Right low Pelvic pain

So I've had on and off Pelvic pain since October! There's no pattern. Pain alway located same area low right Pelvic area. Had X ray and ultrasound came back normal. Pain stayed went to my GP he said functional cyst causing pain. Said 4-6 months to go away. It went away came back February with a vengeance. GP said could be endometriosis or a cyst take pain med. I have tried to see Gyn and they first said go to GP and I've asked my GP do I need to see OBGYN he says up to you but not necessary. My back went away for 2 months now it's back. Can't see OBGYN til June 22 and I'm worrying if it's cancer 😢😢anyone else relate? Ease my worries what is wrong w me! I'm 39 had a miscarriage last April

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  • Hi BlondeBeauty29

    I think you need to have answers for your pain as it has been ongoing for sometime and your GP can't diagnose possible endometriosis on symptoms alone. It's difficult to suggest whether it is gynae in origin as lower right sided pain could also be bowel related. Do you have any other symptoms? I would for the next month do a daily pain and symptom diary including bowel, bladder symptoms and also clearly mark when and what days you have your period. This can help pinpoint if the pain is likely to be gynae related or if you are better seeing a gastroenterologist or colorectal specialist. I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions

  • Have they ruled out a prolapse as this can give you the pain you describe

  • No what is that?

  • I do have IBS but my bowel are normal I have been tracking pains since November from what I can see is November I had diagnosed small functional cyst then dec and Jan no pain then feb can back whole month then march and April no pain now may a week before period and now I'm ending period pain has resumed

  • Bladder normal and it's so low like groin area right pain

  • You can just get pain with IBS and not have diarrhoea or constipation at times - it's a weird condition which can sometimes be so unpredictable. Sometimes it's related to hormones other times no pattern is seen.

    Have you had your pelvic floor checked? It might be worth consulting a women's health physiotherapist to see if your pelvic floor muscles are too tight which can cause pain which isn't always constant. It's something that is very often overlooked as a source of pelvic pain by GPs and other medical professionals which is a shame. They might also be able to help find other potential sources of your pain and direct you to a specialist as I'm at a loss but it's unlikely to be cancer as you don't have any red flag symptoms that would raise suspicion and allow you to access a specialist using the 2 week cancer pathway (UK) to either rule in or rule out cancer. 22nd June might seem a long way off but it's only another 5 weeks or so so not too long to wait - are you still seeing the gynae? It could be related to your miscarriage- were you checked to make sure that no infection had occurred?

  • Yes miscarriage was last April had all the ultrasound to make sure it's was all out. I'm going to see obgyn June 22 my period regular and normal and I see a pattern every 3 month period I have this pain never had a Abnormal pap so not sure another cyst or endometriosis or both


    I just read an article that says that Hernias can cause pelvic pain!! Has anyone else heard of that?? It tells of the story of a woman who went to multiple doctors who had no idea what could cause her pelvic pain. She found a doctor who specializes in that area and the operation solved her problem.

    If anyone wants a copy of the article you can message me.

    i just found out that I have a hernia because of an ultrasound test that was done because I have low back pain and pelvic pain. Until I read that article last night i had not and the doctors had not made any association to my pelvic pain. It may or may not be the cause but I will definitely speak to the doctor about it.

    I also have had 3 years ago pelvic pain that has come and gone. After numerous tests and doctors who could not help me, I was finally directed to a PT that specializes in the pelvic floor. She helped release the tight muscles/spasms. It was such a relief. I would recommend this treatment.

  • Wow thanks for info I'm going to see obgyn see if they rule out another cyst or same one or endometriosis if not then I will look into it when it first started they thought hernia but x ray and ultrasound came back normal although they also said a hernia sometimes can't be picked up on ultrasound also I thought it would have to be protruding out of your tummy to be a hernia??

  • No it does not have to protrude. Mine does not. Will know more tomorrow after a visit with the surgeon..

  • Just found an article by the surgeon doctor who specializes in hernias at pelvicpainrehab.com. She even offers other doctors to contact her if they have any questions.

    Great article!!

  • Thanks I will take a look tell me what the surgeon says about your hernia?? Goodluck

  • I went to see the surgeon yesterday and he said that it was such a small hernia, that it would be almost impossible to repair. He even said there is always a risk that they touch some nerves during the operation which of course would cause pain. I told him about the pelvic pain and the article I found. Asked him whether he had heard of this. Not sure he really had. You know how delicate it can be to put the doctor on the spot. any case I gave him a copy of the article. He asked to see me again in 3 months to see if the hernia is growing. I will pursue further then. I need to heal my back first.

    Question: can you describe the type of pain you have? Is it a burning sensation or the sensation that you have a spasm in your pelvic floor area.? I have had both type of pains.

  • It's right groin area very low and it's just pain no burning I notice bending forwards certain stretches squatting aggravate it. Heat irritates it walking helps it's weird almost feels like a ligament. On and off not constant. Today it's hardly hurt I'm also having aches and pains on my right leg and lower back pain, that's why I'm wondering if it's another cyst? How did he diagnose you w hernia? What tests?

  • The test was an ultrasound.It is what they call an inguinal hernia. Where was your cyst? Do you ever get pain in your buttock?

  • My functional cyst was in the same location as pain right side and no I don't have pain in buttocks.

  • Certain movement aggravate it ugh and the yucky feeling in back and on and off mild pains downright leg worried I have Pelvic congested syndrome ugh waiting on new insurance to see obgyn June 1

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