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Undiagnosed abdominal pain

I've been suffering severe (lower right) abdominal pain for almost a year. Was hospitalised last April for a week and ever since then been to and throw between general surgery and gynaecology. I've finally landed at the pain clinic but nothing's changed. I've not been able to go to work and only go out occasionally. Im only 17 (16 when it started) and I'm not willing to give up on a diagnosis because living with this for the rest of my life isn't something I'm not sure I can't deal with. Any pain management tips or suggestions on what specialist I should see next. Thanks x

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Oh poor you Rebecca so young. There is a designated site for Pelvic Pain where you might get some answers. Have you found it yet?

Pat x


Could you possibly send me a link to it, thank you so much x


Much easier as it is part of this forrum.

Go to the top of your page where it says My communities. Click on there and it opens. Where is says browse all click and a box appears. Type in Pelvic pain click and bingo you should be there.

Or back here where you started!

Pat x


Got it! Thanks x


Good Luck hope it can help you




I am sorry you have had this ongoing severe challenge. I want to add another potential resource for you.

You may find the International Pelvic Pain Society at: pelvicpain.org

Please see the Patient section, where you can find a provider by country. You will also find some downloadable handouts. I hope you find something helpful. Soon.

Also, maybe search: pelvic myofascial trigger points. You will find lots of information, including many .pdf files and medical journal articles. I cannot say this is what you are dealing with, yet I think it may help to be aware of this possibility?

Please do not stop asking questions and looking for answers.

You deserve relief. I hope you find relief. Soon.

In Support,



Thank you - much appreciated!


Rebecca, I have watched my wife and a couple of my sisters suffer with chronic pelvic pain. :( Learning along with them and writing on the topic for a regional Fibromyalgia support group has helped me to understand the chronicity and the frustration of pelvic pain, along with the lack of answers and the lack of adequate relief.

My wife and one sister had gotten total relief with myofascial trigger point therapy. Their Gynecologist was able to duplicate the pain by putting pressure on specific areas. They were each then referred to a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic pain myofascial trigger point release.

The other sister had a long-term, low-grade appendix inflammation. :O

The cause(s) really need to be clearly determined. Nobody wants a "smoldering" appendix or any other dangerous situation allowed to go on. Sounds like you have had extensive work-ups. Yet, please keep asking questions and requesting answers.

I hope you find answers and relief soon. :)


See A McTimony Chiropractor and see an Alexander Teacher.

The McTimony CHiropractor will pick up any spinal problems which are causing difficulty elsewhere in the body. An Alexander teacher will help you develop the means to reduce the muscle problems that cause pain.

Hope this helps


Thank you!


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