Constant pelvic pain before and after laparoscopy??

I had been experiencing sudden sharp pains and constant acheing pains along my bikini line more on the right side than the left around 3 weeks ago. I went to out of hours doc who sent me to A&E with suspected appendicitis. I told the consultants i didn't feel ill as I would expect with appendicitis but they still insisted I had the key hole surgey to remove the appendix. When I woke up they told me the appendix was fine but they took it out anyway and found blood in my abdomen and all around which is usually evidence of a ruptured cyst on my Fallopian tube. I was discharged the same day with paracetmol. I woke up the next day in incredible amounts of pain but I expected it. It was a week later and I was still in agony with the same pain I had before the op and with extreme nausea and dizziness. It got too much so I returned back to A&E and they admitted me for 4 days, before sending me home saying all bloods are normal, urine tests are normal and ultrasound scan showed no fluid left from the op but they couldn't see one ovary so they did an outpatient referral to gynae. It seemed to me that they wasn't concerned at all why i had the original sharp pain on the right side of my bikini line back again and I'm worried it's an underlying symptom of something serious. I have fibromyalgia so along with all the pain I'm constantly exhausted and fatigued. Any ideas as to why I might still be in pain??

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  • Hi if I were you I would ask your gynaecologist to arrange an MRI scan of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and pelvic floor especially as you still have pain and they only saw one of your ovaries on the ultra-sound scan. The right bikini line pain could be salpingitis which is inflammation of the fallopian tube on your right side, especially as you say you had a ruptured cyst on the right fallopian tube. Are you sure the cyst was on the fallopian tube as usually they are on the ovary. Either way I would ask your GP to make an urgent referral back to your gynaecologist to request they look again with an MRI Scan at especially the right fallopian tube and ovary. All the best & I hope you get sorted out ASAP.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply!

    Thanks for your advice, its defo a gynae issue as I'm taking omerapozle as they thought it was stomach related but still in agony today. Just waiting for gynae appointment to come through, should of pushed for a inpatient referral but was so sick of being in just wanted to be at home😒

  • Hi, I would phone your GP or your the surgery manager ASAP and say you want to be seen urgently today either by a gynaecologist or A&E Doctor. I don't want to alarm you but to be in so much pain is definitely not right and needs urgent attention. All the best.

  • Hi,

    Spoke to GP over the phone and they said it doesn't sound alarming but to try pain killers for another 5 days then go in for a review. They just think it's post op pain but their not listening to the fact it's the same pain I had before the op!! Also I know I'm constipated, no bowel movements since Sunday and I'm taking laxatives, but do you know if upper and lower back pain are to do with constipation or might be connected to the pelvic pain?

  • Have you looked into the possibility of endometriosis?

  • Never heard of that, I'll have a look into it, thanks!!

  • Endometriosis is where cells similar to those that make up the lining of the womb grow outside the womb. It causes inflammation. Symptoms vary but it can cause extreme pain. I'm 42 but have had symptoms since I was 15. Was only diagnosed 2years ago.

    I would suggest you sign up to endometriosis uk on here and then search for a lady called Lindle and have a look at her posts. She is very knowledgeable and has been a great help to many of us.

    I would also suggest if you live in England you get your GP to refer you to a BSGE centre. These are centres especially set up to treate endo.

    If you do sign up to the other forum and you want to chat you can pm me.

  • Like you I have suffered from serve pelvic pain and it started after having pain since the birth of my son back in 1991 .

    Finally after about 4 years countless admissions to hospital taking a lot of medication losing a job and a few miscarriage .I had a eptopic and when they operated the found my bowl bladder tubes all mattered with adhesion its scar tissue can cause problems with you bowls for pockets of fluid and cysts that need draining.

    Adhesion's can not be detected on any sort of scan and the more you get operated on the worse the get .I had gauze put in after a op to get rid because pain was unbearable but unfortunately it didn't work for me but the consultant has to request the money from the trust and not all say yes i am under Merseyside trust

    Hope this helps

  • Thank you for your story & advice! Hopefully they find something to help with your pain!

  • Hi, did you ever have this pain investigated by a neurologist to see if there was any pelvic nerve damage done?

  • Hi, Nope, only ever seen the surgical team, even when I was re-admitted a week after the op, they just saw that my bloods and vitals were fine so discharged even tho they were willingly giving me oramorph for the pain.

  • Constipation is probably due to whatever is causing the pain. It sounds like constipation and the pelvic pain are causing the upper and lower back pain. There are a few things you could do. Contact the surgery manager tomorrow and say the GP is not listening to you. Explain the situation, your present symptoms and constipation. I think your GP is fobbing you off. First of all he should have asked you to go to the surgery to assess you himself as to how much pain you are in. He should have taken your vital signs, i.e. temperature, pulse and blood-pressure and examine your lower abdomen. He should have been concerned about the fact that as well as these symptoms you are constipated. Also, say you are unhappy with the lack of concern shown by your GP and to suggest another five days on pain medicine when he has not even assessed you is irresponsible. The other thing is go to A+E as you are concerned about the pain you are in in and you need to be seen by a doctor. In fact if is getting worse I would go to the out of hours GP at the hospital tonight. You have to put yourself first. Good Luck.

    Good Luck.

  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for the support and advice. I got an appointment this afternoon with another GP, who did take vital signs etc but they all okay, she checked my tummy and said its really tender and could see I was near to tears when she pressed down on areas near the pelvis. I asked if she could bring the gynae referral closer as still waiting for an appointment and the waiting time is 15 weeks but she said it wasn't possible unless I go to the gynae emergency department. Once again, sent home with laxatives, tramadol and IBS meds.

  • Then there's your answer go to the gynae emergency department tomorrow and get a gynaecologists opinion. It is better than worrying about it all week-end. Have a good rest tonight. All the best and take care.

  • Hi

    I have had over 60 admissions to hospital ranging from over night to up to 10 days it started to become a joke I could tell the other women who were having procedures I had already under gone what to expect knew all the staff and doctors by their first name and could tell what treatment I was going to get and what would happen .

    I have learned know the gynecologist I have been under for the past 20 years + has know decided to go forward and just concentrate on his fertility work so what about me know he use to do what was called a trans-vaginal drainage which happened every 3/4 weeks for over 10 years were I was put asleep for it to happen and he devised the instrument he used .

    So know i'm back to constant pain, have problem with my breathing know because of the muscle at the back of my throat collapsed and it has led to heart problems ,blockages in my legs and lymphadema.

    I am on all sort of pain meds including mst (morphine) and oramorph daily plus others . So if your in pain your GP wont help I would go to a/e of hospital were you gyne appointment for if they have A/E explain you one of their patients get admitted and ask to to them on there ward round .

    Hope this help's

  • Hi elliem70, sorry to hear of your worsening health issues since your gynaecologist left. It seems hard to believe there was no one else in the Gynae Department trained in the procedure. Do you know if there is any where else you could be referred to that does this procedure. Perhaps you could write to the Head of Gynaecology at the hospital and ask if anyone else could do this procedure for you, especially as not having the procedure has caused so many other health problems for you. It's worth asking. All the best and let us know how your getting on.

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