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Unexplained pelvic pain

Hi everyone,

I am a medical mystery and I before I go back to the GP , I thought I'd share my symptoms for suggestions of what to do next.

I'm female, 43 years old, asthmatic, have an underactive thyroid, type 2 diabetes, fibroids and I take a cocktail of medications, including insulin for my conditions.

I have a constant dull ache on the lower right side of my abdomen that has been there for over two years. It started about the time I went on insulin, but the diabetic consultant says this is a coincidence.

The GP says the ache is digestion related and now I've had an abdominal scan, colon camera, breath test, blood tests, urine tests, and stool tests which are all normal I've been told it's nothing serious, most likely IBS, and to take painkillers to relieve symptoms.

From the beginning I've always thought it was gynae related because my dull ache flares up to pain at the time of a period. I think my right ovary is causing my pain, but the GP said that it wasn't likely. The pain radiates down my right leg. My thigh is numb with pins and needles.

I've done the fodmap diet to check for IBS and yes, I definitely have a problem with dairy and possibly wheat but excluding these food groups have made no difference to my abdomen pain.

I'm having a flare up right now, it's period time again. I've been awake most of the night in pain. My periods are now 21 days apart. The only thing that helps is codeine phosphate painkillers but I can't take them whenever I want becauae I have to drive to work. I've tried amyltryptiline but it doesn't help with the pain, it just gives me a dull foggy head on top of my other problems.

Sorry to waffle on. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like me, I had an ultrasound internal (v) and groin. They found that my ovaries were almost but not yet polycystic (however you spell it) as I still have periods. They explained that my eggs leave little empty sacks behind in my ovaries causing dull ache and sometimes flares up really bad and it takes breath away, more so my right than left. I'm due on in a day or so and can feel it starting on my right as I type. Another explanation is if you take tramadol that can cause groin pain, I took it for 3 years due to lower back and sciatic pain (down right leg also as you're describing) so it's catch 22, I stopped taking tramadol & groin pain subsided but was walking around hunched over in pain with back and legs. Hot baths morning and night would have helped if I had the time as have young child, but when I got chance to have one it relaxed everything. I'd definitely request a groin and internal ultrasound, I've also had a lower back and groin MRI and found ostetis pubis (look it up) which could be causing both back groin leg and hip pain. I was referred for hydrotherapy and physio. I also have had IBS for 15 years and this dull ache is nothing like wind or digestive discomfort for me, completely different sensation. Don't be fobbed off.

Good luck xx

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Hi Muddypuddles

Thanks for your reply.

I had a scan and blood tests for polycystic ovaries and they came back negative.

I've read up about ostetis pubis and it sounds like what I have.

I'm going to ask about an mri.

I think I have several things wrong with me!


I'd ask for an ultrasound & an MRI. So sorry to hear you are going through all this.

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Have they checked for fibroids (laparoscopy) or done a scan on your ovary?


Hi Adele1

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I've had 3 ultrasound scans scans. Two trans vaginal ones and then a standard one to check major organs.

I have 5 small fibroids and I'm told they are common and wouldn't be causing the level of pain I'm experiencing.

My ovary is normal.

Major organs are okay apart from a diabetic fatty liver.

I'm going to see if gp will refer me to gynae.



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