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Follow up from the pelvic pain!

I wrote here a few weeks ago.

Started having very sharp contraction like pain in my right pelvic area, Gp refereed me for a pelvic internal & ultrasound. The day after I when to GP Out Of Hours which refereed me to the main hospital for suspected appendicitis. Had swabs then got sent home. Results come back all normal.

Had ultrasound & received results today!

I have a 4cmx4cm cyst on my LEFT ovary! They detected a blood clot inside that ruptured and the pain I was caused from the bleeding seeping into my body lining. My Gp have now referred me for another ultrasound to see if it have shrunk and dispersed, if not then back to gyno to have it removed.

She have booked me in for CA125 blood tests. I’m aware this type of blood test can detect hormone levels for Ovarian Cancer. Should I be worried??? I’m 27. My mum suffered with cyst at 33 and they took away her Fallopian tube and ovary!

Thanks in advance

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Hi Hayleyjel.

Sorry to hear you are going through this. Having had a very similar experience and continued issues 2 years later, I feel for you.

The ovarian cyst I had was a 7cm haemorrhagic cyst that bled into itself, causing extreme pain. They removed it via laparoscopic surgery a week before my wedding, great timing!

They do blood tests and a biopsy as standard so don’t worry too much about the tests for cancer.

Try and chill out if you can.

Wishing you all the best,

Vicki x


Oh a week before you wedding :( I hope you healed & recovered in time for the big day?

Yeah I’m trying not to worry it’s just knowing I have to have that certain blood test makes me all anxious :/

Have you had any further problem since surgery?

I’m just concerned because the doctor said she don’t know what type off cyst it is? I thought they could tell this through a ultrasound and internal ultra? Or am I wrong in thinking this. She haven’t mentioned a biopsy yet but said we will wait for next ultrasound and results and then go from there!

On the plus side though my pains come only once maybe twice a week now, where as I was doubled over for weeks with pain!

So that’s a good sign I’m sure :)

Thanks for the reply xx

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Hi I also have experience with having cysts. Sometimes with these they can come and go which is why they book a follow up ultrasound, I have been told the pain is from irritation of fluid but this can be absorbed by your body. However I have also had a 10cm cyst that was removed by laparoscopy. The blood test is just to cover all eventualities. Mine was raised but it was because of inflammation rather than anything sinister.

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That’s good news it was for inflammation rather than anything sinister, I bet that was a relief :)! Yeah I wasn’t aware that most women form a cyst once a month but they go on their own! Learn something new everyday lol


Oh and forgot to mention in my first post, all pain have been on my right side, yet it’s my left ovary with the cyst! Hmmm :/ xx


praying all is well...had cyst in past...no worries

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Hi Hayley try to to worry about the blood test probably just a precortion. This blood test can sometimes detect other problems like inflammation and point towards endometriosis

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Thanks Tristan :)


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