I NEED ADVICE! HELP undiagnosed chronic right side flank/abdominal pain

Hey everyone! I'm a 31 year old female, suffering with severe chronic right side/ab/flank pain everyday and need some advice, please.

In march 2014 I had a beautiful baby girl by c-section. No issues, healed fast. In May of 2014 I herniated a disc and was basically bed bound for a few days due to not being able to get up or walk because of my sciatic nerve. That eventually went away for the most part, every so often I'll feel it but nothing too bad. In August of 2014 I was at work (serving) and got slammed with this right side flank pain- no injuries or anything. I went to the E.R thinking I had kidney stones, only to find out that I did but they were lodged up in my kidneys and pretty big- bilateral stones left 3mm and the right 4mm but he assured me that wasn't what was causing my pain. He told me they're way up there and haven't decended yet. He sent me to a urologist to see if blasting them was an option. It wasn't. The urologist took an X-ray of my kidneys and said if they show up we'll do it, if they don't then we'll wait. They didn't show up.

When I first got the pain I would get it every other month. Then in 2015 the pain stopped going away. I went to Doctors who didn't take me seriously and gave up for a while.

As time went on the pain got worse and worse. In 2016 I went to the ER for severe right side pain (this happens a lot) they did an MRI and found a cyst on my ovary and said I needed to see a gynecologist so I did. I explained the pain to the GYN and how I was afraid it could be cancer because the pain is THAT bad, he said it sounded like nerve pain, then he went to examine me and him touching my uterus hurt so he said it could be Endometriosis and said we could try hormones or laprascopy and I opted for a laprascopy. He was concerned I might have had innercystial cystitis too. He told me he would biopsy my bladder and uterus to make sure we don't miss anything. He also asked if I'd be interested in removing my tubes since he'd be in there and I wanted that done as well.

When it was time for the laprascopy, he came in to talk to me about "the tubal ligation laprascopy" and I reminded him this is for Endometriosis and innercystial cystitis too, it seemed he had actually forgotten that part. When I woke up from surgery I heard them telling my husband " No Endometriosis and no innercystial cystitis" I cried! I asked them if he took biopsies, they said no he had no reason to. He said I did have scar tissue on my liver and right ovary that he cleaned up. I was so upset and discouraged I gave up.

In January 2017 with the pain worse than ever I went back to the GP he order a full kidney panel. ( he was concerned about the amount of Advil I take) labs came back perfect so then he referred me to a GI doc and a Urologist. I went to the GI doc and I had and endoscopy and colonoscopy. Endoscopy showed chronic inactive gastritis in my Antrum and colonoscopy came back perfect. I'm still waiting for my Urology appointment in June. I had my colonoscopy today and found out the results immediately. I'm so discouraged, the pain feels like it's killing me and has taken my quality of life. I can't do things anymore that involves walking or standing for longer than 15-20 mins. Standing and cooking dinner hurts so bad I end up in the fetal position. I used to be happy and full of life and now I'm just an empty shell. I'm looking for anything, options, advice, similar stories, just support. I'll list my symptoms and more details below. Thanks for reading.


Right side flank/pelvic/abdo pain around the hip and radiates- my pain scale isn't numbers anymore its tolerable and intolerable.

Worse with movement

Blood in my urine

High WBC

Frequent UTIs

bilateral kidney stones lodged (not decending)

Other symptoms that came over time:

Fatigue (so bad everyday)

Hair loss

Vision got really bad- at night driving I see double

(I don't drive at night anymore)


Dropping things

Low(ish) blood pressure 89/49

Brain fog

Can't remember short term things easily


Upper back spasms


I go to the ER 6-12 times a year for my chronic undiagnosed pain. Please help!

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  • Hi DLAZ.

    Have you had Intravenous antibiotics for the urine infections?

    Do you have blood in urine now? Do you check your temperature? Is it raised? Is there any problem with bowel movement?

    Can you get a urine sample in to GP or if having pain and symptoms now phone doctor now and ask for emergency appointment and take sample in. Or call Out-of-hours GP after 6pm or go to A&E minors. You should not be left with this pain.

    Unresolved urine/bladder infections can lead to Acute Renal Failure and Sepsis. They do NOT always clear up with oral antibiotics. As soon as the tablets stop they increase and recur sometimes.

    I am only speaking from personal experience having picked up on a couple of your symptoms from your list. I am afraid I am not qualified to comment on all you have suffered. But may I just say you have been through such an awful lot.

    You deserve some answers from the Medical profession and FULL diagnosis and URGENT care and treatment.

    Write out your list of symptoms as you have on here and keep it with you. Give it to Doctor if necessary. But get any Urine/bladder infection treated NOW.

    Don't let past bad experiences with hospital doctors and GPs put you off seeking medical help. X


  • Does your doctor know about your low blood pressure?

    Have you ever had blood tests to check your Thyroid gland is functioning properly any Antibodies tested?

  • You can request copies of your hospital records if you wish under the Data Protection Act. You may have to fill in an application form.

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