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What pill safe to take for cyst? To help hormone pain?

Need some advice.... What the best pill to go but that prevents cyst on ovary????

I have had one ovary removed due to dermatiod cyst last year, and I have been told to possibly go on the pill or coil to help the pain.

I don't want the coil again cause I had that for years before I was rushed into hospital and had to have my ovary and tube removed due to cyst so I am unsure what pill would be best to go on...... Any advice would be great because I am seeing the doctor to discuss and I am not sure I trust what he says, cause it read that a few different pills can cause cyst.

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It may be worth asking about low dose pills, there are a couple available.


Can I ask do you know if small adeshions can cause great pain.... Even if they look like there is no need to remove them,

Reason for asking is when they did laproscopy a week ago they said there is virtually no adeshions... But even a small one I would of thought could cause pain. That's why I am trying the pill just to see if it helps.

Adesions are in my pelvic mainly right side from having ovary and tubes removed due to dermatoid cyst a year ago.


Yes, adhesions can cause pain-it may depend on the location and what is adhered. Have you requested the report of the surgery ? the pill won't help adhesions though


I wouldn't have thought the pill or even coil caused your cyst on your ovary, esp as its a dermoid cyst. There are a number of different types of cysts and as you are in your reproductive years? I suspect your dermoid is due to an egg being released that has human remains but not fertilised. Many cysts just contain fluid. I'd let your body settle to be honest and keep off any birth control pill or like for a while anyway, just take other precautions.


Thanks am so lost what to do. I just have been in so much pain since having ovary removed last June 2013 and then a week ago they did a laproscopy to check if there was adeshions or endo and they said no only small adeshions which they felt was not cause of my pain,

But I get symptoms like endo, pain especially when ovulation time. But I feel like am in labour all time if I can imagine that it feels like that...contractions all the time. Pain so bad in my back and groin area.. It's got me sooo depressed and slowly over a year I have out weight on with the lack of mobility like I used to cause it hurts all the time especially when exercising. I tried swimming but feels like my hip and something is wrapping inside.. Am at a total loss.

My gp has total given up..he won't listen to me and I feel depressed over it. I don't know what am meant to do. I have tried prosap injections but they gave me a reaction so I couldn't try anymore after 2nd one I reacted really bad.

I had the mirena for 10years then removed it 3months before I ended up rushed into hospital for dermatoid cyst ovary and tubes removed.

So that's why I went for advice on the pill etc... Doc given me cerelle but I am not sure about taking it... Bit of a loss to be honest. Cause am worried about cyst, when I told doc my concerns he said worry about it when it happens. I was shocked cause when it happens that means I loose my ovary.

I just need advice and don't know where to turn to.



Oh the reason for wanting to try pill is cause consultant said it may help my pain am in but I was reluctant to try it when we chatted 8 months ago. Cause my breast leak milk fluid and get worse with certain pill.

Am at a loos cause I sometimes have to take morphine and am struggle to work... Am 32 and just want to figure out what am doing so I can sort out my relationship and figure out if am in the right one and then try for kids. Cause am sooo worked up and stressed with pain it's impossible to focus on future.x


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