Low abdominal cramping with low back pain

Hello, Does anyone out there have frontal low abdominal cramps along with pelvic, low back, groin, vulvar and thigh/leg pain....aching and pins and needle-like. Rheumatologist thinks myofacial pain syndrome....I just don't know why I sometimes feel what feels like period cramps and some pain radiating up from pubic area to near my navel. I am postmenopausal, in my mid 60's. Colonoscopy one month ago normal. Vaginal ultrasound normal, teeny fibroid in uterus which can't be source of pain. Obgyn says not a gyn problem. Just had MRI of lumbar and thoracic spine....awaiting results. Also awaiting results of blood work. Just wondering if myofacial pain can be associated with low frontal abdominal pain. GI doc thinks possible IBS. Thanks for sharing your experiences or knowledge.

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  • Hi, I just posted on another post as my symptoms seem to be similar to there's but also yours... I've had bad lower back/pelvic pain on and off for 8months now since I gave birth and some of this feels like period cramps which os why the doctors initially thought it was a gynaecology issue. My periods have been irregular and the pain tends to flare up more when I'm bleeding so the doctors think its gynaecology related but I dont know. During this time I've also had a bit of diarrhea and then every now and then constipation. I have previously been told I have mild ibs so I wonder if the bowel symptoms are because I'm stressed with the pain. My pain feels like a hot sort of burning pain which feels like a kind of pressure and tends to get worse later in the day. My doctors are currently doing tests but they don't seem to know if its gynaecology related, bowel related (I dont think it is) or actually just my back. I'm going back to the doctors next Friday and hopefully they'll make a bit of progress!

  • Hi Gemp54, Thanks for replying. Please let me know what you find out about your pain and any treatment you may receive. It's really baffling because there are so many possible causes for low pelvic and abdominal pain. I'm going to ask my family doc for a scan or MRI of my abdomen. Sometimes the pelvic, leg, groin and low abd pain is so severe it is disabling. Please let me know how you make out. Liketoknow

  • YES, my experience with Rolfing totally helped with what you describe. When my back first took a crap it started with leg, thigh & low back-hip pain. It triggered vaginal cramps that were so bad I couldn't move. Because of other issues I have a great deal more abdominal pain, now it goes up to my bellybutton. My greatest relief came from Rolfing. I'm scheduled for appointments with Dr's to get a full picture. Most Medical Dr's don't even concern themselves with the myofacial system, but Rolfing is based on it. Good luck.

  • Thank you so much for your reply and rolfing suggestion!

  • Thanks!

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