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Advice please

Im 40 years old, 5 years ago i had an hysterectomy because i had aprolapse of my bladder,, rectum & vagina. They only left my 2 ovarys.

2 weeks post op i was back in hospital because i haemorrhage. I had to have a laparotomy blood transfusion & a weeks stay in hospital.

But last June they found a 8cm endometrioma cyst on my left ovary.

I had a laparoscopy on the 30th Dec 2014.

But that soon turned to adhesiolysis surgery because they found severe abdominal adhesions. 3 hours later they abandoned surgery because they couldn't do anymore other than a colostomy bag.

They found endometriosis on my bowel.. The surgeons couldn't see my ovary or cyst because it was covered in adeshions. So im having prostap injections for the minute.

My GP asked today if the pain i have been having for a year is it intermitten pain. I said yes. But should i of said that? The pain i get is daily but sometimes more intense.

Thanks for reading

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If you get pain daily, then it is chronic pain. If the pain is not there all the time then it's intermittent... So perhaps chronic, intermittent pain would be better? If you don't acknowledge the chronic nature of it, that can be a problem if requiring appropriate pain control and so on. You can always correct this when you see your GP again.


Thank you Mabes


Hi Gaynor, bloomin adhesions. Yes I agree with Mabes, chronic intermittent pain. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and adhesions have caused pelvic abscesses. I recently had to have a laparotomy because of the problems that had caused. Now I am expecting more adhesions from the laparotomy. You would have thought in this day and age they would have come up with something to prevent them. May I ask you please what symptoms you got re your prolapse. At the moment, 12 weeks post op I am in so much pelvic discomfort. I feel all swollen inside my pelvis. I feel my glands in my groin are swollen, my vagina feels swollen and I get pain above my bladder about an inch or two above my pubic bone and discomfort right through my groins. Is this anything like you experienced? I am searching for clues as I'm just not getting anywhere fast with my medics. Hope to hear from you or someone re this.

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Hi thanks for your reply.

The prolapse symptoms was feeling full, dragging pain in my groin. Backache, pelvic pain, bladder felt sore & heavy. And a bulge in my vagina.

Hope this helps


Thanks Gaynorwishes, I will speak to my urologist when I see him in Feb. Maybe he can consider a prolapse as the cause of my discomfort. I wish you all the best. You've been through it a bit to say the least. If I knew then what I know now, I think I would have tried everything to not have my hysterectomy as I do believe this is the cause of all my woes now! Good luck. I hope you can get some relief from your pain soon.


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