er because I must have something else going on. Well I also work at the hospital and I know that if I would have went back to er I would have been told it was from the ovary and to follow up with obgyn and surgery was in a week. So I chose to tough it out til surgery. Had surgery in Dec and after surgery Dr said she removed fallopian tubes but left ovary she said ovary was fine. After three days the pain returned it was the exact same pain in the exact same location. I contacted her again and was told give it a few weeks as I had just had surgery. At my follow up I had an ultrasound which I was told was fine. She then released me and said my pain was GI related. So after working with my PCP and a GI Dr they have determined that my pain is not GI related colonoscopy was perfect so they believe it's GYN related and referred me back to GYN I've called her office and her nurse had told me that the Dr believes it's not GYN related and if I was still having problems she could see me at the end of July. What should I do the pain is very regular wakes me from my sleep and affects me at work.

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I will pray and hope that it is not PNE or CPP because there is no cure and the pain and level of bodily dysfunction can be off the charts. I went to the ER 3 times with mine because it was so unbearable, the pain and constantly peeing every 5 minutes and not being able to defecate. I felt like I was dying and all alone in my fight. It was and is horrible. I completely understand your pain and the lack of helpful responses from doctors. I tried physiotherapy for a while and it helped a little, but my physio never did any internal or external trigger work or massaging. It was like she didn't know what to do with me since I was a man with this condition. She just told me to go home and stretch and used a tens machine on me. I've gone through more tests than I care to remember. My wife and son left me because of it. I might lose my job if it continues to get any worse. I actually had some relief and thought it was cured for 4 months and then it came back, probably because of the stress. This is an ugly condition and modern medicine is clueless when it comes to fixing it. They just try their best to treat the symptoms or they misdiagnose you and you have an unnecessary surgery that causes it to get worse. It is a vicious cycle that leaves us all helpless and hopeless. We just get sent to put a pain relief band aid on it becaue they truly don't know what else to do with us.


Get a Gynea or surgeon to do a laparoscopy and go look inside for Pelvic Venus Congestion 

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine and that's what they found upon doing a laparoscopic investigation plus a little bit of endometriosis but the pain is from the thickened artery


Very interesting. I've not heard of this and I've read so many medical reports, books, etc. When I had my hysterectomy my doctor told me my veins to the uterus were 2-3 times wider than normal and I had extremely heavy periods, anemia, and in extreme pain. Before that they told me that the pain was in my head. The emotional cost of doctors ignorance is way under estimated.


Those "bigger than normal veins" is a chronic condition and that's where your pain is most likely coming from. It puts pressure on nerves and organs and it's just NOT nice!


Thanks for all the advice. It's nice to have someone to talk to because it's obvious my Dr doesn't have time for me.


No..I wouldn't say that..I just think this is a rare condition and not all docters are aware of it. Ask for the laparoscopic photos and go get a second opinion. 

It's debilitating and exhaustingto have chronic pain. Chronic pain lasts for ever and usually gets worse with age.... 

I was on a very good antidepressant once which had pain management properties. But my medical aid didn't pay I couldn't afford it so I stopped taking it and immediately the pain was back.

I had one chiropractor session where he pushed down into my side where that vein sits and it left a bruise but the pain went away for a year!!

Actually I think it's time to visit him again.




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