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Unexplained pelvic & abdominal pain

I've been having pelvic pain on the right side that sometimes hurts on the left side and in my legs . It feels like a stabbing, throbbing, and burning type of pain and it's constant. I went to the er a few months ago and said that I had another ruptured cyst. I went back a month later and they couldn't find anything. I went to my gyn and she says that I need to get a referral to see a gi because of my frequent urination, change in bowl movements, and I have trouble eating. I've tried taking tylenol, neproxin, ibuprofen, heating pads, and the works. I take a depo shot for menorrhagia and I haven't had a real period in years. I'm tired of the pain and not being able to sleep. It's been almost five months since this started and it's very frustrating and depresses me I just want it to go away. Next week I see my family doctor and get a referral. Any possible suggestions ?

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Hi I spent a eternity going to doctors about my lower left sided pelvic pain I was 14 months of suffering with it I had the same pain as u describe often worse before a period and when on it will be 2 year in January since I had my Laprostopy they found aheadions on pouch of Douglas and endo in my womb I'm no expert in this but I suffer nerve pain to and was giving gabapentin tramadol and paracetamol for the pain which helped a lot maybe worth asking for gabapentin for nerve pain if ur other pain meds ain't helping Goodluck when u see ur doctor and all best for 2017 xx


That's a good idea ! I used to take that for sciatica. It's good to know I'm not crazy. My gyn thinks that the pain is not a gynecological problem but I really believe it is.


Yeah they never believed me to start off with but I demanded a second opinion as I knew it was my endo that was causing my nerve pain to but I had a ultrasound scan just before Xmas and found 3cm ovarian cyst on left ovary Iv been in a lot of pain with it but doctor reckons that the ovarian cyst is causing all the pressure in my pelvic area and constant trips to the loo even during the night my urine has been tested for infection but came back clear xx


Hi and Happy New Year,

I know it's hard to even be happy when we are in pain. We have to do the best each of us can do. Have any of you ever seen a urogynecologist or urologist that specializes in Interstitial Cystitis, IC for short? Some of the constant urinating and nerve pain could be from this. I suffer with this among other things and it's no fun.


I went to the doctor today and had X-ray's taken on my back and my bladder. The dr said I have pinched nerves in my back and pelvis. I also have interstitial cystitis. They put me on neurotin and pretnazone. Hopefully this helps. Thank you everyone & thank you for all of your support !

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